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  1. Hi, Well received when originally available, and I am a big fan of the clear couplings then supplied so much so that I obtained a separate supply direct at that time - it's not certain from my viewing which type will be supplied but the quality of the wagons make them a 'must have' whichever. https://railsofsheffield.com/collections/mathieson Regards, Gerry.
  2. Hi, Posted by Joel on the Dapol Digest in response to my query: And additionally: https://digest.Dapol.co.uk/forum/n-gauge-models/diesel/class-59-n-aa/project-managers-blog-aa/349-class-59-opening-post/page2#post9662 Regards, Gerry.
  3. Hi, From Joel on the Dapol Digest yesterday: Regards, Gerry.
  4. Hi, I'm reminded of the Derby '06 exhibition, my least worst 'snap' from then:
  5. Hi, I'm reminded of the excellent Waton by eldavo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=molemPGx4fI 4:40 time in. An image hard to forget for those of us with a squeamish disposition.
  6. Hi, I'm just wondering if the corrections noted to the CAD image should be re-posted, or at least linked to, at the Dapol Digest? I'm sure I've seen it mentioned on this forum several times before that Dapol are mostly unaware of potentially useful information here, and at this stage when it could possibly be of most use to them. I have considered posting links there myself, but I'm concerned that may be thought presumptive by the originating authors. I'll be pre-ordering the National Power version from KMRC as well as my most longed for ARC livery version. Regards, Gerry.
  7. Hi Steve, The new run of N Class B tanks are in the 'Pre-order' section: https://www.revolutiontrains.com/product/35t-class-b-tank-wagon/ HTH Regards, Gerry.
  8. Hi, Informative little article in the current NGS Journal (Mar-Apr 2/21) with Hiroshi Kato on overcoming design and engineering issues, and the design philosophy behind Kato models. I already have far too many of their excellent US N scale for my wallets good, and it was the easiest of steps to get a GWR set on order once pre-orders first opened. Not too long to wait now. Regards, Gerry.
  9. Hi, It would seem that some either missed the Revolution newsletter email from last week, or maybe didn't scroll down far enough... https://us8.campaign-archive.com/?u=f24e36cafcafabf07d09722c1&id=15be484b64 Regards, Gerry.
  10. Hi, I have this one down as St Aidans, not to be confused with at least one other of that name. I've tidied the Derby '06 show guide away beyond recovery for now so I can't supply further details. Some of my snappery from the show: Nice couple of trophies there! Regards, Gerry.
  11. Hi, Great news, I had to check on the website but I'm glad to say I paid fully for mine at the time so I can just relax into my Chrimbo, hoping Ben and Mike will have enough space around them to enjoy theirs. I'm expecting a bit of a 'perfect storm' with other pre-orders elsewhere turning up between now and into January, along with balances due, so mighty pleased this arrival will prove painless to the wallet Regards, Gerry. .
  12. Hi, Yes, we've known its a render from when it was first made available, and the big bold lettering on the image itself: I do think it's safe to assume the render is the Kato design element for this item, although it may be subject to revision(s) prior to production. Regards, Gerry.
  13. Gaugemaster product description: https://www.gaugemasterretail.com/magento/catalog/product/view/id/74790/s/kato-k10-1671/ Gaugemaster product page images, select image and cursor over for enlarged detail: https://www.gaugemasterretail.com/magento/catalog/product/view/id/74790/s/kato-k10-1671/ Regards, Gerry
  14. Hi, This may just tip the balance when I back up my EoI and place my order for the full Avanti livery at the end of this month. As I posted on the Rapido/Pendo topic the Virgin/Vanilla liveries just had no appeal for me although I'm well aware they're a part of the current railway branding blandness... Regards, Gerry.
  15. Hi, The Live #6 video is now available on the RevolutioN website for those who missed it and/or fb-phobic: http://www.revolutiontrains.com/revolution-trains-facebook-live-6/ Regards, Gerry.
  16. Hi, It would seem that the post-Rapido announcement euphoria buzz of that not costing me anything has resulted in some kind of costly (multiple £10 deposits) rebound ordering - Ooops! https://railsofsheffield.com/news/articles/3676-drax-power-iia-d-biomass-hoppers-in-n-gauge Regards, Gerry.
  17. Hi, For those that missed it or have a 'facebook-phobia', now available on the RevolutioN website: http://www.revolutiontrains.com/revolution-trains-facebook-live-5/ Regards, Gerry.
  18. Hi, Midnight tonight is the deadline for expressing an interest in the second run of these award winning models. Ben A states at around 24mins in on facebook live last night: http://www.revolutiontrains.com/revolution-trains-facebook-live-5/ No payment required, just an EoI. Regards, Gerry.
  19. Hi, Now reported as arrived: https://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?topic=42502.msg667246#msg667246 Regards, Gerry.
  20. Hi, Now reported as arrived: https://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?topic=47324.msg667193#msg667193 Regards, Gerry. Additional: email received Saturday evening; my pair are on their way!
  21. Hi, WOW! So many balance invoices - now paid - exciting times. Regards, Gerry.
  22. Hi, Very pleased indeed to see a separate item in the news section of the current Model Rail - 278 Sept '20 - which postie delivered today. Regards, Gerry.
  23. Hi, On this pass I've already put in my EoI for the Avanti original full livery, I'm somewhat underwhelmed by partial and non livery variants so that was to be my only one to add to the two first pass Virgin Trains sets I have. Whilst I applauded VTs Pride effort when it was launched as with the flowing silk / later Avanti driving car only treatment truth be told it is too incomplete for me in livery terms, but the Avanti Pride livery would certainly change my mind for a second EoI. I know that has become the standard on the railway now but I'm rather old fashioned in that way. Regards, Gerry.
  24. Hi, I am also very happy to see the N gauge EoIs over the line, I'll certainly be converting mine to an order before the railtour draw deadline and probably adding a second before the early-bird deadline - funds permitting with a number of other commitments looming. Regards, Gerry.
  25. Hi, I've just had the latest Dapol Collectors Club newsletter brought by postie, containing an order form for the club exclusive 'Trilogy' of coaches: Oil lit mahogany 3rd brake numbers 810 and 801 and composite number 212. Available as; no light bars fitted / DCC Ready light bars fitted / DCC light bars fitted. No further update on release. Regards, Gerry.
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