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  1. None come for over an hour - then three come along at once !!!!!! Brit15
  2. My dad was a press photographer who always stated it was the lens that took the picture. He swore by Carl Zeiss lenses, and it took a while before he bought a Japanese Mamiya twin lens 8 on 120 camera (I still have his camera collection). Last Saturday I took one of the girls up to her new student flat in Lancaster and we had a walk round town. There is a small open air market opposite the Town Hall, and one was a s/hand book stall, with an interesting selection of railway books. One I bought was LNER Reflections, a collection of photographs from The Hulton Picture company (Silver Link Publishing). What a wonderful book this is, the photos are superb, mostly from the 20's & 30's. The photographer to me got everything right, with many un posed rail workers going about their business. Another bargain for a fiver as was Tony's Deltic bookazine . Oh, also there was also a wonderful home made local pie & pasty stall - being a Wiganer I spent a tenner there !! Brit15
  3. Events like this certainly puts things into perspective. For me and mine it's just follow the rules, masks, washing hands, social distancing etc. What more can we do, apart from keeping fingers crossed ? Somehow life has to go on within the rules and guidelines. Long winter ahead, not looking forward to it. Christmas, though not cancelled will no doubt be different. Brit15
  4. Well during all this spring /summer good weather I have done all my little (and large) jobs in and around the house. Locked up again this winter with lots to do on the layouts. Twins off to an unknown second year at uni , one away and one traveling daily by train - both not yet quite knowing what to expect. Wife is an essential worker and has plodded on regardless throughout the year without a day off, bless her. Off to the local at the top of the road tomorrow tea time for a couple of pints - probably my last for quite a while. It will be absolute bedlam in Wigan pubs this Friday - no wonder Boris is considering bringing in the Army !! Model railway exhibitions ? - What were they ? Brit15
  5. Wonderful video from an age long gone. Filth, smoke, soot, steam, gloom, doom, trains, track signals and other paraphernalia everywhere etc etc Sometimes I think all (well most) of our layouts are just too squeaky clean !! It's nigh on impossible to effectively reproduce this atmosphere on our layouts - though many have a fair bash at it. Has your signalman got a megaphone to bawl through ? Brit15
  6. And we will be forced to make huffing and puffing noises , with an occasional peep peep or dee daa !!!!!!!!!!!! I would hate to think what we would be made to do at a dog show !! Brit15
  7. Yanks - All the gear and no idea !!!!! (Old WW2 saying) Brit15
  8. Good grief that's a right mess https://globalnews.ca/video/7333784/cn-confirms-train-carrying-potash-derails-near-hope Video shows a massive train derailment near Hope, BC. CN says up to 20 cars carrying potash derailed at Hunter Creek road and Laidlaw. The company says there are no injuries – fires – or dangerous goods involved. More to come. Brit15
  9. Even bigger crane just arrived - that's 3 of em !! brit15
  10. Huge road crane just arrived, and a smaller one - these Yanks don't faff about - trains running under the wreck also !!!! Popcorn in the microvave !! Google maps https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@39.0832612,-94.6041576,379a,35y,270h,39.33t/data=!3m1!1e3 Brit15
  11. On google chrome go to bookmark manager (3 dots top right corner - bookmarks - bookmark manager) three dots again on the blue bar in this and click on export to export a copy of all your current bookmarks to a new folder. I do this regularly and also keep a copy of this export on a hard drive. Brit15
  12. Well I was perhaps the daftest spotter amongst us all. I didn't underline the loco number in my trusty Ian Allan "Locoshed" book, I blanked it out with a biro - shed and all. Fine for seeing what I had not yet seen, but totally useless for seeing what I had seen !! - Also by the mid to late sixties there were many gaps in steam loco numbering due to withdrawals & scrapping. I still have the book - totally useless, (but all the Deltics are blanked out). When steam went I still train traveled a lot & shed bashed, but took only a few photos - the enjoyment back then was the day out. I did however keep a log of the trains I traveled on, loco etc - that is useful (to me). As to collectors - I don't but have a large collection of stuff that I mostly run. Time soon to thin out the dross. (and stop buying things !!!!!). Brit15
  13. Just to add that I've always thought our hobby of model railways is good for the soul - Creative, artistic, mechanical, electrical, woodwork, you name it. It has certainly helped me keep "calm" over the many years, I've never been without a layout since my first Tri-ang TT train set back around 1960. Brit15
  14. Tony - Brave man you are to tell your story. Glad your OK now - don't despair we have all had our "moments". Brit15
  15. Bit of Loco doctoring for me today. I bid for on ebay and won a Weaver O gauge 2-8-0 loco - I've been after one of these for years. The price was very reasonable as was the postage (it weighs a ton). These locos were built for Weaver by Samhongsa in Korea, a well known maker of brass locos. The body is die cast as is the tender - hardly any plastic anywhere hence the weight. When placed on the track it wouldn't run, just a click forward & reverse with the motor (and me !!) humming. So, first port of call was off with the plate underneath (3 screws). I found the problem immediately, a seized wheel bearing locking the loco up solid. A touch of WD40 and twist with a pair of snipe nosed pliers after lifting the axle slightly freed it off. The rest of the loco was lubricated (not with WD40), plate replaced & back on the layout - Bingo !! - she ran perfectly with no waddles clicks grunts or groans. She has a large flywheel motor, and romped away with a 20 car train of coal hoppers usually hauled by a pair of diesels. A useful addition to the layout. Earlier this month I was making coal loads for my rake of hopper wagons - 20 of them using a base of foam waterproof tile board, real coal, white wood glue then when set sealed with a coat of Johnsons Klear. The fun bit was bashing up the coal !! Brit15
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