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  1. Good job it didn't touch the CATenary wire !!! Brit15
  2. I think the above will apply to many, if not all events that entail close crowd contact. 2022 I reckon before a return to some new kind of "normal" for events. brit15
  3. Fewer trains, but inflation-busting fare rises every year until eternity. Brit15
  4. Main problem is damp. Also water ingress / drains backing up in flood conditions. In our old large terraced house of my youth the cellar flooded to a depth of 6" after prolonged heavy rains - backed up via the floor gulley / drain, The house was rented and we didn't stay long enough to worry about it. Good luck with yours. Brit 15
  5. After watching this very interesting video of long gone railroads in Colorado I decided to add a bit of "excitement" to my operations. Short steam powered ore trains on spindly trestles high in the sky on sharp bends and heavy grades - magic !!. A couple of weeks ago I went to the Rocky Mountains (my garage) to do some surveying !! Could I squeeze in a mine branch, mine, and two or three sidings ? Long hard looks at what I had built, and I wanted to keep most of it "as is". Yes I could - The answer was in the video - build it on trestle bridges, on sharp curves and
  6. Sorry I touched a nerve. just my thoughts., not looking for arguments. Soon we will be paying for everything on the net like it or not, many newspapers are subscription only etc. Paying for other peoples views on the news is just not on for me. Also what is in the PD, and what is not ?, sometimes (most times) it's difficult for many to determine. I'll leave it at that, have a curved trestle bridge on an incline round a mountain in O gauge to design and build (sick of tunnels !!). Brit15
  7. Personally, I'm against image copyrighting. In our internet dominated society images are everywhere, easily downloaded, stored, transmitted etc. If a person is so "up tight" about image being "theirs" then the answer is simple - keep it in a box under your bed !!! I also dislike intensely watermarked images - again why ?. I worry a bit (just a bit as I border on sod it) as to where society, social media and the net is going, re the Facebook / Australia case currently in the news (which I don't fully understand). yes, it's all about money. Remember the phrase "Publ
  8. This may be of interest Springs Branch around 1966/7. The new diesel depot is being built. The 8F has an interesting number plate, curly numbers, the only loco this late on with this style of number plate I seem to have a photo of. At least she still has one, unlike the Black 5 next to her. Black 8's, common as muck round here back then, but sadly missed now. Brit15
  9. Lovely locos - but far too clean. And where is the cotton wool !!!!!!!!! (One of Dad's photos - Rylands sidings Wigan 1966/7) Brit15
  10. Wow, just Wow. What a superb photo. Reminds me of a Jaguar advert - Grace, Space, Pace !!!!! Brit15
  11. Americas GT3 !!!! (though this was coal fired), the front even looks similar to GT3. - Several Railroads tried coal fired steam turbine locos around and just after WW2, all were huge monsters, some more successful than others but none lasted very long, The Diesel Electric eventually usurped all. https://www.american-rails.com/turb.html WW2 & the years after brought about huge technology changes, gas turbines, jet engines, nuclear power, rapid advances in electronics etc so it was no surprise that the USA tried these new technologies on their railroads. A nuclear pow
  12. Now THIS is a Gas Turbine locomotive !! (had a tender too). Brit15
  13. APOLLO

    Preorder email

    I bet Thompson is smiling in his grave thinking "See, I told you my Gresley rebuilds are very popular locomotives" !!!!! Brit15
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