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  1. Agree. I have quite a few O scale American kits bought over the years, mostly freight cars. Some are "Ambroid" craftsman type kits, just wood, wire and a few cast fittings with instructions. Others are much easier "Athearn" kits with beautifully painted and printed metal sides, ends and roof which are glued over a wooden box structure, pre cut and in the kit. I have a few of these built up (off ebay) and are superb - you can tell just by looking they are not plastic. I'll build this one soon. More difficult is a brass "kit" built 4-6-0 Pacific steam loco bought recently for a song again off ebay. Its a pre 1950 "International Models" kit, not quite complete and a bit of engineering metalwork / ingenuity will be required. It has been built once, and dismantled. Its missing a driving axle, the motor spins under 12V DC but has no power - I suspect the magnet needs re magnetising or perhaps a new motor is needed. It is a 3 rail kit though all the wheels are insulated, as is the front bogie, The boiler / cab and other sub assemblies have been nicely made. The tender is a mess but I have a spare. There are no instructions but a blue print is supplied - Crikey !!!! This will tax me a bit - but its late 40's American O gauge, nothing too fiddly !! Brit15
  2. No collusion required. Hornby sends to Rails a photo of a Yorkshire terrier, and to Hattons a map of Route 66. Problem solved !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brit15
  3. No doubt it was staged and done "for the camera" to give the programme a little zest. I'm sure Simon at Hornby is the best of mates with the Rails bloke (seemed so at the end). However, can either firm afford model duplication (Terrier) ? I think a mistake was made here by both firms. No doubt both Terriers will be first class - The way I look at it we (the enthusiast) have lost an unmodelled prototype here. (i.e If Rails had known about the Hornby Terrier they would have made summat else !) The 66 issue is not as important - An expensive detailed one (Hattons) V a much cheaper less detailed one (Hornby) - room in the market for both of those I reckon. I don't "Choose" Hornby over anyone else - I buy the models I want regardless of manufacturer - but price (as always for me) is the ultimate deciding factor. Again best wishes to Hornby, rails, Hattons etc. Brit15
  4. Baby's Yed actually (Steak and kidney pudding) best served "bawt crash helmet" (without tinfoil tray) and covered with gravy. The Raven Menu (Town centre pub just up from the stations - good beer too) Anyway, for Clive, here is a 100 / 105 Hybrid at Kirkby on a service to Wigan Wallgate. And a Class 105 & Park Royal 103 Sandite DMU Cars - Wigan Springs Branch. We like to mix things up here in Wigan !! Brit15
  5. A bacon, egg, and sausage barm Joe (barm cake) is know in Wigan as a "Full Monty". Lots of little shops still sell them. The Barm Joe is 6" + in diameter. Brit15
  6. Here in Wigan a pie butty is a delicacy !! Brit15
  7. Hornby Railroad locos are fantastic. I have several 9F's & Black 5's - just over £50 each a few years ago, all loco drive and detailed enough for me - good haulers too (with a bit of weight added in the boiler - plenty of space in both locos). They're not fifty quid these days unfortunately. As to redistribution of wealth - don't we already do that when we buy our models ? (mainly to China though). Brit15
  8. A very interesting programme, missed it last night so thanks for posting the link Andy (in the first post). I have no brand loyalty for my model railways - I buy the models I want - if it's Hornby, Bachmann etc so be it. Looking at my loft layout, i have (and run) lots of models from the 60's & 70's right up to the present. I'd guess 30% Hornby, 30% Bachmann, 25% Lima the rest various. All track is Peco. I have always been happy with Tri-ang, Tri-ang Hornby and the latest Hornby products, just a little less so with Bachmann. Lima locos are like cockroaches - simple life forms, noisy and indestructible - I like them !! The guy making the Hellcat did a wonderful job - I remember making lots of Airfix EE Lightnings back in the 60's - then a two bob kit with a dozen or so parts - loads of fun back then. As to the age thing - I remember also as a young lad in the 60's visiting the Manchester Model Railway exhibition every year just before Christmas at the Corn Exchange, Back then there were loads and loads of grumpy old farts smoking pipes and Woodbines (not all of them mind !!) - the air was blue (with smoke !!). Thank god THAT has gone. Don't forget we are an ageing society so there will be no shortage of OAP's in the future hopefully taking up / re entering / continuing with our fantastic hobby. Good luck to Hornby - looking forward to part two (and the punch up !!!!). Brit15
  9. This area was of course the location of the wonderful film "The Ladykillers" (Lavender Hill Mob actors). Both films are favourites of mine. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ladykillers-Lavender-Hill-Mob/dp/B000Q79M2O Some superb atmospheric photos of the film locations including Belle Isle here. Click on the modern views to see what we have lost. https://www.reelstreets.com/films/ladykillers-the/ What a layout this would make - how do you model this type of (smokey) atmosphere ? (answer - you can't !!). Brit15
  10. Another very interesting and busy ECML location that would make a superb layout would be between Gas Works and Copenhagen tunnels just out of Kings Cross - All the passenger movements, main line & suburban plus lots of light engine moves to & from Top Shed requiring reversal on the layout. Freight also, both to Kings Cross Goods and cross london freights hauled by small tank locos. The North London line crosses the lot on a grand bridge. Has anyone done this in OO / late 50's / early 60's ? What length (in OO) would be required between tunnel faces ? I am aware of the superb N scale Copenhagen fields layout, LNER days I think. Brit15
  11. APOLLO

    Next MRJ

    Several (less one !) in WH Smith's Intu Trafford Centre Manchester - the only bl**dy thing worth buying in the whole place !!!! Brit15
  12. My home bashed K3. She has a cut down (rear section removed) Bachmann V2 body, slightly modified unpowered Bachmann V3 chassis, hand made dome, Hornby B17 motorised tender chassis and Bachmann V2 tender top, coupled together with a Hornby sprung loco - tender electrical coupling. Suitably weathered, she pulls the fish train on my main layout, and runs fine. Still a little filling in work needed on the cab front windows. I later bought a Bachmann K3 and was pleasantly surprised by how close my dogs breakfast was to the original. I read recently that all remaining K3's were withdrawn during 1962, quite a few of them remaining by the start of 1962 - not a one steamed in 1963. A few, all from 31B March shed I believe, were towed to Central Wagon at Ince Wigan for scrapping in 1963. They were 61817, 61880, 61886, 61890, 61915, 61942, 61954, and 61963. (source Requiem at Ince - Booklaw) Nice looking locos with their fat boilers, unfortunately none were preserved. Brit15 Brit15
  13. What is the future for these boxes under Network Rails signalling modernisation / centralisation programme ? Such a shame to loose them and their signalling on this historically important line. Brit15
  14. I still vividly remember my first "Bollocking" at work as an apprentice engineer back in 1969 at Wigan gas works. On my first morning in the office brewing the tea I took a china cup in it's fancy saucer (the only china cup in Wigan gas works) full of my steaming hot tea upstairs to the district engineer (AKA God). I'd just got back downstairs when he bellowed for me to go back up --- What's this ? - Bloody battleships in my tea (tea leaves) - have you never brewed up before ? - Sorry Mr B I stuttered, I don't drink tea and I've never brewed up before !!!. Scared to death, he marched me downstairs to the kitchen, with the office clerks and supervisors in tears laughing and gave me a lecture and detailed instructions on the use of kettle, tea amounts per cup, temperature, etc etc. He also said "If you want to be a gas engineer then you had best learn to both make AND drink tea - gallons of it !!! R.I.P. Fred - A true gentleman, engineer and tea brewer of the old school. Brit15
  15. I've been gardening, all day here in sunny Wigan. Nearly 18 deg C in the sun, 2 weeks ago there was snow on the ground !!!. I (well we 've) cut the grass, cleared the flower beds, trimmed the bushes, cleared the greenhouse etc, - All Done - my green recycling bin is full !! First time ever garden / lawn first cut done after winter in February. I'm looking forward to some cold / rainy weather so I can get back to my model railways !! Brit15
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