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  1. Soldering irons at 6 o'clock !!!!!!!!!!! Brit15
  2. A blue one was seen at Springs Branch Wigan 1968 (ish). Don't know the number, remember seeing a photo somewhere. Brit15
  3. Over in the USA the norm to indicate condemned stock is a white line through the number, hence the term "White lined" Brit15
  4. Gold member He's the man, the man with the Midas touch A spider's touch Such a cold finger Beckons you to enter his web of sin But don't go in Golden words he will pour in your ear (no adverts !!) But his lies can't disguise what you fear For a golden modeller knows when he's kissed her It's the kiss of death from Mister Gold member Modellers beware of this heart of gold This heart is cold He loves only gold Only gold He loves gold He loves only gold Only gold He loves gold
  5. Been in the gas industry all my life, from apprenticeship to retirement, engineer on the distribution side. We were told at tech that using gas to generate electricity was a huge mistake, as noted above a waste of a valuable domestic / industrial HEATING fuel and chemical industry feedstock. British Gas was privatised in 1986, we were still run by a brilliant engineer, Sir Dennis Rooke kept the whole shebang intact (Maggie wanted to split it up) and saw little change at the sharp end. Over time the accountants etc began to get their own way. The result was BG (Exploration & Supply) - which Shell wanted and eventually got. Centrica (uses the British Gas name) runs the domestic appliance & gas marketing side, and Lattice Group - Transco the gas transmission & distribution side, where I worked. The National Grid merged with Transco back around 2000, but they wanted the jewel in the crown, the National Transmission network (high pressure) and started to sell off the networks, bit by bit & now all sold. Now with the demonisation of gas (actually North Sea resources are declining fast) they have announced the start of the sale of the gas transmission system. National Grid's future is all electric. As to the future of gas in the UK - and I write this with a heavy heart - it is not good. Will hydrogen / hydrogen Nat Gas mixture save the day ? - I don't know - but Hydrogen is expensive to make, either by electrolysis or methane (nat gas) cracking. I had a good time, superb people at all levels, but what of the future ? Brit15
  6. One thing I have noticed watching recently filmed Youtube "Drivers eyes views" videos is the seemingly lack of / loss of rail freight infrastructure (mainly sidings etc) seemingly everywhere. Some yards with track still there but overgrown with rampant vegetation, large trees etc. I feel any rail freight revolution / reintroduction has a mountain to climb. Brit15
  7. Early every morning a 2x5 car Voyager whizzes past my house on a Birmingham to Blackpool service. Later it passes southbound on a Blackpool to Euston service. Very green. Brit15
  8. I'll second that, Franks earlier version too. I still have all the Model Railway Constructor mags with Franks content. I also have his full "Model Railways" magazine epic from around 1980 - still inspires me today. Brit15
  9. Same here. I keep just loco boxes. Locos have instructions, bits to add (or keep) and their S?H value is more with a good box. Brit15
  10. I Agree. My twins went to see "The Beauty & The Beast" at the Liverpool Empire theatre last week. Covid vac certificates were a condition of entry, as was mask wearing. https://www.groupleisureandtravel.com/features/covid-passports-how-to-prepare-for-visiting-the-theatre/9223.article They said very few people on the train bothered to wear masks. Dual standards it seems. I think we have lifted mask wearing too early, perhaps the Government should have left that restriction in place over the coming winter. Brit15
  11. Anyone remember this ? - Proof of the strength of the Mk 1's Brit15
  12. Missing six rivets and a lamp iron !! Brit15
  13. We had a new one of these too, and it was electrified !!! - Was this not necessary too ? I despair with our politicians - ALL of them. Brit15
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