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  1. Very sad state of affairs. Round em all up, take their names and addresses. Collect all the litter up, divide it among them, deliver it to their house and put it through the letterbox - mind you it probably wont make a blind bit of difference !!! Same with graffiti "artists" - graffiti the insides of their homes. Brit15
  2. Commiserations with your plight Bob. Have you tried giving them a "Wigan Kiss" (or the Leigh version) ? Pity the King Billy (William) pub in Platt Bridge has closed - tale had it you could get people "sorted" in there for fifty quid !!! Brit15
  3. Wonderful work Bob. Take care digging , lots of old mine shafts around !! Brit15
  4. Chill out folks ------ Time for some music ----- The NHS certainly earns my respect - a Quadruple by pass eight years ago and a Hernia op last year (postponed whilst I was wearing the op gown - reason no bed for o/night stay as one ward shut due to vomiting bug) - but everyone was superb. Heroes ? - perhaps not those times, but the docs, nurses and all weren't working with a rampant invisible killer virus all around together with shortages of PPE etc. So I clap with the neighbours, have a chat, a beer etc. It will fizz out one day soon - and that is fine by me. Brit15
  5. Big Jim eh ? - thought he was a train driver !!! Brit15
  6. Beans for tea ? - I hope they were Heinz - made in Wigan !!!! I clap not just for the NHS but for all essential workers, wife included. She works 2-10pm in food production (Not Heinz though !!). It's also a time for a quick chat with the neighbours (at a distance) ensure all OK etc.Some get a chair and a drink if the weather allows. Quite social, I hope it carries on until normality returns. Brit15
  7. And one of the things I fear is as we get "back to normal" (whatever that is), pubs reopening etc is a second wave kicking off and then immediately its back to lockdown. I don't think the country, people, economy etc will survive an extended second (or more) lockdown(s). Perhaps it will be a case of sling the doors wide open, everybody get pi55ed and f**k it. As to paying back "loans" - perhaps student loan style - but this must be done fairly and be affordable to all. Brit15
  8. My last night out was to the Wigan Beer festival (held at the same venue as the now cancelled model railway exhibition) a couple of weeks before lockdown. We visited the White Swan and Railway pub right opposite Wigan North Western station - only reopened a week earlier after a very expensive and really nice revamp. I feel a bit sorry for the owners there. My local spoons is one of the better (and bigger) ones, a 1930's art deco hotel. I used to meet a couple of mates there every few weeks for a pint and a bite. Spoons food is OK for such meetings - a curry or fish and chips - alas now no more for a while. It will be a problem re opening many pubs for the many reasons outlined above, ans sadly even here in Wigan some which were struggling before lockdown may never reopen. Wigan being Wigan, Fridays and Saturdays many pubs are rammed full - and I expect chaos when they do reopen. Social distancing / limited numbers - just wont work, as the song goes it will be "All or Nothing". Speaking of songs - NOT YET MATE !!!!!!!!!!!! Brit15
  9. Sir Nigel on Crewe South shed after restoration and presumably being run in. One of the two mentioned by Tony on Crewe works, I think on a different date - can't quite make out the number. Is this Miles Beevor ? Evening Star in the paint shop. This is Flying Scotsman on Doncaster shed 26 Oct 1968. Nobody around so we visited the cab, where all was gleaming and workmanlike. Whats that coach ? Same day at the back of York shed One for the Gas Works Railway fans (GWR) - Tysley open day 5 Oct 1969 - Wot elf n saftey ? Happy days - even after August 1968. Brit15
  10. APOLLO

    Panic buying

    I remember a certain gasman in Warrington bought a packet of beef tomato seeds, planted and grew them. He fried them and put them with a plate of chips - and was mightily disappointed on sinking his teeth into the first tomato ----- "There's no beef in it" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! True or not the tale always made me laugh. Brit15
  11. HS2 to Birmingham is a cert. Too much money spent already, best to crack on. North of Birmingham ? - Perhaps not - depends on what the "new normal" will be. Far too early to say. I want it all built - quickly too. Heard of Vientiane - Capital of Laos ? - THEY have a brand new HS line opens later this year (Chinese built of course) - will continue down into Thailand also. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@18.0166674,102.6638723,14395m/data=!3m1!1e3 Station site in centre of map - Don Noun. Follow the line left - most track laid & masts are up - some impressive civil engineering along the route - Great Crested newts ? - They're in the pot for dinner !!!!!!!!!!! Brit15
  12. Re Western wheelslip And the get away - wot damage guv ?? Brit15
  13. APOLLO

    Panic buying

    Folks should be OK in Tesco Scotland. The "Tesco Express" electric loco hauled container train (Daventry - Mossend) passed our house an hour ago - fully loaded, four minutes early and fairly flying up Boars Head bank Wigan. You used to be able to set your watch with this train, can't now as these days its often a bit early. Brit15
  14. Zugloks verboten from ze kartoffelllagerhaus Bahnstreke !!!! Remember the BBC Film 1969 ? https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p012d0t5/tuesday-documentary-engines-must-not-enter-the-potato-siding Bit off topic !! Brit15
  15. Hamburg HBF June 1971, a DR loco on a Hamburg Berlin train - I was a bit worried taking these pix !!! After the wall came down a mate and I drove from Rotterdam to Berlin having caught the ferry from Hull. The check point at the border was still there but you drove straight through as it was unmanned. Berlin was great then - both sides seemingly on permanent holiday !! The "East" was pretty grim though the people were happy & friendly - especially in East Berlin when we had a walk around. Brit15
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