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  1. I like the little lad on the floor at Manchester inspecting the wiring !!!! Brit15
  2. Some spare Pacers @oop north !!! Your quite welcome to them !! Brit15
  3. Maybe a silly question - but what colour are the Blue Circle pre-tops wagons ? They look silver in the photos, or are they a very light grey ? Brit15
  4. They look good - Thanks, I'll order a pack & try them. Brit15
  5. Computer / warning lights won't tell the train driver if Bits are hanging off, perhaps fouling the gauge, or could cause derailment if not attended to immediately, Windows etc broken Vandalism has occurred whilst parked etc etc. Slippery slope. Brit15
  6. What we (well I) really need is an efficient "plug in" , non drooping, metal replacement for the horrible small tension lock coupling every manufacturer fits these days. And bin that swinging on corner mechanism whatever it is called., it's an even more horrid arrangement than the coupler. I've just bought a small rake of Heljan BOC tank wagons from Hattons at a very good price. Superb wagons but for the above two points. Stop the train to quick and the droopy couplings over ride, sometimes causing derailments. Is a solid bar plug in type available ? Brit15
  7. Thanks Accurascale, just ordered a couple of packs. Brit15
  8. Lovely little locos the J6, both the prototype & Tony's model(s). I wonder did any get across the Pennines to work on the (ex) LNER / Cheshire Lines ? Brit15
  9. Good news that a holder is to be preserved, horrible things to climb / work on. The pipework compound in your photo is typical - though here undergoing decommissioning. The pipework here was low pressure / holder related rather than high pressure. Such a site was quite common next to gas holders, though some were remote - so it would be quite OK to model a holder without the compound or even much pipework. Some more gas works info, memories, photos here https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/105787-railways-around-wigan-leigh-the-surrounding-ar
  10. Yes they were new(ish) back then - good point. I remember making a TT gauge gasworks using an Airfix engine shed back in the 60's, using Peter Denny's photos in the Railway Modeler (The Denny Special) - a long time ago !! Wigan (and other) gas works were living on borrowed time even in the early 60's as new "High pressure reforming plants" were built here in the North West (and elsewhere) using PFD (Petroleum Fuel Distillate) as feedstock. The four in the NW were at Liverpool, Warrington, Partington and Lostock Hall (Preston) - the last being rail connected receiving PFD by 100T ra
  11. After coal carbonisation ended in the late 60's / early 70's most former gasworks became "Holder Stations", as the gas holders were already in place, as well as the associated pressure management equipment, and of course the low and medium pressure gas mains radiated out from them to supply local districts. In the 60's lots of new high pressure welded steel Natural Gas mains were laid to inter connect such locations. A rather complicated subject. As far as model railways go, Grahames model & proposals are very realistic. Many former Gas Works sites became holders with a pressu
  12. Question. With my order from Hattons I also ordered and got the transfers (£6). The word GASES appears several times on the sheet yet I cant see that word on any BOC tank photo - any clues where it was used ? Brit15
  13. Nice Gas works. Don't forget the pipework, miles of it, and loads of grot & stink. Wigan Gasworks, just after closure, and about to be demolished, 1973 as the O/H masts can just be seen in Wigan NW station. That's the town centre in the background, very close. Don't add much grass - very little in / around a gas works - weeds are ok, just about clinging to life though !!! I did my first day at work here in 1969 just before it closed. The place certainly had "atmosphere" !! Brit
  14. Sorry chaps, don't know what happened there. The link was definite when I posted as I checked it again right after posting. Yes none showing now - what's happening at Hattons ? Brit15
  15. Just had a look at Hattons site, lots of BOC tanks back in stock, 16 types, all more than 10, still £45. https://www.hattons.co.uk/stocklist/1000399/1000588/1000637/1000818/heljan_oo_gauge_1_76_scale_wagons_united_kingdom/sceneprodlist.aspx Brit15
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