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  1. Not so sure 7mm is that easier. I model both British OO and American O, all laid with Peco track. Same problems occur with O as OO IF the track isn't right.


    Basically my O layout has sharp curves, big heavy twin motored 8 & 12 wheel diesels run in multiple and 20 - 25 (max) car trains, some steep grades also. I'm pushing the limits, all of them. My track needs to be kink free on curves at rail joiners and any dips removed by packing / levelling. It runs very well when such problems are sorted - every derailment is investigated. It's not always the track either, some stock / locos are better than others on the road, coupler swings (longer stock), coupler height (track dips cause uncoupling with Kadees). It certainly doesn't help to have several makes of Knuckle couplers (Kadees NEVER fail, plastic Weaver break (slow replacement programme in progress), old Atlas are OK but clumsy. Metal wheels help too. My newer Atlas stuff has metal wheels, but most Weaver & old Atlas has plastic with varying running qualities.


    I've done quite a bit of track maintenance this summer and though not 100%, the layout now runs like the prototype (occasional derailments par for the course!!).




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  2. 4 hours ago, Grovenor said:

    I see now that the Nimbys who forced tunnelling under the Chilterns are now complaining that the tunnelling may damage the aquifer as the contractor has apparently lost a lot of bentonite.


    Let's hope they find Ben tomorrow !!!



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  3. Spam Cans, nice one there Robmcg - £500 - I think not for me.


    This is my Tri-ang TT "Clan Line" round about 1964 or so. I think she cost around 25 bob new (tender was extra at four and a tanner !!)


    I still have the loco & box and she still runs, over 55 years old. Will the very expensive Hornby OO loco last as long  ? I hope it will.








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  4. Whilst we are on about fertilisers and energy resources - todays news




    Scroll down to 09:12


    UK fertiliser plants halt operations amid gas price surge


    The surge in gas prices has forced a major fertiliser producer to halt operations at two UK plants.

    CF Industries Holdings announced late last night that it is halting operations at its manufacturing complexes at Billingham, in County Durham, and Ince (just south of the River Mersey) in Cheshire.

    The company, which manufacturers hydrogen and nitrogen products, blamed the move on “high natural gas prices”, adding:

    The Company does not have an estimate for when production will resume at the facilities.

    It’s a sign that the record rally in gas and power prices is threatening to slow the region’s economic recovery -- with UK steel producers also saying they have paused work due to high prices.



  5. 19 minutes ago, phil-b259 said:


    Thats scaremongering - there is actually plenty of oil left for way more that 53 years!


    What is true is that its going to be harder and more costly to extract it once the 'easy' fields are exhausted (and quite obviously that has implications for BPs shareholders / long term profitability). However given the need for plastics as wire insulation etc that is going to have to be done at some point once easy sources are used up.


    The other thing to remember is that efforts to reduce CO2 emissions are likely to see far less oil being used for vehicle propulsion - thereby meaning what we extract will go further so that 53 years is unlikely to be accurate.


    Write to the Chairman of BP then - his companies figures. The BP yearly world energy report is very highly respected within the industry worldwide. Of course it's a best estimate, based on known reserves and estimated future usage. Covid has more than likely extended these figures by a huge drop in demand, but as we (probably) get back to "normal" then demand will rise again.


    I agree the easy to get stuff has gone, and there is probably A LOT more to be found in places like Arctica etc - but may never be either prospected or extracted - a very political issue.


    Fossil fuels are not limitless, and the rising world population demands more and more. 


    Have a look at the last few BP yearly reports, they are all on line, the R?P for gas and oil go down each year by more than one (a lot more) indicating increased demand year on year (pre covid) - especially true for Natural Gas. No wonder National Grid is selling the gas transmission system later this year, having already sold the regional networks - all of them.


    The world is energy hungry. Renewables do help though, but will they replace (oil & gas) - I don't think so, not for 50 years or so - then it's **** time.



  6. The future of rail is electrification for major lines, hybrid Hydrogen electrics for minor lines.


    Oil (Diesel) & coal have limited futures, and indeed according to the BP statistical analysis of world energy, oil has 53.5 years left

    (Page 16, bottom rhs R/P ratio world). Natural Gas 48.8 years (Page 34). Coal 139 years (Page 46).




    The remaining will remain in the ground. (Or in China & India's case - perhaps not). We will see.


    Big question is how do we make our electricity (and Hydrogen).


    Crap times ahead.



  7. 4 minutes ago, MarkSG said:


    That's why I'm specifically asking what  your ormal (ie, not Covid-affected) schedule would be :)


    No indoor events of any kind since Covid kicked off around March last year. Occasional visits to Pub about the only "event" other than shopping. I have attended one outdoor event a few weeks ago, the Classic car show at Tatton park, being outside and spaced over a large area (no crowds) I felt OK.


    As I said, for me, re Exhibitions (etc) it's still a wait and see thing.



  8. On 01/09/2021 at 10:37, kevpeo said:

    Long way way off 2024, but my guess is every 30 mins Wigan to Stalybridge, 6-car 323's. Every 30mins Southport - Oxford road 4-car 769. All via Bolton.  Hourly Southport - Leeds, and hourly Southport Rochdale via Atherton, all 4-car. We will see how correct I am! Kev.


    The electric trains to Wigan North Western and Southport / Kirkby DMU's to Wallgate, which won't be electrified because of the bridge at Wallgate, which has buildings on top and is currently shored up with trestlework.


    Good to see the Wigan Bolton line electrified. The two bays at Wigan NW which connect with the Manchester route have recently been lengthened a bit.



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