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  1. This western region loco (what class is it ?) was photographed by my dad at Central Wagon Wigan. Date unknown. Brit15
  2. Ain't just model trains, I see serious price rises everywhere, most worrying. Trains we can do without, food, energy etc we can't. I read about looming big problems looming with OPEC re oil & gas prices, that really will cause problems. Problems in the plastics production also, which will affect Hornby etc. https://oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/The-Plastics-Sector-Is-Suffering-As-Oil-Prices-Rise.html Brit15
  3. Crazy times indeed. More than fed up, overfed statistics, graphs, opinions. it's all getting silly now. Anyway, I'm double jabbed and tomorrow, I'm With my mask and sanitiser !!!! Brit15
  4. Interesting article https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9759929/Westfield-encourage-shoppers-wear-masks-NOT-require-them.html Brit15
  5. DON'T go to China !! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9168707/Coronavirus-China-blasts-fake-video-people-waddling-like-penguins-COVID-19-anal-swabs.html Brit15
  6. 3 Jan 1970 - just a couple of days to go. Loco E26053 Perseus backing onto train at Piccadilly, no end door !!!! Brit15
  7. Could you not put a sign on your door stating "For staff health reasons all customers MUST wear a mask upon entry, unless medically exempt" ? I don't know the legalities of this though. Best wishes, Brit15
  8. Pre Covid the only exhibition worry I had was getting my eye poked by a yard of Peco track stuck out of a smelly unwashed Eejits (like the word !!) rucksack !! Anyway, last 18 months I have adjusted my world, and will continue post Covid (if there is such a thing) to do the following (as best I can). Public Transport - Avoid. Not been on a plane / train / bus / taxi for a year and a half. So perhaps I can do without. Crowds - always find a tad stressful, I will now avoid if I can. Queues - avoid, but at checkouts I will wear a mask, try as best as possible to distance, and if anyone is breathing down my neck they will be asked to back off a bit. Pubs. My local three are OK. One is a large Wetherspoon's hotel which is quite OK. I will use the app. Friday night scrums at the bar in pubs closer to town are now history for me. As we say in Wigan "Sod that for a game of soldiers" !! One good thing is I walk a lot more, one hour a day whatever the weather. I'm lucky to have some very nice rural areas nearby. I feel a lot better for it also, physically & mentally. This will continue as long as I can. In lots of areas there is no going back to pre covid ways for me, and I feel better for it. Brit15
  9. Couple more Never seen this before !! Hope they are of use. Brit15
  10. Some good photos on the web to help Guestimate A great station to model, Brit15
  11. Quite probably - The rats were big 'uns too !! Brit15
  12. Banana trains !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Little tale here. Back in the late 60's (when I were a lad) British Railways had a "tip" at Ince Moss Junction, south of Wigan just across from Springs Branch, on the St Helens line. They dumped everything here, mainly spent ballast, bits of redundant signalling etc, and BANANAS, by the trainload. Bananas where imported into nearby Liverpool, and occasionally a shipment / trainload would go off - be over ripe, and was taken to be dumped at Ince Moss tip. The tip was called by many "The Banana Dump", and alongside were several "Flashes" ,colliery ponds that were full of gigantic Perch, Tench and of course Pike. We would go Pike fishing there often, though I was often rooting around looking for railway "artefacts" (along with the many rats - 4 legged ones not Class 25's !!!!!!!!!!. Other "folk" would go ratting with dogs, ferrets and a 12 bore shotgun or two !!!. Grand place it was (not). My fishing mate had a brand new "Visionhire" (TV rentals engineer) works van, and very early one sunny summer Sunday around 1970 off we went fishing / foraging. We parked the van & walked a way to the pond, about 5.00am. Well along comes a class 40 and train, we thought it was dumping stuff, but unbeknown to us it was on a track relaying job, and when we packed up, a new line had been placed alongside the van blocking the exit. My mate was panicking, railwaymen bent double laughing. Anyway after a hour they actually removed 2 rails and a few sleepers to let us out. All gone now, except for the flashes, lots of trees etc planted. Brit15
  13. She's running under impulse drive. The driver is a Klingon from Polmadie !!!!!!! Brit15
  14. To boldly go where no Clayton has gone before - Are the Dilthium Crystals are burning up Scottie ? Brit15
  15. Wigan Junction Colliery - Two in the cab and three up front !!! Brit15
  16. Thumbs up for Gaugemaster from me. I have a Model Q four track unit and a couple of handhelds on my loft layout - quite a few years old and never a problem. They are also a reliable source for O scale Kadee couplings at a fair price, mail order is quick. Brit15
  17. I remember my namesake Brit 70015 Apollo wearing a sickly unlined green (loco & tender) on Stockport Edgeley shed back around 1967. I believe she had a quick repair / repaint at Crewe not long before. At least she was clean(ish). I bought a Hornby A2/2 a while ago - not convinced with the lightish green but nowts fallen off (yet) and she runs well. She'll do as is. Brit15
  18. Nice dramatic sky - where's my raincoat !! Brit15
  19. My apprenticeship working for The North Western Gas Board at Wigan was "enlightening" in the least. EVERYBODY (self included) had a nickname (or two), most were rude / derogatory some made you burst out laughing (or crying !!) but each had a tale behind it. On my first day back in 1969 I made a mess of brewing the district engineers tea - full of battleships (floating tea leaves). _ I won't tell you what I was called after that !!. And it wasn't just workmates either, Towns, districts, streets, tools etc similarly nicknamed. "Bonk brew" being a steep hill where Joe Bonk (a supervisor) crashed his van, Hammers ranged from 't little ommer (Two and a half pound lump up to 'Kin big ommer" (Fourteen pound sledge). The list was endless, and certainly was not politically correct etc. A laugh a minute back then. All such has gone in our sterile namby pamby touchy touchy society. Brit15
  20. Those Tri-ang XT60 motors as used in some TT locos are indestructible. My 1963 TT Boadicea still runs nice. (no TT layout though). My favourite model motor is the Canon can type used on my American O gauge diesel locos. Just sometimes the nylon gears crack on Weaver locos - a known problem due to using "un-aged" nylon. At least replacements are available & easy to fit. Brit15
  21. Turn up the volume !! Best sounding diesel after the Deltics & Westerners to me. Brit15
  22. They'll have their work cut out to get the "Screaming throb" sound of a 56 hard at work !!. I remember them thundering over the several level crossings in the sleepy village of Lymm near Warrington back in the 70's on the Fiddlers Ferry coal jobs. They virtually tore the village apart !! Brit15
  23. Definitely price in the 60's. One mate had a 3 rail Hornby Dublo layout which ran superb, but the track always looked odd to me. My brother had a 8' x 4' mainly Tri-ang layout. He later got a couple of 2 rail Hornby locos which were far better than Tri-ang in the running department. I started with Tri-ang TT around 1960 an a 4' x 3' board, later 8' x 3' Still have my TT stuff boxed up, virtually worn out by 1971 when I went OO. Had my moneys worth !! Brit15
  24. Lost for words ----- (rare for me !!)( Brit15
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