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  1. Commiserations to Avanti, but well done for trying. Sure someone from Virgin put gravy on the rails at Wigan !!!!! Brit15
  2. Faster than piemen, faster than witches !!! Brit15
  3. Here she is passing Boars Head (Rylands Sidings SB in the old days). You can just about see the Royal Scot nameplate. Passed at a fair old clip. Vegetation made an approach shot impossible, and these were taken through the fence. A couple of other photographers were also there. Oh for the old days here. Brit15
  4. arrrrgh - Got it the wrong way round !! Should pass our house at Boars Head at 12.20 https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/service/gb-nr:S00619/2021-06-17/detailed I might take a look, she'll be going a fair clip up Boars Head bank (1 in 105). Good luck to Avanti for the record attempt. Brit15
  5. Easy - It's all downhill from Glasgow to London (look at a globe). They should try it going north --- (Unless the world is indeed flat !!!!!) Brit15
  6. The proposed Edinburgh to Paris sleeper should call at Wigan North Western en route to stock up on pies !!! Brit15
  7. Ah Gricers !!! The word Foamer is used over in the USA and is considered a bit insulting This from the youtube virtual railfan train cam site rules • Don't use the terms "foamer" or "foaming" in your comments or your username. Many railfans find them derogatory and offensive. I think the term Railfans is far nicer, simple, and self explanatory on both sides of the Atlantic. Brit15
  8. I have occasionally bought second hand models from Elaine's Trains, a very good dealer to buy from in my opinion. Brit15
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M-497_Black_Beetle If you fancy a model remember these from the 60's ? You would need a very long straight track. You would need some smoke units too (cough cough) !! Wot no trains !! Brit15
  10. Be careful in Shenzhen China !!! Watch from 5 min 30 sec. Brit15
  11. APOLLO

    Hornby Make a Profit

    “Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen and six , result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery” ― Charles Dickens, David Copperfield Brit15
  12. I'll give in, Yellow it is then !!!!! We had a Jim at work (Gas industry). Gas escapes were generaly measured as a % GIA (% gas in air). One day Jim was pontificating on the job at night, no fluorescent jacket and got hit by a car, sent him flying and a week in hospital. From then on any 100% reading was termed !00% Jim in air on the district !!!! Jims bones healed, and a large fluorescent jacket was purchased which was swapped around between standby engineers !!!! (a long time ago). Sackable offence not to wear them on duty when working on the highway these days. Incidentally I got a right bollocking from a British Rail signalling engineer for wearing my green Hi Viz when attending a gas escape near the Warrington power box. I was marched off the track to the box and loaned an orange one !!! Happy days !!! Brit15
  13. Railway content !! Coalville - I think the box still survives (does it ?) Brit15
  14. I have a Playcraft Class 20 something or other in my beloved box of tat. It still runs, like a bat out of hell - and like a cockroach, you can't kill it !!!!!!!!!!! Brit15
  15. Well it will always be single or double amber for me, yellow is for diesel front ends !!!! Brit15
  16. Wigan pit brow lasses - DON'T mess with the one on the right !! Brit15
  17. Having been to America the thing I am jealous of is space - they have limitless space, homes gardens etc. I have tried to model the Rock Island in the Rockies in O gauge in a 22' x 12' garage - small by American standards - but it will have to do for me. Brit15
  18. Reminds me of what Fred Dibnah said in one of his episodes, "When I die, if I go to the right place all I want is some tools, a lathe, selection of hammers and an endless supply of old rusty traction engines to restore". I've finished the main construction works of my mine branch line to the sky and got trains running, seven cars max at a time, and run VERY slow due to curvature, gradient and height. I'm very pleased with the results, bridgework detail and the actual mine loader still to do. Now this last bridge was a challenge. Built on a sharp curve on a cliff edge directly over a bit of narrow gauge line. I took my inspiration from the prototype, Imagination was required to get the railroads through the Rocky mountains. (and a root through my plastic bits scrap box). DRGW Royal Gorge hanging bridge - still there and now a preserved line. Such a great hobby is ours whatever you model. Brit15
  19. An hour ago Oliver Cromwell was £132 at Amazon, 7 in stock. I was thinking about it. Now £173.26 with 4 in stock. (Dispatched and sold by Jadlam) No thanks Mr Bezos / Jadlam. Brit15
  20. Fair enough. I'll leave it at that. brit15
  21. Hornby's main customers are their retailers, they are letting most down - It is these retailers need more honesty (etc) from Hornby. No need to visit me as my Amazon A2/2 is running perfectly. £132 of Amazon last week - now back to full price !!!!! Crazy. I can't remember too many of our customers behaving like you said - most were more than happy to speak to someone quickly and face to face who could sort out their (usually our) problems. Yes some gave Flack etc, just a part of life. Someone mentioned todays litigious society, where you have to be careful with what you say etc. Wasn't like that years ago. I doubt anyone does these days what we did for the customer out of concern for litigation. Sad times. Brit15
  22. Well where I worked (British Gas) when things went wrong we (well I - it was part of my job) actually went to visit affected customers and told them the truth face to face - good or bad. When we messed up (and we did now ang again, sometimes big style) I found honesty, apologies and more over ACTION sorted it out. Sorry - Hornby is hiding behind corporate speak / customer unfriendly actions. They have problems. Brit15
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