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    Preorder email

    Thanks for the heads up, I've just ordered one via my daughters Amazon prime A/C - delivery by 10pm tonight also. Quite a bargain . I notice that the price has risen slightly on the eight remaining. Strange strategies at play. Brit15

    Preorder email

    Supply problems from China perhaps ? Lots of supply problems for many things (non model railway) recently. Microchips being a big issue, and not just China either. Brit15
  3. This site may help http://railwaybobsmodulebuildingtips.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-peco-electrofrog-circuitry.html Brit15
  4. It's mostly downhill from Edinburgh to London, due to the curvature of the earth - what about the return journey ??? Brit15
  5. Lots of interesting thoughts re exhibitions. I have missed my local one, Wigan which seemed to me to get better year on year, always interesting layouts, good trade support and Tony (etc) to moider !!! Indeed mother nature, health experts and our leaders will ultimately decide on what is what going forward. I will attend future events etc with my own personal risk assessment taken at the time. Simple as that (for me). Yes there is a huge element of risk, mostly financial for event organisers / participants of these events. A changed world indeed it will be going forward. Brit15
  6. No, it's too wide. The prototype gauge for OO would be 4' 1 1/2". If the real UK railways were this gauge we would not need EM or P4 !!!!! Brit15
  7. Your piece fell off when crossing the viaduct at Durham !!! Brit15
  8. Once I built a railroad, I made it run Made it race against time Once I built a railroad, now it's done Brother, can you spare a dime? Brit15
  9. There's a job waiting for you at Hitachi !! Brit15
  10. So will the Manchester leg still have the branch off to connect with the WCML at Bamfurlong, just south of Wigan (for Scottish trains) ? Brit15
  11. So, I will ask again. The lifting point is NOT in the centre of the cross coach bolster (which supports the bogie). Arrangement seems to be as these photos below, (not sure what class of train the first one below is), but in both photos the jacking point is clearly marked, AND in both photos is situated off bogie centre. Jacking will cause twisting stress in both the bolster and the body due to it not being in the centre with the heavy bogie / wheelsets / transmission.. A plate welded onto the side of the body seems to be the only strengthening. A VERY poor design, let an Aircraft designer (NOT from Boeing !!!) look at it, they are the experts with Aluminium stress engineering. Expensive and long winded fix needed I reckon. Melt 'em down turn them into cans and send them to Heinz in Wigan - we'll fill 'em full of beans - save a seat for me, the wife needs a new ironing board !!!!!!!!! Brit15
  12. Are there two lifting points per bogie side - i.e Eight per coach ? Diagram is not clear Brit15
  13. Looks odd to me, not in the centre (of the cross beam) so asking for lots of stress to be induced when lifting. Brit15
  14. There was also considerable street running at Altrincham serving the gas works https://rogerfarnworth.com/2021/01/15/altrincham-gas-works-tramway/#:~:text=The light railway%2C or tramway,many years was horse-drawn. Brit15
  15. A little bit at Walkden Avenue Wigan, A short branch from Rylands sidings signal box ran down and crossed both over Buckley Street / Walkden Ave and under the West Coast main line. It served cotton mills, coal in mainly. Note bridge was built for 4 tracks, still has two to this day (and still looks the same). Only a short distance of street running. Finished in the 50's I think. https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/index.cfm#zoom=16&lat=53.55710&lon=-2.64246&layers=168&b=1 Brit15
  16. Bit off topic, talk earlier on this thread was about the risk of running critical systems off the web - Well, it's happened in the USA today US gas shortage fears: Georgia & Florida in state of emergency after crippling cyberattack https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1435227/US-Petrol-Cyberattack-Joe-Biden-State-of-Emergency-Pipeline-Russia-Latest-News-VN Brit15
  17. If they are made of Aluminium I hope the roof doesn't collapse / blow away in a strong wind !!!! Brit15
  18. Glued together ? - Tony Wright would solder them up and add tons of lead, without any problems !!!!!!! What about Pendolinos ? lots pass my house every day, mostly empty since covid. Can a few be used at least on the ECML ? - Or has the WCML passenger loads increased up to Glasgow & Edinburgh (passengers re routed) ? Just a thought There are / were some spare Pacers at the new Springs Branch Wigan depot (not been for a while) - Free to a good owner !!!! Brit15
  19. More like Electricity Telecoms Gas water networks down - EVEYTHING is net dependant these days. Brit15
  20. AND more than a bit concerning seeing how so much these days is web dependant 24/7. If the web ever gets "nuked" then I can't even begin to imagine the problems. Brit15
  21. I remember seeing 70015 "Apollo" on Stockport Edgeley shed back in the mid 60's. She was a peculiar unlined pea green having had a bit of a overhaul and cheap repaint at Crewe (if I remember correctly). Brit15
  22. Interesting photo re the amount of Aluminium welds on these trains. Quite complex up front. Brit15
  23. Couple of photos of the CAF EMU weld failure April this year. Very concerning. A chunk out of the body suggests more than a weld failure. This type of failure would not be safe at 1mph. Brit15
  24. Whow - just Whow !!!!. Very interesting, and from the top. Everything touched by government (of all colours) ends up a right expensive mess. I can only say one thing - FOLLOW THE MONEY. Brit 15
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