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  1. Hi Hayfield, Your method for producing the frog V is usable in all scales and gauges. All you need are the gauges for your specific scale or standard. Thanks Phil H
  2. Hi there, Rose Madder is to light - I will try to find the remains of the bottle I have used, but I am certain it was Red Madder.v In the meantime.... Just checked with the artist wife and it looks like I didn't use Vallejo on the last batch. https://www.saa.co.uk/atelier-interactive-permanent-brown-madder-series-3-80ml-tube-420-7442.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwoub3BRC6ARIsABGhnybJwm3PL6FCjw03PkGatAleZjme94IeWUy62MOZwJJw0AycLvEoDzgaAg45EALw_wcB This is the tube I have leftover. Thanks Phil H
  3. Hi all, So, confirmed using the MERG recommended set up. Kit Number: 79 Turntable Controller (Stepper motor) Kit Number: 79C Turntable Control Pack RS Components Unipolar12Vdc 7.5 deg Stepper Motor (RS ref 440-262) RS Components 250:1 Reduction Gearbox (RS Ref 336-416) Requires a 12v regulated power supply as that is not included in the kit I know I can buy a ready made power supply, but that takes up a lot of space. Ideas appreciated for a more compact power supply. Thanks Phil H
  4. Hi Tom, Adam is Electrarail graphics. I did try to get them done by him in 4mm but it wasn't successful. However, the technology has moved on a lot since then, maybe it may be possible now. If you don't ask..... Thanks Phil H
  5. Hi Colin, This was discussed elsewhere - but I didn't save a link. Anyway - What did I find out? L&Y Plum is Red Madder - available as acrylic in the Vallejo range. L&Y Tan is a bit more of a problem, I've used GWR light stone over a grey primer. Thanks Phil H
  6. Hi Tom, Not available in 4mm - available in N from Adam. I used to do them as vinyl overlays about 10 years ago, but, with the cost of the minimum print run now getting to be about £3000, I had not planned to do any more. Thanks Phil H
  7. Hi Brian, It's already on the MERG Forum..... I'm more interested in the general modellers experience...... Thanks Phil H
  8. Hi all, Well, the MERG bits arrived a short while ago. Time to clear off the electronics workbench and get building them ready to fit. Thanks Phil H
  9. Hi Colin, You make the same point as has been working away in my head... I know I will want more than one Shark, but that does not help KR to know they will reach the min needed to go ahead. For instance? If you look at the EWS period on its own, then you could find the Shark in different liveries - sometimes even different on the same train. So - come on KR Models - why not do a poll for the different liveries? Me - A big list! EWS, Loadhaul, Dutch and Mainline Blue for the EWS period BR Olive, Black and plain Grey for my earlier period And that's without looking as specific livery variations! Thanks Phil H
  10. Hi all, Anyone on here with experience in using this combination? NB-55 Turntable Kit MERG Turntable Controller (Stepper Motor) (Kit 79) MERG Turntable Control Pack (Kit 79C) I have the MERG tech info for these items A40/01 Stepper Motor Turntable Controller A40/02 Putting the Turntable Controller (Stepper Motor) Kit 79 to Use These will be used with the recommended motor and gear from RS Components. Unipolar 12Vdc 7.5 deg Stepper Motor (RS order reference 440-262) 250:1 Reduction Gearbox (RS order reference 336-416) Comments appreciated as would be photos. Phil H
  11. Hi all, Shorter axles in Farish stock. This is one of the main reasons I have found for poor running. It seems that either previous owners have swapped wheelers about without noticing the difference in length or Bachmann production line don't! I recently bought some new type mk1 coaches that were very stiff when run. Checks revealed that the older type axles had been put into the new type bogies. They don't work this way and furthermore, if the bogies are squeezed to try and make them run, then the bogies won't run when remitted with new type axles due to too much slop. Now trying to get new type bogies and replace the ones that came on the coaches. Thanks Phil H
  12. Hi Gazza, The blue is a difficult one to match. Going back in time the nearest was a Lada car colour, I think it was paid e r blue or a similar name. Currently I am using a Du Pont colours - Limoges 205 and Bluete 219 over white primer. Thanks Phil H
  13. Hi there, Yes, this is not unknown. I've had one that was just like yours and one with the same but on the middle axle. In both cases I used loctite into the hole and then pushed the Franklin in. This has worked well and has already survived over two years. Phil H
  14. Hi all, Not for me but an interested other! Looking for information on train rakes/carriage sets for ECML in Scotland in the mid 60's to mid 70's period. Also change over dates from steam to diesel power for the named trains for the same period. Thanks Phil H
  15. Hi there, Good photo and it has one of the ex NSE mk2 that I have been searching for number of.
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