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  1. Hi Sithlord, I'll have to check my boxes but I think I have the lon version somewhere. I'll pm you if I find it. Phil H
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for information abut the allocation and traffic patterns for both Rail and Road type horseboxes in the WR areas. Records of what road horseboxes existed and where allocated and when? Records of what rail horseboxes existed and where allocated and when? I've been scouring the web trying to find information and photos bnut the pickings are very slim! Thanks Phil H
  3. Hi Missy, Great looking wheel - not sure if I have any need for them, but great to see them anyway. One of the things I've been looking at are some 9 spoke, 3ft*wagon wheels - to go into the 2fs rims and fit the 2fs axles. Now, I know next to nothing (at present) about how to do this, but am starting by learning 3D CAD as that seems to be the way to get a handle on that aspect. Thanks Phil H edit * may be 3ft 1+1/2in
  4. Hi David, Agreed - weight would be the issue. Not found any to the north at all - furthest I can find was to Leuchers plus a couple of Central Belt workings. Thanks Phil H
  5. Hi there, This will need to be a Rule 1 situation. In the forty odd years researching and modelling the railways in Scotland I've never found anything for TEA on either the West Highland or Far North lines. Thanks Phil H
  6. Hi Pugsley, When you asked this on DEMU Forum - Paul Harrison said he would send you scans from the diagram book he had. Which ones did he send or did he forget? Thanks Phil H
  7. Hi William, I used Humbrol 5065 - RAF Aircraft Blue over a white primer to get as near the colour as I could. I had tried a rattle can grey to start with but didn't like the finish compared to colour photos of the real thing. Thanks Phil H
  8. Hi Mike, Finding a chassis - either a runner or non runner is a case of searching ebay. I have a running chassiis and you ha\ve the body I wanted for it! So - that will be at least 2 of us with ebay searches running for the item! Thanks Phil H
  9. Hi all - Great off and one I wanted to take up. However, despite Paypal being shown as a payment method, the option to pay that way never appears and only goes to the Direct Debit method. How can I use Paypal? Thanks Phil H
  10. Hi all, I've used both the etch primers sold by Halfords and found the U-Pol to be the better product on metals. The Halfords Etch Primer is great for plastic - especially the oily plastics. I've also used the Precision Etch Primer on a variety of materials. It works well but can be a pain to clean up after. I only mix enough for the job in hand as I found it had no shelf life once mixed. Thanks Phil H
  11. Hi there, This is not the original upload to Google Docs - it's a slightly smaller file size to enable it to be back on google docs. Thanks Phil H
  12. Hi Carl, I've had them for a fair while! I think I asked for them to be reducd from the 3mm scale version. Thanks Phil H
  13. Hi all, I've got the bits for one of these as well! I've gone a different route though - but only slightly. I've got the N tran cabx but am matching them with the Worsley Works etched sides plus etched underframes. Thanks Phil H
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