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  1. Hi all, Spoke with Hattons 'phone sales team. Orders are being dealt with in date/time order. At present my date/time of ordr means I won't be getting my order. However, they are still hoping to get more stock. So - fingers crossed..... Phil H
  2. Hattons 'phone team said 'Sold out of all types' as of 9am Tuesday morning. Thanks Phil H
  3. ah - FSM kits - lovely things! I think that modellers in the UK don't buy these type of kits as soon as they see the price. What they fail to realise is the quality of kit they are missing out on. I have one - it cost me more than I paid for a loco at the time. So , 5 years later, the kit is still the same price, the cost of getting it to the UK has doubled and then you have to pay duty plus the fixed fee for RM/ParcelForce colledting the duty. However, the same loco has almost doubled in price! Anyway, the point is - you
  4. hI ALL, I am beginning to think I must be the exception to all thse experiences! I've had no problems on here or on NGRM with logging in or getting asked security questions. Thanks Phil H
  5. Hi there, Those of you in the NGS will already know why I've not been posting much! Suffice to say - the NGS ex Modelmaster range of Nameplates and Decals are available to the members again. All waiting for decals to be done! Thanks Phil H
  6. Hi there, At first look the conversion appears easy - but it's not that simple. If you check out the photos from Arran the side rail of the BTA is at a lower height whereas the kit and RTR models have the full height side at the same top level as the wagon end panel. The design of the kit and RTR models make lowering this height difficult. Thanks Phil H
  7. Hi all, Already discussed on here... I'm still trying to find out the sizes for the goalposts. All I know is the steel appears to be 150m by180mm size and the width is the same as the wagon! Thanks Phil H
  8. Hi there, Depending on which decoder you have... Zimo Sound Decoder Manual http://www.zimo.at/web2010/documents/MX-KleineDecoder_E.pdf Hope this helps Phil H
  9. Hi Shaun, Sme development - thanks for the update! I've still to get my models done - 4mm is no further than the underframe, N gauge is still a collection of cut plastic and brass. It seems I have the same problems that you encountered. I've just read the facebook blog though and that has answered some of my queries. Phil H
  10. Hi Paul, Thanks for the link - it's reminded me that I still have bits to finish on the models. There seem to be a variety of walkway used - I'll have to check the wagon numbers and see f they are from different builds/makers. Phil H
  11. Hi all, I used to love reading through the W & H catalogue...... I learned so much about the hobby and history of the makers plus origins of a lot of the stuff on the market. I wish there was sonmething similar available currently. Thanks Phil H
  12. Hi all, Update - Seems I got the names mized up! Model Railway News August 1974 - Don Rowlands - Keepiong the balance Pt 2 (cant find partt as havee some missing issues. Model Railway News February 1975 - Martin Waters - Goods Train Formations Thanks Phil H
  13. Hi all, If I remember correctly Model Railway News had a series of articles in the70's on this subject. Memory makes me want to say it was titled 'Getting the Balance Right' possibly written by Martin Waters? But - it's getting on for fifty years ago - so I may have got it wrong. Thanks Phil H
  14. Hi all, To help with another modellers traIns, I am looking for information as per the title line. All informatin would be useful but photos are really useful. Thanks Phil H
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