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  1. Hi all, I've used both the etch primers sold by Halfords and found the U-Pol to be the better product on metals. The Halfords Etch Primer is great for plastic - especially the oily plastics. I've also used the Precision Etch Primer on a variety of materials. It works well but can be a pain to clean up after. I only mix enough for the job in hand as I found it had no shelf life once mixed. Thanks Phil H
  2. Hi there, This is not the original upload to Google Docs - it's a slightly smaller file size to enable it to be back on google docs. Thanks Phil H
  3. Hi Carl, I've had them for a fair while! I think I asked for them to be reducd from the 3mm scale version. Thanks Phil H
  4. Hi all, I've got the bits for one of these as well! I've gone a different route though - but only slightly. I've got the N tran cabx but am matching them with the Worsley Works etched sides plus etched underframes. Thanks Phil H
  5. Hi all, It seems that Google have remove the content without contacting me. I've asked why and await an answer. In the meantime, as it ill no longer upload to my Google Docs or Google Drive - I'll find a new storag place and add the new link here as soo as I can. Thanks Phil H
  6. Hi there, Once i get back home I can sort this out. It looks like the Google Drive address has changd for some reason. Thanks Phil H
  7. Hi Dave, The answer is yes - but.... Ultrascale OO wheelsets - if you can get them. https://www.ultrascale.uk/eshop/products/CAT024 Other op[tion - if yoou have a lathe or access to one, is to trun down and reprofile the existing wheels. Thanks Phil H
  8. Hi Tim,, Yes - have found your pagees very interesting and useful. I've also found Maurice's article on detailing the Dapol N gauge ones. Thanks Phil H
  9. Hi all, It seems I have set the cat amongst the pigeons in the guys family! He is happy to just have an N Gauge model railway with the look and feel of a BR era, ex GWR BLT! His Mrs would be happier if he modelled a real place - "at least we could go and visit the place to see what it's like now". Anyway - she is now hoping that the pressies she has for him at Xmas fit in with whatever he does mdel. So, thanks for all the info - it will be useful whichver way he decides, now I've to look at GWR BLT that will go onto his existing baseb
  10. Hi all, I'm loving all the variation that is posible - wonderful. Whilst the stock will be used on a generic ex GWR branch line terminus in a home situation, the very variety makes me think that he should adopt a real GWR terminus instead. Now just have to convince him! The baseboards were built almost 10 years ago and he has accumulated track and stock since then, but it's a somewhat random selection. Thanks Phil H
  11. Hi all, Thanks for the comments and nformation - much appreciated. So for the period the modeling is to represent - early 50's to late 50's - there is a choice! GWR Late choc/cream, BR Crimson and BR Maroon. Plus lining on some BR stock! That at least gives the guy some options to work on. Thanks Phil H
  12. Hi all, I'm trying to sort out some B Set coashs for another person and get him going in thehobby after 10 years of having N gauge stuff and done nothing with it. So - Question re GWr B Set liveries How late into the BR period di B Sets survive with GWR Brown and Cream livery? Information I've found is a bit contradictory on dates. One source says all repainted very soon after Nationalisation. Another source implies that they may have lasted in GWR livery until early 50's. Thoughts etc on this? Thanks Phi
  13. Hi Tom, Thanks for the fast response - much appreciated. I'm right at the beginning of learning 3dCad - fortunately it is Fusion 360 that I've chosen. now, just have to remember this for when i get that far. Phil H
  14. Hi Tom, A quesstion - based on my degree of ignorance (so far) on 3d design and printing. The honeycomb within the body - Are you able to create this as a separate drawing and then insert it into the main drawing? or Does it have to be drawn as part of the main drawing? Thanks Phil H
  15. Hi all, Spoke with Hattons 'phone sales team. Orders are being dealt with in date/time order. At present my date/time of ordr means I won't be getting my order. However, they are still hoping to get more stock. So - fingers crossed..... Phil H
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