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  1. Hi Alex, I used to have the magazine but made the mistake of lending ot to someone and it never came back. I'd love a scan ofthe article to add to my wagon files! Thanks Phil H
  2. Hi all, If there are any of you modelling indian Railways on here....... I'm trying to find paint matches for several of the colours in use. I'm hoping that there are some near matches (at least) available in the ranges of paint produced for the UK market. But - are there? Colours to match are the Yellow, Green and Turquiose https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/travel/destinations/matheran-toy-train-will-start-running-on-steam-engine-in-2018/as61962937.cms https://www.go2india.in/maharashtra/matheran-toy-train.php https://go4mumbai.b-cdn.net/cms/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Matheran-Toy-Train-Road-Crossing2.jpg Also the Red/Maroon https://www.flickr.com/photos/himanshu_sarpotdar/3296804351 https://flic.kr/p/2HgvZ https://flic.kr/p/bedsfg So - are there any matches? Thanks Phil H
  3. Lima stopping production didn't really have any efect on the modellers and modelling trade for at least a couple of years. Why? There was so much stock already in the uK that supplies continued to be delivered - qute often at much reduced prices. Then there was the collapse of the UK trade distributor which released even more stock at even lower prices to the trade as part of the liquidation sale. From memory it ws possible for a trader to buy locos for as little as £5.00 each and coaches for as little as £1.00 each. This, in turn, is why there is still so much Lima stock for sale currently. Several retailers who were big buyers in the liquidation sale went into liquidation themselves at later dates and the stock they held was also cleared out at bargain prices, some to retallers, some to auction and some to the clearance merchants. So, it's not a simple answer, it's one with a lot of convolutions and complications. Thanks Phil H
  4. Hi there, There was a kit available in the 80's that did the conversion of the Jinty and old Farish plus ex Airfix/GMR LMS Non-Corridoor coaches. It was not an accurate conversion, just one that got you as close as possible using the coaching stock that was avaiable at the time. These days - You should use the updated LMS N/C stock as made by Hoinby and the detailing packs from Wizard Models. Thanks Phil H
  5. Hi Katie, Colours were supplied via a contact at the Indian Embassy - so no idea why they are different. Maybe he misunderstood the request as I noticed the coulours as supplied are very like those of the Indian flag? Anyhow, thanks for the paint patches - I'll look at the various options and see how close a match I can get. Phil H
  6. Hi all, Hopefully I can find some help here? I'm looking at doing an NDM6 ex Matheran as runnng and painted when it arrived at DHR. So - link to 603 https://www.irfca.org/gallery/Locos/Diesel/NG_diesel_locos/INDIA+603+_NDM-6_+Water+Pipe+01-02-13+_52140+0945+Matheran+-+Neral_+v2r.jpg.html Checking the paint scheme and info sources gave me the colours. Officially they are described as saffron, white and green. But, what shades/descriptions or RAL codes cover these and are there equivalents in the ranges of paints available in the UK?
  7. Hi Bernard, Yes, you are correct - the Castle symbol was first used in the late 70's *1977/78 rings a bell, but only after Ribble Cement became part of a marketing group arrangement with some other cement works. The Ribble Cement livery carried on for a few more years before getting the full Castle Cement livery. I have notes (somewhere) from several visits to Clitheroe which include the numbers of the first wagons in the Castle Cement livery. Thanks Phil H
  8. Hi Alex, I seem to remember that Castle Cement only became such in the 1980's - possibly 1986, when the previously separate parts of the company came together and were rebranded as Castle Cement. Thanks Phil H
  9. Hi Jules, I've been following your wagon works with interest - I've done the same conversions/detailing in 4mm in the past as you have. Now I'm starting to do the same in N gauge! Thanks Phil H
  10. Hi Steve, Can we get this one in N as well please! Just part way through doing a batch of 10 NGS (ex TPM) MKA/ZKA and need more than are covered by the NGS decal sheet as I will have a 2nd batch of 10 to do shortly. Thanks Phil H
  11. Hi Paul, Yes - these are the decals I was on about. I knew they were available in the larger scale, but asked about some in 009 and the release of them in 009 is the result. I should have some later this week and will come back about using them - I have stock waiting, ready for decals! Thanks Phil H
  12. Hi all, I'm back on the DHR modelling again.... I have an additional commission to add to/extend the Darjeeling Shed lightbox diorama that I did for someone. As a result it has awakened my interest in the DHR and modelling it for myself. More information on my other DHR threads as relevent to them. On this thread - it's time to dig out the Class B kit(s) and get some progress on them! I have some leftover static Class B tanks after doing all the ones for the Darjeeling shed project. Not much use for anything except static models, but they were out of scale anyway and based on the Class B that is in the UK with modifications (except for a tender). Possibly I'll just repaint these and do slight modifications to backdate them for various periods. that's not a priority though, but if the airbrush is out - why not? Thanks Phil H
  13. Hi all, The DHR interest has been revived and I'm back to doing some modelling for myself and another guy with similar interests. I'll try to update things as they progress, but, as normal, I'd rather be modelling! Thanks Phil H
  14. Hi all, Back on the DHR project trail - again! Excciting times - Decals are available for some of the wagons and the NDM6 locos Endon Valley Custom Decals Home / Endon Valley Custom Decals (bigcartel.com) OK - so the list is for large scale decals - but I asked the question about rescaling them to 009 and will have the end product later this week. Now - just need to see if I can get the coach decals done as well. Thanks Phil H
  15. Hi all, OK - I'm back on the DHR projects and will start updating things as I progress things. One of the things that has got me going has been the new DHR products available as 3d printed models. Not that this will stop me using etched and white metal items - just gives me more options. A big kink up the whatsit has been the availabilty of decals - OK in larger scales at present, but I've asked the questions about getting them in 4mm to ft for 009. I still have my original coach decal sheet and hope to get that printed in the near future. So, more once I get things going, but I hope progress will be a lot faster than in the past. Thanks Phil H ps - I still need more photos of DHR coaches though!
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