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  1. HI there, Interested in these. What do you expet p&p to be? Phil H
  2. Hi Shaun, Sme development - thanks for the update! I've still to get my models done - 4mm is no further than the underframe, N gauge is still a collection of cut plastic and brass. It seems I have the same problems that you encountered. I've just read the facebook blog though and that has answered some of my queries. Phil H
  3. Hi Paul, Thanks for the link - it's reminded me that I still have bits to finish on the models. There seem to be a variety of walkway used - I'll have to check the wagon numbers and see f they are from different builds/makers. Phil H
  4. Hi Paul, Yes - that's a help. Phil H
  5. Hi all, I used to love reading through the W & H catalogue...... I learned so much about the hobby and history of the makers plus origins of a lot of the stuff on the market. I wish there was sonmething similar available currently. Thanks Phil H
  6. Hi all, Update - Seems I got the names mized up! Model Railway News August 1974 - Don Rowlands - Keepiong the balance Pt 2 (cant find partt as havee some missing issues. Model Railway News February 1975 - Martin Waters - Goods Train Formations Thanks Phil H
  7. Hi all, If I remember correctly Model Railway News had a series of articles in the70's on this subject. Memory makes me want to say it was titled 'Getting the Balance Right' possibly written by Martin Waters? But - it's getting on for fifty years ago - so I may have got it wrong. Thanks Phil H
  8. Hi all, To help with another modellers traIns, I am looking for information as per the title line. All informatin would be useful but photos are really useful. Thanks Phil H
  9. Hi Roy, Just checked and found that I obtained it in July 1981 from the rep to check that the chassis still fitted the D&M N gauge kits. Phil H
  10. Hi Geoff, Nopw that you know where it is... Bookmark it - add to favourites. Then you have the link in one place and easy to find. Phil H
  11. Hi Andy, I'm sure I have seen somewhere a written history of Graham Farish N Gauge? I think the frst 5 pole fitted locoi was the slightly revised Black 5 - that would put it about 1979/80. Bob Russell would be able to provide a lot of information as he became a Farish rep in either 1980 or 81. Thanks Phil H
  12. Hi Andy, I swapped all my OO and HO stock when Farish N was introduced. From memory I got a Holden, a Pannier, 6 off 2 axle coaches, 20 assorted wagons and a double oval of trrack with 4 points in the exchange at Bradford Model Railway Centre. As I cycled past the shop 6 days a week I became a regular visitor and usually bought something each week on the Saturday. Again from memory, i think I was buying a 3 wagon pack or a bogie coach for equivalent of 99p. I also saw my first Peco Jubilee at that shop and decided to get one on a 'Put Away' arrangement equivalent of 50p per week until I coered the cost - it seemed like an age before I could walk out of the shop with it! I then did the same wirth the latest Farish loco - the GWR Hall and it took a lot shorter time before I could take that home! When new the Farish locos looked OK but not very smooth runners, then, as they got older, the running deteriorated and they began to suffer from split gears. The shop replaced them both after 3 months due to this. The replacements lasted about the same time before they too started to havee the same problem By this time I had discovered Trainshop Supermarket but they didn't have much N Gauge stuff as N was 'too new' for people to be trading it in with them. My parents then banned me from going to the shop as they discovered it was in the 'Red Light' area of Bradford at that time. Then I found Cavendish models in Keighley and started visiting them one Saterday each month until we moved away. Moving away started me out on a whole new search for model shops - but that's another story all together! Thanks Phil H
  13. Hi Paul, Yes - I have visited and had a good look - useful photos of all the coaches I am modelling. Just started the prep work - more to show later - as long as everything goes well. Thanks Phil H
  14. Hi all, Latest known listing.... Best way to be sure of what is available is to make a 'phone call. Phil H Please Note - List available via the N Gauge Forum but not able to link to it.
  15. Hi Jim, I m doing 997993 and will be doing much the same add ons as you have. Just been working out the roof and underframe cuts before starting to chop things up. Thanks Phil H
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