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  1. Hi Adhip, Any photo sources are useful! The initial idea on this thread has progressed a bit - I now have drawn up the full engine shed ready to print as card model with plastic details. however, I've been concentrating on other things recently but that will change over the Xmas week - I hope. Photos of the current coaching stock with new air conditioning fitted are a gap in my photo source file. Also interested in photo of Rangtong station buildings. Thanks Phil H
  2. Yes - heading for Thornton Yard.... CO2 tanks for Cameron Bridge, Tullis Russell PAA for Glanrothes plus general freight, mostly too far away to be sure. Thanks Phil H
  3. Hi Gordon, You are correct - there were a lot of conversions that cast cabs made possible. I mainly used the left over bits of Lima 117's to make 'proper 117's' At least 3 makers of cast ends were around, then you had the etch guys to add to the confusion. Thanks Phil H
  4. Hi Jim, I plead guilty as described. I did 3 conversions for one particular layout through Harburn Hobbies and several more as a result of them! Thanks Phil H
  5. Hi John, There are LU decals in the ex Modelmaster/NGS range of decals. At present the whole stock is back in the hands of the NGS and is being sorted and catalogued prior to making the range available again. This would have happened already but my heart attack in June and subsequent recovery has delayed things somewhat. A soon as possible the listing will be put back onto the NGS Shop site, but I am unable to be specific about when this will be. A case of watch the website and news for an announcement. Thanks Phil H
  6. Hi there, From memory all the small vans had gone from Fish traffic by the date you refer to. I was wandering around Scotland each year for either Easter or Summer over the period 1973 to 1979 and can only remember the larger, more modern vans in use. Thanks Phil H
  7. Hi Mick, Your model numbers produced are close for the FO and BSO. When the great Airfix/GMR sell off happened we had a stock list showing quantities available. From memory, even though thousands had been sold and held in stock, there were over 15000 FO, 20,000 BSO available. We took 1000 of the BSO and 500 of the FO and stuck them away in the stock room along with a lot of other stuff. After discount they cost £0.75 each. We were also selling wagons at £10.00 inc p&p for 5!. Class 31 cost us £4.50 each! SO was produced first under the GMR brand andf was the last new item released before they went under and went to Kader in lieu of debts. Kader then passed them on to Mainline but only produced the SO as there was still so much of the old Airfix/GMR in stock. Things became more complicated when Palitoy decided to sell everything to Dave Boyle - Dapol. Dapol never produced 90% of the Airfix/GMR range again, simply used up the existing stock The only coaches that came off the Dapol production line were the 12 wheeled diner and the Mk2 SO/TSO. Thanks Phil H
  8. Hi all, If you are into wagons... This is a 'Must have' book to add to your collection. Thanks Phil H
  9. Hi Flood, Thanks for the photo - a big help. As the one I have is based on a Farish Mk1 with changed window inserts I don't think most people would know if it is a Met Cam built one or not. So - your photo is what I shall use to do my model. Thanks Phil H
  10. Hi all, Does anyone have a photo showing the roof of one of these? I have a model that I still have not done the roof for as I have yet to find out how it was laid out. Anyone able to assist? Thanks Phil H
  11. Hi Chris, Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Will see about getting the bits now that the queries have been cleared up. Phil H Update - Shapeways order in Update - Shapeways order delivered. Queries still though! See attached photo of what I think I need to get if I have anything wrong - please advise of the correct item(s)
  12. HI Nigel, OK - Have found the instruction set. Will have a good look tomorrow and see what decision I come to. First thoughts are to go for the 57.1 drive ratio as that should achieve the running speed I want. Thanks Phil H
  13. Hi Chris, Thanks for the comprehensive list - much appreciated! Now - I'm about to go for this one and it will be my first full 2mm chassis build since 1977! All my other stuff has been conversions with replacement wheelsets. How things have changed - for the better of course! Anyway, before I order the bits - I have questions. 1 - Can the new chassis be used under the current Farish body? 2 - Looking at the gears in the instructions I am confused as to which gears I need to get. I want to have this model run as slowly as possible as it will be the main loco in a yard model with lots of wagon shuffling. Hopefully there are answers to my queries. Phil H
  14. Hi all, I came across this photo some time ago and kept it as this is one of the coaches I want to model. Having asked in other places it could not be identified positively, but, as Flood says - it is likely to be 9000. Thanks Phil H
  15. Hi Paul, Anything more to report on this concept? I have a query from one of the guys I make stuff for and he is thinking to create a layout using the standards as he need to be able to put up and take down as a regular task. Thanks Phil H
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