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  1. How do you delete an old BLOG - not just the content, the whole thing?

  2. Hi Graham, Thanks for the info - I will follow up and see what I an find. I've already started working on the wheeled loader from Osbournes - more on that once I get the job done! Thanks
  3. Hi all, A little contribution to the thread... I asked on the NGF about suitable plant for British Army use First - Wheeled Loader from Osbournes Second - Bulldozer from Hattons I'm happy with the wheeled loader but the bulldozer is way over scale compared to the Komatsu drawing I found of it. Thanks Phil H
  4. Hi Morris, Modern Road Vehicles in N....... If Grahame hadn't insisted on publicising the models you do on the forums and in the News - I would not have known that you did them. Anyway - now that I know - I have started ordering some of them - I have a long list of 1980's vehicles I need (or want) to obtain! Thanks Phil H
  5. Hi Martyn, Yes - ex Grainflow hoppers used for Alcan traffic after Grainflow traffic ceased. Loads of photos on web showing them in this use. Having said that - I find I have only noted 4 wagon numbers being used but am ceratin that would just be bad timing on missing out others. Edit Toi add link to Paul's photo site https://PaulBartlett.zenfolio.com/brtgraincovhop/e22a99c0c Thanks Phil H
  6. Hi Robin, Yes - Ltd edition confirmed. However, as I said, Cheltenham did have some of these available at Glasgow and he was describing them as ex set - hence my commenting in this way. It's typically the sort of thing he buys up from other dealers/traders. Thanks Phil H
  7. Hi all, Contact Cheltenham Models as they had some of these vans (ex set) available recently. Thanks Phil H
  8. Hi Dave, Why not respray the blue ones into green? The NGS decals that are needed to finish the job shold be available again in the near future, Speed Whiskers, lining, numbering in short - all that is needed. Watch the NGS site for more details on when the decal range will be available. Thaks Phil H
  9. Hi Mick, The David Radcliffe book covers the HAA but no drawings. Anyway - the book you need is by David Monk-Steel from HMRS - Merry Go Round on the rails. See attached pdf for more info. I thought I had seen the HAA in TrainSim already? Thanks Phil H 1036.pdf
  10. Hi all, Paul is correct - the Cubes do need paint. The timber version does need some paint as well, but some people do not paint the chassis/bodywork as it is moulded in red and the real things are red. If you want to look at the instructions - they are available via the shop on the web https://www.ngsjoin.com/kit-54b-ksa-nacco-timber-wagon-ngsk0541-853-p.asp Thanks Phil H
  11. Hi there, Thanks for the link - much appreciated. Not being into GWR it was like starting anew when trying to find info! Thanks Phil H
  12. Hi all, Off in a totally different direction - for a short time! full, all time list of GWR engine numbers Does such a thing exist? or Is it a case where I would need to create one? Thanks Phil H
  13. Hi Phil, Depending on what you call bulky and/or small? As others have said - MSE - choice of 2 ladder products. Plain etched or etched stiles to add separate rungs to. Other? Langley also do a ladder etch but it may be too course for you. Thanks Phil H
  14. Hi Scott, That surprises me - they previously said that every batch they produced sold out. With prices on eBay now reaching the £20/£25 each it shows there is still a demand for the model. Thanks Phil H
  15. Hi Jon, Looking good - I'm almost sad that these are outside my area if interest! Anyway - they are! There was a bit of discussion at Modelrail about them as well as the new postings on here - you may get some people in touch with you about getting hold of some. Thanks Phil H
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