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  1. Rammy

    First Avenue

    Well another year has passed and still no mojo! I am therefore considering selling the incomplete layout so that hopefully someone will take it on and finish it and my work over the years doesn't go to waste. Would anybody realistically buy an incomplete project? If so, how do you price it? I guess really there isn't that much value to it other than the track and point motors (that are partly wired), it was just my time which was for my enjoyment. I will probably keep most of my stock for now, just in case. Any advice very much appreciated. Dave
  2. Rammy

    First Avenue

    Off to the Derby show today, so hopefully will come back with tons of enthusiasm!
  3. Rammy

    First Avenue

    Probably the best I can offer for now Peter: A lot more detailing needed! :-( Dave
  4. Rammy

    First Avenue

    Your not kidding there Peter. We messed it up big time now. Should have been top 2 but lots of injuries all at once and the wheels came off.
  5. Rammy

    First Avenue

    Is that a challenge Peter? lol I might just look at recreating that scene although that photo has highlighted a few extra details I still need to add next to the building like the little shed and gas tank. On another note, if any of you are Facebook users, you can now follow First Avenue by following the link in my signature.
  6. Rammy

    First Avenue

    Yesterday I decided to make a start on the parking area at the back of the layout. Up to now this was just smooth(ish) grey filler and just looked like the other concrete areas around my layout. Having seen the idea on another thread, but I must apologise for not remembering which one, I thought I would try some chinchilla dust to create a gravel look. At £4 for 3kg of dust, it is far cheaper than most modelling materials sold in small packets! I just applied PVA glue to the area I needed gravelling and then a generous covering of chinchilla dust. The excess can be hoovered off when dry. Pleased with the result so far. It may need an airbrushing with some grey to tone it down a little. Dave
  7. Rammy

    First Avenue

    Ok, so where did the first 3 months of this year go? I've still not had much time to spend on the layout as the last few jobs to finish off the extension seem to be taking me forever. Fortunately my son didn't mind the fact that his new room didn't have a door for 6 months! Anyway, First Avenue is now set up and settled into the new study (model room) and being cleaned up. Over the last few nights I have been building some modern billboards, purchased from Model Railway Scenery. This was my first purchase from them and must admit to being a bit sceptical having been a Scalescenes customer for years. However I have to say I was very impressed with the easy to follow instructions and good quality prints. Here are a few photos of them installed. Hopefully this will spur me on to more work on the layout, although I am a bit stuck with knowing what to do next. Dave
  8. Another cracking layout James! It's funny you are fitting your sound chip today and having problems with the case size. I fitted a sound chip & speaker into my 66 last year but didn't buy a case as I wasn't sure it would fit, so this weekend I finally got round to 3D printing a shallow case for it. Needs a slight size mod and it will be great. It certainly amplifies the sound well. Dave
  9. Looks like you have made a good start. You very much remind me of me! I start with a loft layout several years ago (http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/4355-chadwood/) and knew absolutely nothing about real or model railways. I have since been working on a smaller layout (First Avenue) originally in my shed and now moved into a new study in the house extension. Looking forward to your progress and hope to help where I can, and maybe get me inspired to get back on with work on my layout too. Good luck Dave
  10. A modern coal mine in the UK would be closed of course! Dave
  11. Looking and sounding great Phil. Dave
  12. Rammy

    First Avenue

    Hi guys. Thanks for the comments. It's been a busy year here whilst we had an extension built. The good news is that part of this extension is a small study that is all mine and is just long enough to house the layout. It going to need some work to restore it after being out in the shed for the last 9 months untouched but I am looking forward to it.
  13. Another great looking kit John. I built the last version and inspection pits for my Chadwood layout, but I like the look of this one so think I will be doing a rebuild! Keep the kits coming! Dave
  14. Coming along nicely. I love these little projects that make all the difference to a layout. Great work again! Dave
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