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  1. what about the version with the cast class 50 bogies (and the class 50 body)
  2. Wow! - My mum remembers travelling on these - She really liked them - often telling me that in winter they were really popular because if you got an 'upper' seat - you stayed nice and warm, not sitting in a draught every three minutes when the train stopped again and the doors were opened. Although I imagine in summer it was quite the opposite... Jon
  3. Hi Will, Your little spacing washers are pretty much where the brake discs are on the real things .. can you get those washers with a larger O/D by any chance? Just a thought It's a shame Bachmann didn't choose to model the inboard discs themselves - They did so on the MPV and it looked rather nice. BTW The resin class 50 grilles mentioned earlier were made by me - many many years ago - I still have a mould left - although its been stored in a very hot loft for years it may have changed shape - I'd have to do a test cast to see if its still useable if anyone would like some more... Jon
  4. Aaaah brilliant! I've been waiting to see how this looked with the new wheels fitted. They give it just the right 'stance', that's quite distinctive on the real locos, Given the rest of of the Hornby 67 is great, the weird steamroller wheels they chose to fit always stood out like a sore thumb, and it always bugged me that the brake discs weren't really done properly when they're so visible on the real things. That 'Skip' will look lovely with the Bristol - Penzance TPO behind it ! Jon
  5. I agree - Vitrains moulded the setps on , they looked neat enough , and not overscale . Separately fitted parts for the sake of it , aren't always necessarily better/more accurate. Jon
  6. (Duplicate post deleted)
  7. Crikey. I hope tomstaf isn’t reading…
  8. Because it’s true? The windscreens and the cab side windows both have issues - this is perhaps disguised to a degree by being painted black on the large logo models, unlike the rail blue models where they’re bright yellow. Jon
  9. Gosh - its hard to know where to start - as I'd say there's lots of small cumulative errors going on there - the cab roof profile looks wrong - particularly the leading edge/out extemities/corners - The look of the cantrail grilles suggests overall that the roof is a wee bit too flat , the relationship between the windscreens and the cabside windows looks 'off' as well. On the BREL locos the cab roof doesn't have the same shape 'footprint' as the bodywork it sits on so they have a distinctive overhang from the gutters - its a feature that is sometimes not always apparent depending on how the loco has been painted, but its most obvious on the cabsides- and looks like Heljan have picked that up - nice . Its not present on the Romanian built ones which are totally different - I always thought, aesthetically , the Romanian cabs had the nicest cleanest 'lines' - The track /low level shots look far better and make the cab errors less obvious i think - Jon
  10. 43179

    Farish Class 319

    It's a world away from the crisp delicate tooling of the Kato 800 - and the trencherman appears not to have 'dug' the cabside windows out quite deep enough either. Saying that however, wow, I never thought I'd see a RTR Class 319 and always thought it was a no brainer to model - do we think Bachmann can tackle the lovely, but complex First Capital Connect livery, or Connex/Brighton Express 319/2 Jon
  11. 43179

    N gauge Class 50

    Oddly enough Heljan's O gauge Defiance has exactly the same error.... weird. Don't think I've ever seen an ex works shot of 149 with silver buffers , but that's a super easy fix. Jon
  12. I’ll throw in my usual w*shl*st request: Class 442! jon
  13. Those Power cars are fab James. Its about time that livery made it onto the new power car tooling! I remember at the time when the real things started to re-repainted into 'Merlin' , the thought of an HST not being in Swallow livery didn't sit well with me - couldn't get my head around it - but actually, now , its pure class and aged really well. I love how the application of the green on the power cars mirrors Intercity livery , around the bodyside grilles and van area - the stripe extending the light clusters being a nice touch too - I'd like to think that someone obviously had great respect for the architecture of the power cars when they came up with it. Far from being the beginning of the end , Merlin became Fag Packet , then 'Barbie' etc etc , all really nice and interesting in their own way. I'd love to see someone tackle the prototype 'Neon' set done for the new FGW franchise. Jon
  14. I always thought The Cure were railway fans - after they done that song about Western Champion ... 1015 Saturday Night
  15. Listening to an interview with Barney Greenway (Napalm Death)  couldn't help thinking how much he sounds like Andy Y ...  

    1. Patrick


      Has anyone ever seen the two of them in the same room at the same time? Hmm... :music:

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