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  1. I’ll throw in my usual w*shl*st request: Class 442! jon
  2. Those Power cars are fab James. Its about time that livery made it onto the new power car tooling! I remember at the time when the real things started to re-repainted into 'Merlin' , the thought of an HST not being in Swallow livery didn't sit well with me - couldn't get my head around it - but actually, now , its pure class and aged really well. I love how the application of the green on the power cars mirrors Intercity livery , around the bodyside grilles and van area - the stripe extending the light clusters being a nice touch too - I'd like to think that someone obviously h
  3. I always thought The Cure were railway fans - after they done that song about Western Champion ... 1015 Saturday Night
  4. Listening to an interview with Barney Greenway (Napalm Death)  couldn't help thinking how much he sounds like Andy Y ...  

    1. Patrick


      Has anyone ever seen the two of them in the same room at the same time? Hmm... :music:

  5. ooer ... do they know that there's also more than one version of original NSE...? This excellent thread below overs pretty much everything. If Heljan ever wanted to make numbered NSE class 50s each with the correct livery variation , there's enough there to keep them going for a very long time! Jon
  6. A rogue! - unusual sized arrows on it as well- they looks huge, plus of course no white cantrail stripe on the cabs . I think there was possibly 2 other oddballs like 023 in the dark blue. ‘Howe’ also had some rather fetching black windscreens when it was in original NSE - which I’m sure would look look rather nice on the Heljan model. jon
  7. Photos are extremely misleading as to the shades of blue on revised locos. West of England branding = dark blue , BR Arrows = light blue , simples. Jon
  8. Not only was it higher up ,but it was applied very wonky on one side - ! its clearly visible in both revised and original NSE livery - proving that only the cabs were painted when it was revised! '017 did get the later dark blue , complete with West of England brandings - it always looked weird with the nameplate above the "Network Southeast " on one side. Not as weird as that LMS maroon/gold livery though - the less said about that the better! tfn Jon
  9. Silver grey is the main body colour for NSE class 159s, 442s and 321s . The regional railways ‘buff’ colour I don’t think has ever been done as paint , but fox did do it as transfers on a big long sheet specifically for the 158 - I’ve got a couple of sheets in my stash somewhere - from memory the sheet also had the light and dark blue stripes on it. tfn Jon
  10. Aaah that tooks so much better with the paintwork on the nose corrected - and 018 was an absolute beast with its ploughs Have you resprayed the blue as it looks lighter than the 'press' shots of the revised NSE model ? Regards Jon
  11. Oh dear that's going to cause all sorts of other compounded errors I'd also be concerned about the proportions of the headcode box, the tops of the windscreens are straight on the model , rather than having a gentle curve to follow the rainstrip, and the tail lights don't really look that well observed. It may be the lighting , but the head on shot makes the whole cab look rather narrow. In the cropped image of the model from Miss prisms post above the negative rake of the lower cab front appears really extreme. Ok, so this is a RTR class 47 on O gauge, where there is at present no othe
  12. Lovely ! - A alight c*ck up on the revised NSE one though - the top of the nose (where the washer jets sit) should be yellow not blue - but hey , keeps the airbrushing skills polished - and Heljans colors are usually nice and easy to match They'll scrub up very nicely indeed. tfn Jon
  13. It's a genius livery indeed I love the way the light and dark blue stripes tie in with Regional railways , while the beige livery elements hint at INTERCITY - very clever. Jon
  14. Lovely - and weren't we good at coming up with seriously smart liveries for DMUs back in the day... A really nice touch i loved on Bachmanns MPV was they modelled the inboard brake discs on the axles - its a real shame they didn't carry that detail over onto the 158 - a nice little aftermarket detail for someone to come up with perhaps Jon
  15. Well , that’s 2 sales lost then Shame as the names on those two are fantastic !! (Achilles once being a beast of a class 50 , and Destroyer , well , who wouldn’t want a loco called that !) Jon
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