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  1. Reading this topic reminds me of the fantastic layout that used to be at Beaulieu many years ago, a giant layout covering different countries and with push buttons to control effects and interior lighting as the audience got cycled through day to night! I first got to visit in about the mid-90s, as a youngster it opened my eyes up that there was more than what you just saw in the Hornby catalogue! It definitely encouraged me to get further in on the hobby! It’s all gone now - I was gutted when I visited in the early 2000s and the layout was replaced with a video arcade ga
  2. Haha, love it Jerry! I very much like it indeed, got to love a downtrodden 47 of any variety!! I’ve also been lapping up your many new ‘87’s and ‘90’s too, it’s making me want to get back into modelling early 2000s AC electrics again seeing all these old favourites coming back in miniature with new-gen models! Cheers, James
  3. Thank you so much! I took inspiration from the places I’ve worked and the dynamic which always seems to play out! The part I’ve yet to replicate is the experience of being outside in the works car park in the inevitable drizzle during a Winter’s morning
  4. If you’re looking for a bargain basement option you could have a stab at modifying some cheap figures! I did an office fire alarm evacuation scene on Worthing MRC’s Loftus Road a few years back using those cheap unpainted Chinese 1:75 figures you can buy on eBay for a pound or two a pack! Starting off with the unpainted figures, suitable examples were picked and Blu Tak helmets made up, and for those with breathing apparatus, a piece of cocktail stick was fashioned for each to wear! Next, they were painted into the older LFB black uniform (rathe
  5. Thanks very much, it would be interesting to do some steam-age stock but I’ve never yet needed - if I did I’d start with the wooden-bodied ex Private-Owner coal wagons put into BR usage with new numbers and some replanking if I did! The massive fleet of 16t steel mineral wagons look such immersive fun to model, I do like the long thread on them elsewhere in this forum! The closest I can get to that in my modelling era is the battered MKA ‘Limpet’ fleet...and the upcoming Barbels, which I guess are one of the last remaining relics from the steam era running in the late ‘90s!
  6. Wow, thanks so much for those photos Phil, superb! They are from a higher angle than most I’ve seen online and ideal for getting those final details in! Seems like 210209 has picked up some extra graffiti of late..! I’ve got a glut of Bachmann VDAs in the collection (they seem cheaper/easier to find than the VAA/VBA!) so the reference pics for the other one have got to be put to some good use I feel!! Cheers, James
  7. Thanks Phil! That’s a good shout, in the pics I’ve been using there’s a stubby little exhaust towards one end just off to the side, I was waiting to find better pics on the exact positioning and then forgot all about it! If anyone does have any good rooftop pics then always gratefully appreciated! Cheers, James
  8. Thanks very much Rob! I do love that Transrail VDA - and theres quite a few pics of it in Didcot Yard online so its very tempting to have, I just worry what with it being a Bachmann Collectors Club model it’d look like a cliche turning up, but definitely prototypical! For the manky roof, I know what you mean, I wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to do it justice but I’m reasonably happy in the end - it started by painting the dark roof cross ‘frame’ bits and then dabbing on greys with a drybrush working from light to dark, plus a few cheeky earthy colours too, then a drybrush a
  9. During 'Lockdown 2' there was the ideal opportunity to tuck in to another few projects, the Parkside ZKV 'Barbel' kits have now all been built and painted up, and while waiting for the varnish to harden before weathering can begin, this gave time to snack on a few quickie Bachmann van projects! VAA, VDA, VXA vans by James Makin by James Makin - Account 2, on Flickr The odd trio consists of VAA 200142, anonymous red VDA 200850 and jazzy ex S&T VXA 210209 in faded red and yellow livery. VAA, VDA, VXA vans by James Makin by James Makin - Account 2, on Flick
  10. It opens an interesting opportunity for Hornby there - a genuine cheap Railroad standard 21st century hopper, something like an HTA/HHA coal or slightly shorter aggregate-conversion type creation, with a one piece body moulding and no other detail than a pair of bogies, then pump that out for a £19.99 price point in generic EWS/DB/Freightliner/GBRf/Colas etc liveries - pricewise it’d fit neatly under the prototypical wagons from Bachmann/Revolution/Accurascale etcs yet fit both the trainset/new entrants and the more price sensitive/less concerned segment. This for me would sum of w
  11. I would hope for another run of Romanian Class 56s, the original batch is quite sought after and some great modelling potential across blue, triple grey or newer liveries! I would also hope for much greater research and better execution on their triple grey liveries in any new releases please - for some years now their Rail grey has been too yellowy, the Flint Grey too dark and the roof grey, well sometimes black! Hornby used to get it right back in the mid-2000s - perhaps the staff involved have moved on to pastures new. Let us modellers know if you need any help Hornby, we like loo
  12. Lovely thanks Fran, will keep an eye out! Cheers, James
  13. Just as a very casual question, are you aiming for a pre-Christmas delivery on these by chance? I’ve ordered a few of the delicious British Steel Blue ones and seeing whether they might work as a Christmas gift from the family to sit under the tree or whether to get something else railway related to unwrap on the big day - a happy conundrum..! Cheers, James
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