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  1. It's not the be all and end all, but it's showing normal status on TOPS. Could be a loco balancing move to get it in the right location. Jo
  2. Hi Will, Thanks for that. It's interesting all this paint matching stuff - I'll be interested to see how RAL 5020 comes out compared to (a decent!) RTR BR blue. Here's the list of permissible RAL colours, at least from 2014 RAL 1003, RAL 1004, RAL 1018, RAL 1021, or RAL1023 from the RAL Classic Colour Collection BS 4800 Item 08E51 BR81 Item 202 NCS (Natural colour system) target value 1080-Y 10-R or 1475-Y 11R EC 222.69.79 in the Eurocolour table It is noticeable that different repaints are different shades - check out a DB 66 next to an EWS one f
  3. Hi Will, Just had a catch up on your thread - excellent tractor action! It's making me want to turn the clock back, but my Colas one will do for the time being... I've long been tempted to try Zero Paints for railway stuff, all I've sprayed so far with it are a few metallic blue teaspoons to gauge colours, but was impressed and have heard good things. Out of interest, what colour do you intend to use for the warning panel yellow? Presumably one in their RAL range? I wonder if there's enough interest they could be persuaded to produce a railway range? All the best
  4. With 3D printing it depends on the material. Some of the early Shapeways materials were virtually unsandable (was it white strong and flexible?) and FUD is very brittle and has very crisp layering from the printing process. The resin based printing methods tend to have softer ridges between layers and tend to behave more like injection moulded plastic when sanded or cut. Having been making Airfix, Tamiya etc since childhood, anything that behaves like a plastic is much more comfortable for me, but it's horses for courses and others may feel the complete opposite. Jo
  5. Looking at a positive, the new three monthly announce and release schedule of Bachmann means there could be more TSOs in the next announcement and in the shops soon after. Keep the fingers crossed! Jo
  6. Totally agree, they could do two or three numbers of a TSO and still sell out. Or even produce the same quantity, but rerun the TSO every year with a new number, and the brake and first every 2-3 years. I wouldn't say no to a run in Anglia livery, would save me respraying a BSO for my loco hauled set. Jo
  7. I've had chance to process the RAW files off the camera now, here's the ones I managed to photo on 6B59 Acton - Portbury on Wednesday. All appear to be ex biomass wagons, looking at the mounting point still present on the black end. 37706955279-4 37706955255-4 37706955270-3 and 37706955276-0 Jo
  8. I'm sure a man of your skills will sort it Mick! I reckon paint the patches in the outer colour, then work inwards a colour at a time might well work. I saw a set on the Acton - Portbury working yesterday, and they were all VTG owned, big grey patches and very little graffiti over the top. Only a matter of time though! Jo
  9. Thanks for the kind words! All the stock for Baby Laira is still safe, secure and won't be getting repainted for other layouts, so all being well it'll happen, eventually! I agree it's a shame I never managed to fully achieve the roll back, for now I'll have to make do with my Intercity and BR blue power cars when I do them, but you never know about the future! Cheers! Jo
  10. Hi all, It's been a bit quiet for a bit, keeping stock up and drawing up a few new designs. The good news is some packs are available from stock now - HTA, JNA and HOA I've got a few of each in. Going back in time and out of my comfort zone now, for a work in progress. Thanks to a customer request, I've got a range of packs for BR era BBA decals in development. Designed for the Chivers kit, these cover the wagons from introduction in the 1970s to the 1990s. There will be six packs, each covering five wagons. Highlights include the prototype wagon, several styles for BR brown / b
  11. I've always thought sprinters have looked face like, windows for eyes and a corridor for a nose. Particularly the 158s, for looking surprised... No? Ah well... Jo
  12. What looks impressive to me is that they've replicated both the white gaps and sections around the green vinyls, as well as the horrid matt finish the vinyls have. As mentioned by @ash39, the typefaces etc look bang on, agree it's definitely something Dapol could learn from! They do seem to be the one standout that struggle in this area Jo
  13. Hi Andy, Tug 65 is looking superb, really nice work. You've captured all the little touches on that one really well, things like the black (presumably sealant) lines on the cab roof, peeling paint etc. Very nice! Jo
  14. Can I be another in don't like it corner please! The thing that also jars with me is the fact it looks way too cluttered. The repeater by the door is crammed in and is that huge black GB Railfreight branding on the side needed? Surely cabside and front is more than enough? Found this from the livery Photoshopping thread via Google, (yes I know it's a 59) but to me simpler is better! Jo
  15. Yep, 11&12 form the little run round, 1&3 form the big run round, and the VQ on the upside is a run round. We can also run round on the Up Reception (top end by the station) if the rake is short enough or the Down Reception. Regarding mainline shunts, we often shunt towards the bank (Warminster direction) if the train is too long for the headshunt. Can also shunt out towards Fairwood, but not done as often due to it locking both routes up, not just the one up the bank. We also regularly transfer wagons between the up and down yards, both propelling and hauling.
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