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  1. I totally agree, it shows what N does so well, decent length trains in a scene. Lovely! Jo
  2. I've just given a few of mine a test run. Lovely smooth runners, cracking detail on the models. Decoration is superb, I think these are the best Revolution models I own. Whilst they might not have the wow factor of the huge KUAs, they are lovely little wagons. Only thing to watch is the long term longevity of the stakes on those so fitted as they look to be moulded as part of the side and liable to snap if damaged, rather than separate parts, but I'll just have to make sure they don't go down the stairs like the HOAs did Looking forward to getting them loaded, weathered and building a layout for them. Jo
  3. Another vote for varnish. I use enamel of the same finish that I want the model to be (eg satin if the loco is satin finish). Apply a small amount, let it go tacky then pop the plate on. As you've used the same finish as the underlying varnish, any excess will blend in, or you can top coat over the plates, again blending in any seepage. Most of the excess that seeps out can be gently removed with a cocktail stick anyway, before it dries solid. Jo
  4. Just came back from next door with a stack of goodies the postman delivered whilst I was asleep. KUAs, check. IPAs too! What a load of wagons in one go! I've only had chance to give things a quick once over before I head to work, but both sets of models look really nice. Decoration is too notch, and the packaging on the KUAs is lovely. A really tiny detail, but a nice touch, the cosmetic screwlink couplers provided in the KUA are absolutely stunning, they'll be making their way onto the detailed front of some locos! I won't say no to a set of those in every wagon that Revolution produce. Very nice stuff all round. Jo
  5. I've put a few recent 66 pics on Flickr, including the southbound loaded working of Mick's previous post. These are all from Flickr, so click if you want to make them bigger! 66206 6C03 Horfield / Lockleaze by Steadfast Fotography, on Flickr 66206 struggles up Filton bank between Horfield and Lockleaze with 6C03 Northolt - Severnside waste train. This train was only half loaded and it was still hard work! 66006 6C03 Crofton by Steadfast Fotography, on Flickr Under stormy skies in a lucky patch of sun, 66006 leads 6C03 Northolt - Severnside bins past Crofton in a view that until recently was overgrown. Red 66115 was on the back. 66002 Westbury Down Yard by Steadfast Fotography, on Flickr 66002 pauses between shunts on a hot summer day in Westbury Down Yard, with a single Balfour Beatty TRM attached. 66567 4M99 Cholsey by Steadfast Fotography, on Flickr 66567 dodges the shadows as it passes through Cholsey working 4M99 Southampton Maritime - Trafford Park. 66303 4V44 Badgeworth by Steadfast Fotography, on Flickr Former Fastline Freight (remember them?!) machine 66303 now in DRS' current simple livery passes Badgworth working 4V44 Daventry - Wentloog Stobart / Tesco service. 66175 6V92 Badgeworth by Steadfast Fotography, on Flickr After a quick dash for some food, we were back in time for 66175 'Rail Riders Express' which was running a little early working 6V92 Corby - Margam empty steel train, seen passing Badgeworth near Cheltenham. 66774 6V84 Badgeworth by Steadfast Fotography, on Flickr A mere seven minutes behind 6V92, 66774 passes Badgeworth working 6V84 Clitheroe - Avonmouth loaded Hanson cement with a nice mix of JPA bogie tanks and PCA four wheelers. Not my favourite livery, but a nice picture to finish the day. Jo
  6. Here's a pair of 47s from last week on a charter. Double Duffs by Steadfast Fotography, on Flickr Dodging the shadows at Bathampton, 47593 'Galloway Princess' and 47805 'Roger Hosking MA 1925 - 2013' are taking it steady on the approach to Bathampton Junction as they head 1Z30 Crewe - Weymouth Statesman Rail service. After heading down the Avon Valley, rather than turning right at Westbury and travelling to Weymouth via Castle Cary, the train was routed via the Wylye Valley, Southampton and Poole. Not a bad start to the day, but Mr LSL, when will we see your fantastic Intercity Swallow coloured stock out on the Western? It's the livery of my childhood. Pretty please? Jo
  7. A handful of recent 60 uploads, they're linked from Flickr, so click for a bigger version! One from 2015 to begin. 60017 6B13 Gossington by Steadfast Fotography, on Flickr I've not seen any shots from this spot for a few years, so I presume the bushes have grown up and killed it off. A grubby 60017 is passing Gossington at the head of 6B13 Robeston - Westerleigh. As can be seen from the comments on Flickr, looks like the shot is back on! 2019 now. 60001 7V98 Westbury by Steadfast Fotography, on Flickr Overnight freight trains often have the luxury of running early. 60001 was over two hours early getting back to Westbury with 7V98 from Eastleigh. However, once it got to Merehead it would be sat waiting for the morning shunter to book on and let it in, so the driver elected to wait at Westbury for a couple of hours, where the driver's cabin is better equipped than that at Merehead. Having run round and ready to go closer to right time, 60001 sits under the yard lights at Westbury on a set of O&K hoppers. 7V98 is the return working of 7C59 and 7O43, the Merehead - Westbury (run round and headcode change) - Eastleigh stone. Finally, a pair from last week: Large Logo Tug by Steadfast Fotography, on Flickr DB Cargo's 60062 'Stainless Pioneer' is going well as it passes Standish Junction with 6B41 Westerleigh - Robeston empty tanks, the golden field helping the colours in the shot, but also a sign that the year is drawing on. 60074 6B13 Standish Jn by Steadfast Fotography, on Flickr 60074 'Luke' at the helm of 6B13 Robeston - Westerleigh was let out from Gloucester in front of 1V50, so it had an unscheduled stop in Haresfield Loop and is seen accelerating away from that stop as it passes Standish Junction. Jo
  8. I had a pair of 56s in the yard last night, pics linked from Flickr so you can click for a bigger version. Double grid vision. by Steadfast Fotography, on Flickr 56096 stands in the MHD (Materials handling depot) at Westbury, as the driver moves 56094 off the fuel point before coming onto the traffic on the adjacent road. Once attached to the traffic, it's pull forward before setting back to join up on top with 096. Brake test, and that's another top and tail train put together. 6C20 for Malvern Wells was the train, the second train of a busy few hours for me, it sounds so quick and easy when you write it down! 56094 + 56096 6C20 Westbury by Steadfast Fotography, on Flickr It's not every day we get a 56 or two on a ballast out of Westbury, and here's a slightly different angle on it, no doubt views from the station will appear too as there were plenty of cameras present. Having come down from Donny as 0C20, 56094 sits in Westbury MHD (the track recycling bit of Westbury) atop 6C20 for Malvern Wells. 56096 was tail gunner on this job, with a solo 66 each on 6C21 and 6C22 to the same job. Timing on getting the train ready was lucky, 5 minutes earlier the sky was white, 5 minutes later it was dark! After this, it was time to have the DB 66s from Didcot in to the Up Yard off the back road and sort them out. One to stable, the other for 6W02. Busy couple of hours for me! Jo
  9. Coupling strength is: Loco (strongest) Continental screw BR screw Instanter 3 link If you have mixed couplings, (eg one wagon with instanter, one with screw) you use the stronger of the two. Some locos don't have a screw coupling, in this case the wagon one is used. Jo
  10. Nice one Neil, I'm tempted to chop up some N scale transits now! Jo
  11. I've not got a picture to hand, but it's the standard EWS resuscitation poster. DB have removed them, on some locos the door is plain orange, on others there is a grey rectangle where the poster was stuck on. The white square sticker behind the driver's seat says something about the importance of keeping the compartments clean. From memory there's nothing else stuck on the visible bits of the cab walls, all the other notices are above the windscreens. At the no.2 (exhaust) end most locos have a metal pocket behind the second man's seat for holding the fault book. Edit to add, it seems the location of the fault book can vary. I've seen pictures of it both ends, and even one behind the driver's seat, not the second man's. Here's a link to my decals in N, if you scroll through the pics there's a photo of the real cab interior. https://steadfastmodels.wordpress.com/n-1148-class-60-cab-decals/ Jo
  12. I'm sure I've read Hans-Georg saying that his hobby is gliding on internal emails. If you stick "Hans-Georg Werner gliding" into Google, there's a few competitions with his name in the standings, including the UK Mountain Soaring Championship. It does make him seem more down to earth, knowing what his hobby is! Mind you, he is pretty down to earth person face to face. Jo
  13. Excellent news, cheers Arran. I'll have to get my order in then! Jo
  14. I've also stuck this in the prototype for everything thread, but should be of interest here too. Triple headed HST by Steadfast Fotography, on Flickr Another trio of power cars off for overhaul, power door controls and some shiny green paint, 43029 leads 43027 and 43022 away from Westerleigh Junction running as 5E23 from Laira to Doncaster. Presumably the two trailers (42087 and 42580) are in line for the power door treatment. 47815 'Lost Boys 68 - 88' was bringing up the rear of this ROG operated move. I reckon this will be my last photo of an FGW blue power car, 14 years after the livery first appeared. Jo
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