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  1. However small and blobby, those chickens are tempting me to have a go at some pigeons one day! Err, thanks, I guess ... Jo
  2. Mick, Does any of the graffiti refer to Regus, Herzog, 2hot or Severnside crew? The style on those you've posted looks very similar to a lot of the stuff down our way, but I doubt the train sits in the Bristol area long enough Jo
  3. Nice work on the HRA Andy. Good attention to detail with the staggered strips over the join Jo
  4. I believe any link rmweb will automatically embed with the new software. You can tell it not too, can't remember how though! If you click the image it'll take you to the linked site. Regarding the Mendip fleet, it's all VTG owned and leased back, has been for a few years. The NACCO stuff wasn't, but VTG now own NACCO. I think both companies still operate individually though. I've no idea the ratio of wagons fitted with the egg sticker, they appear to be being fitted when wagons are stopped for maintenance, certainly the five blue ones that were done at Westbury over the weekend were all on VIBT. When the stickers first came out, it did seem as though a whole set had been done at Merehead, I'd guess a set that was sat for a while between loading and departure. I've seen the egg sticker on every type of wagon operated on the Mendip flows, apart from the green ex Railtrack JNA that have just reappeared Jo
  5. Hi Cav, Was hoping to pop along and see this over the weekend but unfortunately the 1:1 scale train set got in the way of that. Hopefully catch you somewhere in the future and see those repaints and detailing projects first hand! Jo
  6. Amazing little details Andy, I love the post box and the chickens! The weathering on the caravan is great. It's also nice to see it 'naked', to see both the construction and also that it's not just my scratch builds that have the odd little scar in the plastic under the paint! Jo
  7. 66005 has just been repainted, but then the EWS livery is good for a 21 year window, a lot longer than a lot of BR liveries were carried! It must be difficult modelling right up to the minute very current day stuff and keeping up with the changes Jo
  8. The blue ones have begun to gain the egg sticker too. Five in one of the Burngullow sets gained them yesterday whilst stabled in the yard Jo
  9. I know trains elsewhere have run top and tail due to points defects preventing mainline run rounds. I don't know the layout of Heck to know if this is a possibility there Jo
  10. Railtec have just introduced the VTG safety egg stickers that were applied to the Mendip livery JNAs (amongst many others) from late 2018. So if you want to be really up to date, it's an interesting addition. For what added interest, the reference image supplied to Railtec was of a Mendip JNA, as per the Revolution model Jo
  11. The type modelled is called a continental screw coupling. The other type is a standard BR coupling. Without checking individual prototypes it's difficult to know what had what. Jo
  12. That's the catering area. The other sets must be the other way round Jo
  13. When in DB ownership, the white wagons did make the occasional trip to the West country. They have worked to Whatley in place of the more regular RMC JGA or EWS HOA sets. One was dumped for several months in 2015 due to the doors coming open during loading. I believe the set loaded for either Hayes or Hothfield. Definitely a Tarmac location anyway. They seem to load at Cliffe recently, mixed in with ex RMC JGAs. Certainly when I did my research for what ones to buy they were a load there. Jo
  14. The locos in the ex DB batch with new style lights were all fitted by DB. There's at least two, from memory. 66703 on the other hand, from the pic on the previous page, has recently been fitted by GB Jo
  15. It's a bit trickier for those modelling the Portbury- Mossend flows. There's no available Peugeot/Fiat/Citroen vans or Honda cars in 1:148. At least if someone does a 3D print of suitable types they'll be nice and lightweight Jo
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