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  1. Before anyone mentions filling the holes because they don't want to use the stanchions...they appear to be shaped like the prototype on the model, in which case they are still in place on the real wagons, often with grass growing in them! Jo
  2. No photo but took a walk that part included the cycle path beside the Avon Valley Railway. We live about 5 mins walk from Oldland station, so joined the path there, and avoiding the bicycles, headed north before a loop around the houses back to home. Jo
  3. I'm not sure on the actual shade, but it's a dark grey, not blue. I wonder if one of the military greys that have a blue tinge may work? Jo
  4. Hi Chaps! The Mk5A stock is looking excellent, clever how you've done the bogies too! One thing that has jumped out at me are brass wire fittings on the end of the carriage that couples to the loco. I don't know the stock very well (wrong part of the country!) but all the pictures I've seen of the blank end of this vehicle show the multiple working cables come from the upper mount of the brass wires but going a towards dummy sockets near the coach edge, rather than towards the centre. There also appear to be silver hand rails on some of the sets? Hope this helps rather than c
  5. Here's a couple of shots from a few years back I've just stuck on Flickr. 7/11/10 60074 'Teenage Spirit' had been sat in an engineering possession on the single line between Thingley and Bradford Junctions over night. After departing site, run round at Swindon and a really long wait, here it is in the last of the day's light, passing Lacock at the head of 6W49 Thingley Junction - Westbury. 8/3/11 60013 'Robert Boyle' rounds the curve at Crofton at the head of 6A74 Whatley - Theale. It was a mad dash across Wiltshire for this, from memory (and a quick Fl
  6. Nice work on the BRML test train Steven, a distinctive train and a good use for the older Mk2s. I'm having similar ideas, albeit with Mk2s around 20 years after yours. Jo
  7. Thanks Robert, and also to everyone for the likes! Bass out the way, on to a few more of those funny wagons with windows in the side. ABD975875 and ADB977087 are a pair of translators, originally used on NSE unit deliveries, currently used by ROG both as translators, or in the case of the day I saw them, coupled together as brake force runners. I've done my own decals for these. It was meant to be a quick project, but I started them in July... Still, if they're done by next July, that'd be quick by my standards! Step 1, take two Farish Mk1s (BSK I think?). Step 2, rip o
  8. Yep, it works perfectly. My new laptop is USB 3 and USB C only, a USB 2 hub now lives in the box with the Portrait. I've made no firmware mods, it's all plain vanilla. It's just a cheapy hub that was in my stocking one Christmas, nowt exotic. Jo
  9. One was a WTT, one either VSTP or STP as it was a wagon move between quarries via run round at Westbury. Light 59s are usually 0F59, so even a 7F59 would've made sense Jo
  10. Shame that's no longer followed Mike, I had two 7C59s between Merehead and Westbury a few months back (One up, one down), both got confused on TRUST, reporting as each other and having a few 'no reports' because TRUST thought that one had jumped ahead when it was actually the other one picking up. Jo
  11. Think themselves lucky they're not stabling class 56s near the houses! Give it five minutes down wind and a sore throat from the burning oil fumes soon sets in! Jo
  12. Doesn't look a very accurate simulator to me. Hotplate doesn't work and you've got no windows to rattle to annoy you Jo
  13. I use 0.2mm brass or nickel silver wire for handrails in N where possible. Jo
  14. I believe the cabs from 734 became simulators and the engine is in 66779. Happy to be corrected though Jo
  15. This makes sense as distributors are generally unpainted metal. Jo
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