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  1. Nice work Jon, '706 is on my to do list in my planned roll back to the 'Swallow Era' of 'Baby Laira'. I'll be watching your work here with very much interest! A thought with the TDM kit, what about Bachmann tops and bottoms with brass handrail wire for the cable? 0.2 or 0.3mm might do it?

    On Farish locos, I've fully degreased the bogies with remote control car cleaner spray (HPI brand),in a tub in the kitchen sink. I've had problems in the past with non-degreased bogies resulting in the weathering going glossy over time. The R/C car degreaser also removes the paint, so you're back to bare plastic to start again.




  2. Hi Pete,

    Progress looks great! It's nice to see some rolling stock in the right places to give the sense of scale. Yes, Mark's 153 is done using my transfers, and a good job he's done too! The working gate would set the layout off a treat, as you say drawing and waiting while it opened would be an interesting operation to watch. As for the Monopoly empire, it'll look great once painted, it's got the feel of it already. Besides, all the monopoly jokes are done now, so I'll bow out peacefully haha

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  3. It looks amazing. I was looking at the pics and thinking "I'm sure Jo's a 2mm modeller, but isn't this 4mm - what's going on?"

    Lol :laugh:

    I managed to find a prototype pic to compare to and I think it's very close - I was going to comment that the underframe seems very dark compared to the body, but the prototype is like that :) Two things that *might* be worthwhile would be dulling the white of the rear left cab handrail a bit, and maybe a gentle drybrush with mid to light brown on the underframe and rear steps on the left side of the loco - IMO the RHS looks lighter (which I prefer) in the pic with the MOA.. But take that with a pinch of salt - I've only seen a couple of pics of the real thing.


    The faded blue is just gorgeous - it retains that odd turquoise warmth of the real thing.

    Ta, yes the underframe on this one is deceptively dark - I guess the lack of high speed running means you don't get the brown spray up like on most stuff, but the pics of 08947 I worked from did look especially black and grungey.

    Those little bits you have noticed is exactly what I was looking for - the handrail I'd noticed looking at the pics after I'd uploaded them. I always find it easier spotting stuff like that on photos, because you look at the model as a whole, rather than each little bit, if that makes sense

  4. All I can suggest is putting it on some descent track - has Pixie not persuaded you to come over to the dark side yet :rolleyes:



    Shh, your not ment to be looking at that bit :P

    On a layout with normal viewing distances it will look the biz. :ok:




    Ta, it looks good sat on the table with some autoballasters, so hopefully chuck it onto a layout and it'll complete the look


    Five pints and some gentle persuassion at the next available oppourtunity should do the trick... or Malibu, seem to remember you've got a good stash of that. ;)

    Not me, but I know someone who does :lol:

    Top work Jo, looking forward to seeing it in the flesh! Let me know how you get on with the 08 rods and if you need anymore or the tubing to pack out the crankpin holes for that matter.



    Ta, it should be at Stormex pottering about with HST power cars. I need to get the other one done for shifting the mk3s. I think I have a cunning plan with fitting the rods, will have to see whether it actually works....

    PS - Have you still got a copy of those Yeoman wagon drawings that used to be on your Fotopic?

    I *should* have a copy of everything. Let me have a look....



  5. Cheers, it always interesting to see what another set of eyes picks up. I'll be out with the Railmatch when I get a chance :lol:

    A couple of things I forgot to mention earlier: the paints are all Railmatch enamels thinned with white spirit unless I've said otherwise. And Pixie let me have a set of rather nice etched rods at Taunton. These aren't fitted here, but will probably end up on the FGW green one with McHenry buckeyes I'm doing next. If the rods end up as easy to fit as they look, I'll have to get another set for this one

    More when it happens...

  6. I'm looking forward to that too, Tom :lol:

    Hi Jon, I thought this might be your kind of thing. I used acetone free nail varnish remover. It has dried the Dapol plastic out, which has caused some surface cracking, which has seen lots of filler in places, though it only happens on big flat areas - details seem ok. Farish plastic is fine in the same stuff. Superstip next time for sure, I just didn't have any at the time and got impatient

  7. Hi Pete,

    Despite its age, there is the odd area where IMO the Farish shell is a better shape. Also, for the price I paid for these, I'd rather hack them up than hack up the new Dapol ones. I'd need to buy 3 sets to give me the 3 dummies I require, and that's a lot of money...:blink:

    Layout progress is here: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php/topic/20276-embankment-road-trsmd/

    Current stuff is bottom of p1, into p2

  8. Hi Tom,

    Good to see someone else enjoying the new mk1s!

    The close coupling is a real star feature - and it's better than on previous releases with this feature (Dapol Cargowaggons spring to mind) where the springs were so weak that the weight of the train caused the gap to expand.

    The mk1s with one long and one short shank coupling will negotiate 1st rad curves btw, my test track is all 9 inch Setrack curves

  9. Nice one - it's interesting to read how someone else goes about something I'm relatively familiar with, as there are always differences and "user preference" to consider.

    For example, I'd never considered using Vector graphic software, instead using Photoshop. I draw to the DPI required by the guy who does my ALPS printing, whether it'll be ALPS or home printed, as it maintains a standard. Font matching is always rather satisfying in the end :lol:

    Reminds me I'd better crack on with my FGW graphics...

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