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  1. One more thing to add to Andy's message. Don't slice your thumb up with a scalpel whilst staying in!

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    2. railroadbill


      particularly if you run out of glue or any other necessary supplies....

    3. Platform 1

      Platform 1

      A&E do not want any more casualties...

    4. Huw Griffiths

      Huw Griffiths

      Still, I suppose a scalpel might be slightly better than a stapler.


      Certainly would have been in my case - trying to use one to assemble a paper model when I was in junior school was the second worst mistake of my life - put my left thumb out of use for a few days, just before I was taught to do "joined-up" handwriting in school. (Well, at least that was the theory ... .)


      As for the worst mistake of my life - that was once my thumb had healed up - taking notice when my teacher said to me: "You can write with your right hand, Huw. Carry on"

  2. Turbos, turbos everywhere. Punctuated by a yellow and orange 37

  3. The problem with Swindon, is that I'm from Chippenham :-p

    1. Northroader


      Check your family tree

    2. big jim

      big jim

      ive just been through chippenham, and will be back again later

    3. Huw Griffiths

      Huw Griffiths

      Just a short hop on the A417.

  4. 50008 was a nice bonus to today's Tug chasing

  5. So who knew Ricketty Cricket wasn't actually called Cricket :-o

  6. Had a letter arrive at work today, addressed to me from the union. Apparently I work for TLF South East!

    1. 2mmMark


      Tonbridge Liberation Front.

  7. Pizza Dog. Yes Frankie and Benny's. Oh dear me, yes!

  8. And tonight's gourmet railway meal fresh from the microwave...uncle Ben's rice and Tesco BBQ chicken, the chicken packet forming a handy bowl. Who ever said I wasn't creative in the kitchen?

    1. Tim Dubya

      Tim Dubya

      did you get shouty whilst preparing it. You know, "I've asked you three times to pass me the salt, do you want me to f#####g fax that message to you?"


      I bought a house with a chef once - I ran away and let her keep it.

  9. has had the brainwave and realised that weird little cutout on a class 60 cab side is a handrail and the top of the plough is a step. Neat design Brush!

  10. Really enjoyed the open day at SPM for the HST 40th today. Brilliant day out

    1. Trainshed Terry

      Trainshed Terry

      Agree. Until the heavens opened up.

    2. Steadfast


      And after that sun shone!

  11. "Left 5, don't cut. Be brave". What a pace note :-)

    1. neal


      Loving Dirt Rally, Manta 400 - epic!

    2. Steadfast


      Impreza or mini for me. Or the Quattro for those mad moments! The sound recordings on this game seem to have kicked up a notch

  12. Smacked the top of my knee on the top step of a 66 again last night! I'm sure I'm not the only one who's done it! Flipping hurts!

  13. First snow of the year today, the Mendips had a light dusting and stayed most of the day. Never known a brake stick freeze to the floor before!

  14. Yay,

    1. bigP
    2. HeeleyBridge


      how do I get the scratchings out from under my thumbnail?

  15. BTCC cars in Forza 6...whaaaaaaat!! So cool!

  16. Best quote I've heard about being single at Christmas (in a strong Somerset accent...)"well, at least you ain't gotta buy she a prize!" Priceless

    1. Ozexpatriate


      A major reduction in Christmas stress.

    2. 46444


      Don't forget the family gathering for additional stress!

    3. Steadfast


      Stress free Christmas. All the family pressies bought and wrapped. Oh and the first Christmas since I stopped working in retail :-D

  17. Finished for Christmas. My first Christmas since I left retail...bliss!

  18. Coincidence that googling Windows and android product reviews seem to cause iPad safari to crash even more often than usual? Definitely sourcing a replacement post Christmas, I've had enough of this "premium" product, sorry pile of junk that makes me look illiterate because it types what it thinks I want, not what I know I want

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    2. Mad McCann

      Mad McCann

      I keep knocking W10 back. Suspicious of anything that they're pushing as hard as that...

    3. ChrisH-UK


      Safari used to be good but seems like Apple just don't care about it unless you're running factory fresh iOS

    4. KCL


      Seen similar Win10 problems on a relatives laptop. The backout from Win 10 is not clean and leaves a number of internals that cause problems in task management: e.g Windows backup. On my own machine I will not install Windows 10 until the first service pack is released.

  19. Actually just tried to type 'trjc' on realtime trains. I'm tired, ok? :-D a train lookup feature like that would make it easier to use though!

    1. Boris


      I keep putting tsid in

    2. Rods_of_Revolution


      At least it doesn't care whether it's upper or lower case, unlike IMACS! Plus you don't get frequent phone calls from ATOS telling you you've run a report that has crashed the whole system!

    3. Steadfast


      Nope never had a phone call from ATOS! Keep pressing F2 to refresh the internet though!

  20. A problem occurred with this web page so it was reloaded. If I read that one more time from the fruit based piece of junk I'm typing this on then it might take a one way trip out the window. I'm glad I don't have to put up with this mess on a phone. Time to look for a new Windows or Android tablet I think

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    2. Rods_of_Revolution


      That bite missing out of the Apple, that's the bit that made the rest of the Apple work.

    3. Tim V

      Tim V

      Yesterday's technology, today's boxes, tomorrow's prices

    4. Horsetan


      I suppose by leaving the "bite" out, it makes the remaining Apple go rotten more quickly.

  21. Today's iPad auto correct...condition became choose edition. Ah don't ya just love technology. People may moan about Microsoft, but at least I don't suffer this frustration with their kit

  22. All these long services people mention. 25 years. 40 years. Even more! I've just notched up 6 months on the railway and it's flown by!

    1. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      Well done! You'll find that the next 24 and a half years will also fly by. Best of luck to you with your railway career, it's still a good choice.

  23. Dr Mantis Toboggan

    1. Mad McCann

      Mad McCann

      Professor Woodlouse Kayak

  24. Dayman, fighter of the nightman

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    2. NGT6 1315

      NGT6 1315

      Waterman, fighter of the Sandman.

    3. LH&JC


      Champion of the sun

    4. Steadfast


      aaa-aaaj-ahhh. master of karate.....and friendship

  25. 59 - 66 - 59 on shed at work last night. Thorn between two roses?

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