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  1. Looking convincing. I've just uploaded some more photos taken in the Greenwich/Deptford area over the last few years. They show that industrial red brick is OK for south of the river, if you want some variety. https://www.flickr.com/photos/unravelled/albums/72157711770750377 I hope they are of some interest Dave
  2. Hi, I'm fairly local to the area, (Brockley), and have taken quite a few photos over the years along the Greenwich-Gallions stretchof the Thames. Unfortunately they are not well sorted, so I can't easily point you to anything relevant yet. This is the street side of what seems to have been a small works complex, with the other side on the riverbank. http://RIMG0147 by David Harvey, on Flickr One of the distinctive features of a lot of the riverside sites is a panel of stone in an otherwise brick wall, usually adjacent to a gateway. http://RIMG0167 by David Harvey, on Flickr If you would like some more pictures like these, I can post them here. Thanks Dave
  3. A few pictures from 1965-67, which might hrlp for variety. I haven't bothered with mainly van trains which have been mentioned before, nor with the mineral trains. First from 1965, milk as tail traffic on a stopping service, Garsdale PW(?) train at Dent, 1966 Opens and vehicle flats, Dent 1966 Presflos, 1966 Ais Gill 1966 Not all Black 5s and 8Fs, 1967 I hope these are of some help. Dave
  4. Wow! The thread I started turns into a conspiracy theory. I hope this helps to debunk it, though I fear it now won't be taken seriously... Dave
  5. Over the last couple of days I have noticed that the "Load nore activity" button is acting inconsistently. Up until a few days ago, clicking on that button would cause it to disappear, and be replaced by the start of a new batch of topics, with the topics above remaining in place. The inconsistent activity I've recently noticed is that on clicking, the button remains in place, with a new batch of topics inserted above it, requiring me to scroll back to see the added content. Not really a big problem, but I think it's worth noting. Thanks Dave
  6. There was an interesting programme at least 10 years ago, (possibly Horizon), which discussed the monitoring of solar energy reaching the Earth's surface. On the two no-fly days post 9-11, there was a measurable increase in temperature, which declined again when flying restarted. Suggesting that air travel reduces global warming. I had heard this somewhere else before the program, and was interested by the suggestion. Of course it may have been reinterpreted as an error, but this new report makes me wonder. Btw, regarding the trackplan, wouldn't reversing the release crossover simplify operation? As drawn, the train will have to shunt back a considerable way before the loco is able to use it. Thanks Dave (Long time lurker...)
  7. A correction to my previous post. The STOP board has been there since at least 2005, as I found after checking through older photos, and now I look for it, it was still there last Christmas. It is at the exit from the engineering sidings where the tampers live. Thanks Dave
  8. Chairs moved while your handbuilt track sets? LT tracks at Stratford 2014. Dave
  9. I don't know if this fits in here, but this stop marker doesn't look modern era to me. It was in use on the Oxford shed site in December 2017, but not there in 2016 or 2018. Were these regularly used so late on or is this just a convenient one-off installation? Thanks Dave
  10. These two pictures are of a gateway near Silvertown station site. I don't know if it had an arch, but I wouldn't be surprised. It served a jam factory. I like the amount of skew on the inset track, to get on to the site Dave
  11. COND on wagon , Tebay 1967. Looks well weathered, so could have been there a long time. And MTD on a PO wagon , swindon 1965 Dave
  12. I too have a horror of warm milk from my school days. We are on the verge of stopping our doorstep deliveries, as the keeping qualities of glass bottled milk don't seem as good as the supermarket product. Regarding top colours, apart from some like gold top and possibly green, I think it's only in the last 25 years that a standard has arrived, though I might be confusing the foil bottle tops with plastic lid colour standards. I can't offer much information regarding milk processing, in spite of having visited the Job's plant in Didcot, as a child in the 1950s. Dave
  13. Time Left: 17 days and 14 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - unboxed, modified and evidence of use

    These are two faulty MegaPoints controllers, for 12 servos each. MegaPoint offer an upgrade exchange for older boards like these, so these can be used as credit towards a pair of new boards. Postage for uk only, Royal Mail signed for, will combine postage. Overseas postage at cost. PM for further info or pictures


  14. Time Left: 17 days and 14 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - unboxed, modified and evidence of use

    Various peco code 100 curved points. 2xLH, 5xRH. 3 have had wires soldered and tiebar/extended sleepers trimmed Postage for uk only, Royal Mail signed for, will combine postage. Overseas postage at cost. PM for further info or pictures.


  15. Time Left: 17 days and 13 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - unboxed, modified and evidence of use

    Graham Farish Formoway track. Double slip and RH point. Ex layout, (many years ago). Tiebars all firm, on esleeper end detached. I may have some other examples, and plain track if anyone is interested. Postage for uk only, Royal Mail signed for, will combine postage. Overseas postage at cost. PM for further info or pictures.


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