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  1. Sorry, I thought I had replied to this last night, but the message has disappeared. Thanks for the comment, the chunkiness and non intrusive studs are helped by this being G1, not 0, The crossing angle is about 9 degrees. The form of the crossovers is heavily influenced by Bassett Lowke. There is a G1 coarse crossover, now unused, which I guess my father copied, it is 4'6" long as are the ones you see here. The radius would be about 9'. The stud contact is to G1MRA standard settings. We have used round head brass woodscrews, long enough to go through the sleeper, it is
  2. Another remodelling tonight. the pair of crossovers have been swapped end for end. I haven't tested the electrics yet, but it has all been reconnected, I think... Time to think about rebuilding some 9' radius curves to 5'6" for the outdoor section. Thanks for the advice Dave
  3. Several pot boilers, and a couple of higher pressure ones. Having blown up a pot boiler loco may years ago, I will be careful if I ever come to steam them again. Thanks Dave
  4. That's something I had not considered. My take on it had been that in reality, it would make sense for the inbound trains to meet the diverging route later rather than sooner, as speeds were reducing for the station. I will probably exchange the crossovers before long. Thanks Dave
  5. Thanks, I only have two clockwork locos, a 112 tank which will remain within station limits, and a Precursor tank, which should be able to manage an out and back run. There are stud contact electric, r/c electric, and steam, (untested for many years). Dave
  6. OK, here are four diagrams to explain my constraints and questions. These are in the usual Minories orientation, with platforms to the left, and the world to the right. The top diagram was my old layout, which I recently altered to increase platform lengths. The second is my current arrangement, where I just moved the crossover to the world end of the layout. After making this change I realised that the first diagram has the advantage of reducing facing movements, as trains to the diverging track don't traverse it.There are a couple of constraints to note. The diverging singl
  7. Another couple of years on, and the station throat has been remodelled allowing longer platforms. A revised "girder" facade has been constructed to disguise the 00, (still waiting for the bullhead double slip...). Some of the white "lamp globes", (OK cupboard door knobs) operate the points on the 00 sidings above. The platform extension was made possible by moving the facing crossover out past the trailing one. In some ways I liked the old version better because the facing crossover was inside the pair of points leading to the platforms on the left of the picture. In the new setup
  8. But to get back to the topic, here is a grimy 9F hauling passenger stock. Ok it's possibly ecs, but suits the topic. In my current collecting scheme, I decided not to buy any blue or blue/grey, stock simply as a convenient cutoff point, Dave
  9. 3d versions of the double arrow have been used at the rebuilt London Bridge station. Dave
  10. 6106 at Oxford in early 1965 And in December 1965, with plywood numberplate on an OURS trip on the Thame branch. Again I have more pictures but the light was terrible on this trip, so not much detail. Dave
  11. A bit late with this information, but I hope it helps. I have a few photos of 9773 at Oxford in July/ August 1965. The detail shows a bent lamp bracket, which probably explains a lot. I've a couple more front 3/4 if they would be of any use. Dave
  12. I'm starting a clear out of magazines, and am currently working through Railway Modellers. I'm keeping some of interest, and thought that those I don't want might be of interest to others. If you want to collect a batch from SE London, that's fine. otherwise I'm happy to send out individual copies, if you know which issues you want. I estimate post and packing to be in the £2-£2.50 range, and an asking for a donation to charity to cover that. Thanks Dave
  13. A few photos on this thread https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/149758-wheatley-station-on-the-oxford-to-princes-risborough-line/&tab=comments#comment-3757703 . I am slowly working on a Thame-ish layout (called Wylde), link in sig. One thing I'm curious about is that, at some time before closure, the Wheatley signs were repainted with a blue background, and I'd love to know when and why. Dave
  14. Nice conversion, it reminds me of the Bassett Lowke 112 tank Dave
  15. 6106 in December 1965, complete with plywood numberplate And the other side, same day Dave
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