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  1. This may be a silly idea, but by adding one or two more long timbers on each half crossing, (and making all the longer timbers overlength), would it be possble to make a crossing kit adaptable for different track spacings? That is assuming you aren't just about to add chairs to the extended timbers to fix the spacing... Thanks Dave
  2. My father had one of these, which I managed to break when trying to cut something outside its capability. I later bought a replacement I found in a junk shop. I have a stock of the metal strip, rod, and even some corrugated metal which I think was part of the range. All this is packed away somewhere, unless it has rusted away. I don't remember any accessories or documentation, but if I can dig it out I will have a look. I still use the soldering iron rest my father made. It must date from the fifties as it has been about for as long as I remember. Dave
  3. Was this the one you found? L&L catalogue HPL846 [3.4L] RECTANGULAR SIZE. 330×131×118mm Listed, but out of stock, by amazon uk, but might be available somewhere. Worth contacting l&l? Dave
  4. I have used some "lock and lock" brand containers which are slightly shorter than your requirements, ( about 295x50x75mm) but bigger ones may be available. Even if the length is the same the diagonal might give what you need. Hth Dave
  5. As a wild guess at the internals, perhaps 3 generator sets, as there are 3 sets of louvres, and 3 (exhaust?) structures on the roof. The rest could be a fuel tank, and/or riding space. The modelling question is whether to copy the sides as the pictures show, or assume both sides were plated between 1957 and 1964. I'm tempted to do mine as shown in the pictures for a bit of variety, even though the imbalance of windows and doors between the pictures suggests to me that modification would have been done to both sides. Perhaps it is in Swindon for replating and modification. Dave
  6. My best guess at the writing is: ELECTRICAL DEPARTMENT SHUNT WITH CARE Dave
  7. My photo of the other side was taken in 1964, in a parcels train at Oxford. I have an incomplete K's kit to construct it from, one day. This makes 3 photos I've seen of it, there is another at http://www.penrhos.me.uk/LowRoofs2.shtml, (the same side as the OP,but not such good detail). Dave Any idea of the date of the photo in the OP?
  8. Another thank you for alerting me to this product range, an order has been placed. I have just been reworking my lifting section, but it may well be done again when these arrive. I think I documented my original build in my Wylde thread (in sig), but I used the two part cabinet blocks, which have tapered mating faces, to provide some of the alignment. Thanks Dave
  9. Not exactly televant here, but in other threads some painters have swapped paint heads between brands to good effect. Dave
  10. Yes, I should have said post WWI. Between that and the grouping, there must have been a lot of incompatable terminology in use across the industry which needed standardisation. I wonder which committee or group coined the term common crossing? Dave
  11. As a digression, I wondered when the term "common crossing" was adopted, and what terms were used before then. I found this illustration in an 1838 publication, where the term "fixed point plate" is used. The inclusion of the "fixed" might suggest that moving points might occur as parts in other designs of turnout. Edited to add that in "Modern Railway Working", 1913, , a diagram refers to the common crossing an ordinary crossing, while the text calls it a point crossing. Frog is mentioned as the American term. Did the term common crossing perhaps come in as part of post war consolidation? Dave
  12. Thanks for clearing that up. I have found where the discrepancy occurs. Checking with the grid, your downloaded pdf has printed a whisker larger than the Templot image I created. I'm not sure which is right, time to calibrate my printer and find an accurate ruler. Thanks again Dave
  13. That's much better, but I still have a slight discrepancy (<0.5mm) in the length. I will try again from scratch over the weekend. The only difference I can see is my smallest radius is 1294mm, slightly larger than that in your screenshot. It's nothing I'm bothered about at the moment, your pdf template will be more than good enough for my planning. But this has given me the incentive to put some more effort into learning Templot. Thanks Dave
  14. Many thanks for that Martin. I did attempt to create a template on Templot this afternoon, but the settings I chose gave slightly different timbering which didn't match the base, (and your pdf). Even so it was probably the most productive I've been on Templot so far. Now, armed with your pdf, I can go ahead and make up some planning templates. Thanks again Dave
  15. With some trepidation, I have just put my first kit together. I shouldn't have worried, as it all worked very well. I think I managed to break the centre pillar off one of the check rail chairs, feeding in my first check rail, but that is all that went wrong. I haven't soldered the bonding wires yet, in case I decide to do some dismantling before installation. The base feels scarily flimsy at the start of construction, but the final product feels fine. The biggest problem I have had so far is a failure to print out the scale drawing, as none of my installed pdf readers seem to want to do tiling. My next move is to get the A3 printer down from the attic. One thing I am contemplating is running a continuous length of rail through two adjoining turnouts, to aid alignment and reduce the number of rail joints. Would this be a bad idea? I'm looking forward to seeing the range expand, and placing the next order. In the meantime, I will improve the lighting and magnifier on my bench, and build the second kit. Thanks Dave
  16. Two kits ordered on Sunday, arrived today. I hadn't visualised how long they'd be, which might necessitate some extra foreshortening in the trackplan I'm working on. I might have to be less ambitious and wait for the shorter versions to come. but any future ones will be 00sf. I'm looking forward to getting on with their construction. Thanks Dave
  17. Here are a couple from Oxford in 1965, this is at Aristotle Lane crossing and this at Walton Well Road bridge Also from 1965, three photos at Oxenholme Eastleigh in 1966 Finally, Shap 1967 Dave
  18. A 2013 ground level view of one of the scissors crossovers adjacent to the King George V dock. The road behind the gates to the left is the cab rank for London City airport. This picture is from the footbridge at the DLR station. North of Kings Cross, across the canal, part of the Goods depot complex has been converted for Central St Martins art school. The development has retained various sections of inset track. Dave
  19. These are alongside the basin at the east end of the Royal Docks, just off the end of the Docklands Light Airport runway Dave
  20. Mention was made earlier of some narrow gauge track at Three Mills in East London, Here are a couple of pictures from 2011 Dave
  21. Here are a few from 2009, in Factory Road, North Woolwich. All swept away by Crossrail works, unless some survive under the tarmac. The next photo shows the only track still showing, an oblique line entering the Tay Wharf site Dave
  22. I'm late to spot this reply, thanks for the post. I recognise that motor, I have several stripped out of army surplus equipment by my father. Nice to see that G2 is still of interest Dave

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - unboxed, modified and evidence of use

    Built kit, dusty but unpainted. Length approx 3x180mm Some damage to thin plastic mouldings where railings should clip in. Damage to one deck section, (part missing), and end of one arch moulding, (part included) Postage outside UK at cost Will combine postage



    • FOR SALE
    • USED - unboxed, modified and evidence of use

    Built kit, dusty but unpainted. Length approx 3x180mm Some damage to thin plastic mouildings where railings should clip in. Fixing hardware will be included. Postage outside UK at cost Will combine postage


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