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  1. Vallejo satin varnish gives a good finish
  2. I do hope we are not into another Cooper-craft situation.
  3. Many ebay sellers source their items from China through Dropshipping. They use Belgium as a through post box. Is there a Tracking number ending in BE on the packet? If so thats why the CN22 is in French.
  4. These components were originally included to reduce the amount of radio frequency interference produced by the motor brushes rubbing on the commutator - the segmented copper cylinder. Motors could produce significant interference to AM radios and old TVs. Modern radios and TVs use FM and digital reception, so this is not such a problem .
  5. I have a second current account especially for buying/selling on the internet. I put funds into it when I want to buy and withdraw immediately when having sold something. It has no overdraft facility so only I can make withdrawals.
  6. Many Pics on the internet of ex SR Locos as I described
  7. I believe these are similar to the humidifiers one can buy using a piezo element and an ultrasonic exciter.
  8. Early Ex SR locos had the lettering in 'Sunshine' style. This should be on the HMRS SR Bulleid sheet.
  9. If you can get the Humbrol railway acrylics then the Pullman umber is a good substitute.
  10. There's also quite a few videos on YouTube about rhubarb.
  11. British rhubarb in the Rhubarb Triangle in Yorkshire is grown in forcing sheds in the dark. It is said you can hear the creaking as it grows.
  12. There's this site for pre BR colours. Early BR stations were often still in the old regional colours. https://www.stationcolours.com/
  13. Vallejo - (The name "Vallejo" is locally pronounced in a confused hybrid of Spanish and English. In literal English this ought to be pronounced "vuh LAY joe". In Spanish this ought to be "bah YAY hoe". But locally it's pronounced "vuh LAY hoe".) - from Wikitravel.
  14. 21C1

    SR Motor train

    Wanted - Pull push driving end for SR motor train. Does anyone know where I can get one please?
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