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  1. This may be of interest https://www.1001modelkits.co.uk/Modeling-pouring-and-plaster/360912-easykit-97305-pewter-casting-in-clay-1set-5707167255698.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAwMP9BRCzARIsAPWTJ_Egl41jq2rc75mkIqyD3GXy-VmQu_y_v6F3b1luSTnTzrghQsI-xhMaAg3WEALw_wcB I believe pewter shrinkage is of the order of 1.5% more or less.
  2. If as you say this is an analogue unit then it should be repairable and any competent electronics tech should be able to do that. Is it similar to the OO gauge version but with a higher output? Are you able to get inside and take photos? I could probably fix it if you were near me. Where do you live?
  3. This may be of interest. http://www.kentpanelcontrols.com/ . What kind of controller is it? Analogue or pulsed type? It may only be a transistor blown.
  4. This may help Re pit props about 1/3rd way down http://www.igg.org.uk/rail/9-loads/9-timber.htm
  5. I strip paint with IPA 99% by pouring about 10mm deep into a suitable container - with airtight lid - and immerse the model in it, replacing the lid. I do each side separately. You could of course immerse the whole model if required. The IPA is recoverable afterwards by filtration. Depending on the maker of the model it could take several days. Some IPA will be lost through evaporation.
  6. Very very slow this evening. Has timed out three times.
  7. Hi Andy, send me your email address by PM and I'll send them to you.
  8. There's some information about protection boards here http://www.clag.org.uk/3rd-4th.html about a quarter of the way down. There should be enough info for you to make some. Tony
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/seated-painted-joblot-model-railway-SITTING-people-figures-OO-gauge-20mm-M10/202151632401?hash=item2f112d1e11:g:8CMAAOSwKQ9aN7p7
  10. Back in the day we used drops of Seccotine liquid glue applied with the end of a pin.
  11. The Peco Loco Lift is only big enough for a loco, but you can join them together lengthwise. Most people however use Aluminium L section for cassettes not brass. B&Q have plenty suitable.
  12. https://www.advancedpaints.co.uk/product/aerosol-1k-etch-primer-400ml/
  13. Hamblings wheels also had brass centres as well as brass tyres.
  14. Google K&S metals they doo a range of sizes
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