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  1. Thanks guys yes I will go for the A1/A2
  2. If you put a TTS P2 in would the sound be authentic or not.
  3. I recently purchased the above to use on my rolling road which is in the next place to my layout. On the unit it states 15v input and output, there is a 4amp transformer with it, I tried one of my 0 gauge locos on a rolling road and it would not move (sound was ok) checking the voltage on the track and at the output on the unit I get 13.6v the 0 gauge loco I understand needs 15V On checking the output on the AUX I get 32.6v do you think it might be faulty?
  4. I have a ESU LokSound decoder fitted to loco the speaker is 4 ohm I want to fit a sugar cube type speaker but can only see 8 ohm ones could I fit this without any problems.
  5. Just to keep you up to date with my dilemma regarding the A3 I have had Three Flying Scotsman and all have been faulty First one the running gear collapsed second one would not run seemed to be seized and the third four of the 6 wheels were buckled, all of them had parts dropping off too many to mention here. I am waiting now for instructions from Hattons on the return of #3. The problem I have I live in Western Australia and as far as I know there is nobody can repair these and I cannot do it myself I suggested they send me a complete new chassis as if I get a complete loco I have taxes of
  6. Removed screws but nothing else moves and I am nervous in breaking anything tried prying it but no luck. Help
  7. Thanks for that , yes I removed the two screws but have been unable to move the plastic block I will try again.
  8. I am about to try some new magnetic coupling on a Heljan 0 gauge MK1 coach but I am having difficultly Removing the existing link coupling, is there anybody out there could tell me how to remove it.
  9. Thanks for that, how do you remove the dummy coupling to install the link. thanks
  10. Help- A3 ‘Flying Scotsman’ could anyone tell me where the following part goes and how does the the fall plate fit when the lugs are the wrong way around. The other problem I have got is how to fit the link couplings to the tender in place of the kadee type. thank you in anticipation
  11. Thank you I am getting a replacement and will do test runs on the club layout to make sure it is ok.
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