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  1. Been a bit of a while since I last did anything to Milton Grove. I recently picked up a Sturgeon wagon which I'm really happy with. I know that the old 47 needs a good duffing up. But really happy with how it has turned out.
  2. Really like the look of this Dave, will you be going concrete sleeper track? Looking forward to seeing the boards being assembled and your next update Phil
  3. My kid's love seeing them when we walk round to the co-op. I'm sure that they will have a GPS tracker if anything did happen
  4. I see it yesterday walking into town. Definitely a monster of a crane
  5. Wow that is a stunning layout you have built. Always nice to see what can be done in N gauge. Keep the updates coming Phil
  6. Funny thing is that I thought exactly the same thing when I saw the two tone grey class 20. And wondered if it was Duncan who was Statesman N. I'm happy to say that the locos I had commissioned by you 19yrs ago, are going strong. Phil
  7. Loving the British steel rolling stock Simon. Keep up the good work fella Phil
  8. Great work Duncan. Really like the strip down of the 58 body write up. And the two tone grey 56 conversion is awesome. Keep the updates coming fella Phil
  9. Absolutely stunning Duncan. I am really interested in watching the 56 conversion as it will definitely be a unique model. Keep the updates coming fella
  10. Finally got around to finishing off the hardstanding sections. Really pleased with the overall effect. Just got to make some yellow armco rails and add details like weeds and moss.
  11. I've said it before elsewhere. That 47 is awesome Tim.
  12. Hi David. I am sorry to hear this news. As it's already been said, your countryside section is amazing for someone new to the hobby. But on a positive note. I am sure that your next project will be just as good, if not better from these new skills you have learnt. Hope the move goes well for you and your family. Phil
  13. Absolutely top notch work on the big T 56 and the 47 Tim. Really like the grimey unloved look of the 47. Keep the updates coming fella Phil
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