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  1. Cheers Duncan, I ordered a 08 power unit. The detail and resin quality is good quality. So here is, The little NSE gronk, with its new power unit fitted. Just waiting for the machine shop to finish overhauling the wheel sets.
  2. Looking awesome Dave, nice to see rolling stock movements. I have to agree that a grey muggy sky is a good choice.
  3. Thanks for sharing pic's. Hopefully my order will be with me soon.
  4. Superb work. Really do like what you have done so far. Keep the updates coming fella
  5. My copy arrived yesterday. And I'm really looking forward to having a read of your chemical wagons Grahame.
  6. Superb Lucy. Has always been a favourite of mine when it was on the scene. Keep the updates coming. Love the Grubby 47 one of Thornaby's finest
  7. The baseboards look fantastic Chris. Really like the track plan. I Will be following your thread now. Keep the updates coming fella Phil
  8. If it helps David. My later Poole locos have no issues running on my code 55. They have the dark profile wheel sets, If it helps. So fingers crossed you will be OK with you stock.
  9. Looking great David. The code 40 track work looks awesome.
  10. Hi Duncan, I do have some etched fan grills in my stock box, and is something that has not crossed my mind. So I may have to have a butchers and check the sizes out. As for the scenic side. It's me being lazy putting off fitting power feeds and isolation section's in the TMD area which has ground to a halt, Since changing the depot plan. But you are definitely correct. I need a good kick up my bum to make progress.
  11. Bit of a update on the 58 body diarama. The roof is now cut leaving the engine bay exposed. All exposed gaps between the brass roof and white metal filled in a rubbed down. Slowly getting there but don't want to rush and risk messing it up.
  12. A friend has 3D printed me off 2 set's of body support stands. after finding a picture on the net. I can now almost create this image of 56068 in the works. So here is 068 freshly re painted waiting for Decals to be applied. On number 2 Rd in the heavy repair shop
  13. Absolutely stunning workmanship. Very inspiring on what is possible with N gauge. Keep the updates coming Phil
  14. Hi Dave, I opted to use superglue in the end. As I know that knowing my luck the white metal part's will just turn into blobs. The wnxx.com site has some interesting pic's. Of many loco types stripped down. Phil
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