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  1. Looks good, always difficult to choose the correct sky back drop in N gauge. Think when it comes to doing my layout. I will get dark moody sky's
  2. Totally agree with the above comments. Coming on really well, and the weathered 47 looks good too. Keep the updates coming Phil
  3. Superb work Simon. Really enjoy watching your video clips. Keep up the good work fella Phil
  4. Well can't complain my power units have arrived safely and just need a clean up and painting. The bare block and alternator look perfect for what I want.I also have a few more power units to collect, given to me from theplasticbrummy aka Andy. Thanks for looking Phil
  5. Superb work David. Really like the extra work you are putting in on the DVT's. It's these little touches which brings a different look to the norm. Keep up the good work fella Phil
  6. Thanks for your reply David, Not managed to get around to working on the layout today unfortunately. But I have placed an order for this little set of power units. No officially correct as American. But hopefully will fit in well with the surroundings. It's the stripped down block that caught my attention
  7. Been fettling today making the cutting shop floor section's. Still not sure if I should extend the track that the class 40 is on to run the full length of the cutting shop.
  8. Cheers Anthony. I was messing around with it in the old lift shop. Before I went to work this afternoon. Hope these don't upset you Phil
  9. With the kid's back at school this week after half term. I managed to get a bit of free time to myself. So back on with project dead ped. I managed to remove another window above the large logo symbol and remove the number. The gangway door I found the most difficult so far to remove due to no seem to follow with the scalpel and the curve at the top. But slowly and surly i got there in the end. Thanks for looking Phil
  10. Superb. Deffo gonna have to get a couple of these
  11. Well I've decided to make a start on project dead ped to sit in a siding. Only a few more grills and side windows to remove. Then it's off with part of the roof, and gangway door. I'm also going to have a butchers at weathering washing and powders.
  12. Looks stunning fella. Really like the weathered look
  13. Superb work Duncan. Really like the extra mile that you have gone on those wagons fella. Keep the updates coming Phil
  14. Hell fire, what a superb layout. Great choice of era to model too. Keep the updates coming Phil
  15. Superb work Simon. Always nice to see updates. On the projects you are doing. And nice to see your work on Fb too. Cheers Phil
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