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  1. Absolutely outstanding pictures dave, Definitely captures the section of the wcml down the road from me.
  2. Superb picture, thanks David Another one for me to try and recreate
  3. Well I have been really looking forward to Xmas. I purchased this loadhaul 56 at the beginning of the month. And my good lady said thank you it's going away as present from my nippers.
  4. Stunning pictures fella. I must admit that I am looking at purchasing a few kfa's in the new year. Look forward to seeing your next update Phil
  5. Thanks David. Just got to find enough items now to fill up the racking. Now that the dark night's are here. I will hopefully get to spend a few hours modelling during the week Phil
  6. Hi Duncan. This is the link to the seller on eBay for the parts racks. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F332824106431
  7. Well I've added a few little things around the heavy repair building. Some 3D printed part's racking, workshop office. and repair area for power units and major components. Plus I have added a extra siding between the tmd track and the mainline for a breakdown crane or decommissioned locos and rolling stock. Thanks for looking Phil
  8. Any updates fella? I need some inspiration to get back on track with my layout
  9. Just come across this thread. Really like what you have achieved so far. Keep the updates coming Phil
  10. It looks absolutely stunning Dave, My little lad just spotted the last two pic's and asked if it was a real photo of the mainline near my house. Keep up the good work fella Phil
  11. Absolutely stunning. Really do like the grubby 50's great atmospheric feel to these pictures. Keep up the good work fella. Phil
  12. After my visit to the local rail show at the weekend. The bug has hit me to carry on with the layout. After seeing more pic's of the melt shop at Crewe works. I decided that the building needed a extension to give it more Depth and the option to have more than one loco inside the building. This now gives me two overhead hoists and the option of having a heavy repair shed with Component recovery centre for decommissioned loco's. All I have to do now, is work out how best to build up the side's and leave the roof off for viewing purposes
  13. Absolutely stunning workmanship Dave. This layout is becoming top notch modelling on another level with all the little details you are adding to the layout and rolling stock Well done fella Phil
  14. Brought one today at the great electric train show in Milton Keynes. A stunning model by C=Rail. Absolute great value for money compaired to the big rtr manufacturers. Well done Arron. Looking forward seeing more projects from yourself in the future.
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