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  1. David I could be wrong. But I've seen the taller masts used on fast open sections of track.
  2. Hi Dave it's starting to look awesome with the scene you have set. Just unsure about the transit van sat on top of the building in the back scene. Keep up the good work fella Phil
  3. Great bit of information. I'm looking into modelling this set. Thanks for sharing Phil
  4. That's excellent news. Definitely going to put my name down for the two RM versions
  5. Another satisfied customer. Ordered a few Plastruct items on Friday evening. Arrived this morning safe and sound. Many thanks Phil
  6. I'm all good fella, Does that mean this could be one of them layouts you will put too one side and hope SWMBO will forget about you building it Take care Phil
  7. Love what you are doing with one Graham. You've done more in this lockdown than I have in the past 10yrs. Keep the updates coming fella Phil
  8. Superb work Steve. Really taken me back to when I 1st started modelling in N. Hopefully with with 3d printing taking off the way it is. Kit's will start to play a big part agian with our hobby. Phil
  9. Brilliant bit of yesteryear Steve, Definitely enjoyed reading this and looking forward to seeing your next instalment. Keep up the good work. Phil
  10. Not had that one, Just had the one about repairs to the bridge on Selborne avenue to the football club
  11. Looking good Dave. Like the extra details you have added in to blend the scenery in. Phil
  12. I could here it as well up near the 3 tree's. I thought it may of been the site near Newton Longville Bridge.
  13. The 2019 Great Electric Train Show at the Marshall Arena Milton Keynes, Sunday 13th October.
  14. Superb work, really enjoyed reading this thread over the past few days. Captures the Highland scene and atmosphere perfectly. keep up the good work. Phil
  15. Cheers Duncan, I ordered a 08 power unit. The detail and resin quality is good quality. So here is, The little NSE gronk, with its new power unit fitted. Just waiting for the machine shop to finish overhauling the wheel sets.
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