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  1. Remember doing a couple of these myself in 4mm, after following Jim;s article. So can imagine completing one in 2mm must be really satisfying, excellent work.
  2. 6103, 6106, 6107 & 6123 were only ones fitted with window bars.
  3. A quick bump for this weekend. http://www.cheltmodrail.org.uk/preview.php?ExKey2=33 Always a nice little exhibition, with a good selection of layouts to suit everyone. So if your in the area, why not pop along and say hello.
  4. As an update the layout has now been sold and is awaiting collection, whilst I rummage around and get everything together. I would just like to say thanks to all those that showed and interest in the layout, of which their was many, sadly I was unable to offer it to you all. For me it has been a long time making the decision to let this baby go. But it has gone to a good home and I look forward to seeing updates of its progress from the new owner and hopefully one day the finished article. Thanks to all Trevor.
  5. Well I've finally succumbed and the decision has been made in that its time to move the layout on. I'm looking for £295 ono, but buyer will have to arrange collection. Layout is EM gauge and is part built as can be seen from pictures. Scenic section is 16ft x 2'6" and is fully operational with tortoise points operating the main line and wire and tube operating the sidings, which all are accessible from the control panel. Layout is wired for DCC operation, of which you would have to supply your own choice of DCC unit and controls. Scenic section is laid with C&L trackwork throug
  6. Free entry, free tea and coffee, that's my kind of show! just got find some free petrol. Plenty to interest me there, will certainly hope to get along this year. Trevor.
  7. D6320 was on Canton shed 10th May 1970.
  8. If you are building your own points, then use standard 32mm flexitrack and reduce/taper the pointwork down to 31.5mm. Its only 0.5mm to lose, but makes a huge difference on appearance and running.
  9. My previous adventure into O gauge where I started afresh into 7mm, I opened the back to backs on my stock, which allowed me to run on 32mm track and still have the tighter tolerances on the pointwork. But this time around I will go with building all pointwork at 31.5mm. In my view you have three main choices: S7 - which means starting or changing all your wheels to S7 standards and building all your own trackwork, which all looks very nice. But this brings other problems much like P4 and you are restricted to running only on S7 trackwork. 32mm - Ideal if you don't want to build yo
  10. Can I recommend when laminating plasticard together you do it in odd numbered quantity's ie. 3, 5, 7, 9. This will greatly reduce the chances of any warping and twisting, much the same as plywood or anything that is laminated. Trevor.
  11. Thankfully you found the problem Brian, you could of gone a while without noticing.
  12. Looking good Brian, I'm sure I'll be able to make use of some of those bits. The snapped lug on the fork leg is something that happened to me many moons ago. Difference was it was the old drum brake and when it broke the drum spun around, coiling the brake cable around with it and applying the front brake rather sharply, hasten to say I never stayed on the bike
  13. Just to add D7000, D7009, D7018, D7023, D7031, D7092 & D7093 didn't have the lower cab door handles fitted whilst in this livery, much like the Heljan loco. but D7013, D7014, D7020 & D7097 did have them fitted. So D7092 & D7093 are the most suitable for the Heljan model without doing some extra work.
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