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  1. Well, Rails of Sheffield have just posted the list of Dapol items expected in the next couple of months and the Sleepers are conspicuous by their absence...
  2. Not the first time the double arrow has been recoloured. This is from a very short lived campaign a couple of years ago that fizzled out very quick:
  3. That's half the problem, Farish has released so little compared with Dapol et-al (and in other scales, even Farish's own parent company!!) that we have little to talk about and so threads drift. There is a good reason why this is the Spring 2021 announcements thread still and nobody even bothered creating threads for the two subsequent quarterly damb squibs announcements.
  4. I was lucky with DMU's, I managed to pick up a modern tooling blue/grey three car 101 from the Bachmann returns stand at Ally Pally for just fifty quid some years back and later paid about £85 for a two car. The prices being asked now for the same tooling DMU's are just beyond justification, a three car 101 really should not be anything more than £140 at todays prices.
  5. The worst examples of online advertising are the newspaper websites, both local and national which have now reached a point of being utterly unreadable which rather defeats the point of their existence. Even if you use an adblocker on them, you now get a big banner blocking your screen now saying please turn your adblocker off!!! Hopefully RMWeb won't go the same way but remember it is owned by a big media group...
  6. Whilst I reckon a new Peak(s) are in the queue somewhere (they have an 1Co-Co-1 chassis in the Class 40 so we know they can do it) I still think a new shell for the earlier body style Class 25 is more likely first.
  7. The shades of grey look way off to my eye. Could be the photography though.
  8. I have modified the constantly springing off coupling cover on the Athearn 40ft High Cube simply with a narrow strip of black insulating tape wrapped tightly round. Meanwhile the chassis of the High Cube has received a rattle can coat of sleeper grime: I took the opportunity to do the same to the trucks of the Roundhouse box car too: Overall the weathered look to the chassis and trucks seems to work: I have a couple more on the way to continue the series!
  9. A bit of digging around confirms this to be an export model from EMD, a GA-8. Sixteen purchased number 851 to 866.
  10. So when are we getting some of these in N scale or shall I just watch the tumbleweed of disinterest roll past Oxford Diecast's headquarters again?
  11. Mind you, if you look deeper into the Rev W Awdry's original stories, there are themes of Trade Unionism disputes, opponents to modernisation and a few other quite strong railway politics themes of the time! For example Edward being described as having black wheels which is an adapted for a loco old insult for someone who works duties booked for someone who is on strike!! Regards the CGI, I think it was series 13 where the models received CGI faces for the close up shots (the old physical faces were used for distance/background shots) and we got animated CGI moving people for the first time. Series 14 went all CGI and it was steadily downhill from there. Not all the model era locos made into CGI though, Molly and Murdoch vanished completely!!
  12. This I agree with wholeheartedly. It is now being used as the standard go to excuse for poor service and delays by pretty much all businesses now and quite frankly its nonsense.
  13. D6502 on the right there was the BRCW Type 3 that was wrecked in the fatal Itchingfield Junction crash just south of Christ's Hospital.
  14. Yong Bao is an actual official TTTE (or T&F) character, part of the series when Thomas went on a world tour and a number of overseas engines appeared in various countries. They were pretty accurate to specific prototypes too so actually that wasn't a bad effort. This new version is just an abomination clearly designed to kill off the franchise.
  15. 44/45/46 family have not been produced for some time, are available on the second hand market though but are going for ridiculous money at the moment. A new release is inevitable but which century it will appear is anyones guess.
  16. The metal sprung coupling covers are notorious for pinging off, sending both it, the coupler and the flat metal spring part off into the darkness at the mercy of the carpet monster!
  17. And now for a classic Athearn Blue Box!! Probably dating from the 1980's (so at least thirty years old) this is a Denver & Rio Grande (D&RGW) 40ft Hi-Cube Box Car. The Contents: One pre-painted body shell, a chassis moulding, weight, floor (not shown above) and the classic Athearn little yellow paper envelope containing the small parts. The Body: Considering this dates from the 1980's, the standard of decoration is nothing short of excellent, almost all the small markings are legible including the EXCESS HEIGHT CAR lettering on the ends. The Instructions: Your simple one side piece of paper with useful part numbers listed and the type of car printed so large that a blind man could see it from orbit.... The Small Parts Pack: The small parts are all contained in a classic Athearn Blue Box yellow paper envelope, the opening of which is one of the fun parts of the assembly process, there is just something about it.... Inside you find... Two trucks with wheels already fitted, two securing screws, a pair of couplings, one hand brake wheel and the metal retaining clips for the couplings. The Chassis: Unlike the one piece unpainted metal casting that Roundhouse example I started this thread with has, Athearn Blue Box kits feature a separate plastic frame section, this one however arrived damaged with one piece knocked off but fortunately a clean break and the piece still present. The Floor: A single piece plastic moulding forms the floor of the car, one side has a ridged indent with two prominent pegs, the other side has a moulded representation of the wooden planked floor of the car interior which would be visible if this was a version with opening doors. A hefty flat weight (unusually for an old Blue Box kit not excessively rusty) fits into the floor moulding and sits in the ridged indentation with the pegs poking through the holes. Assembling The Chassis: The chassis frame (now with the broken part reattached) fits over the protruding pegs and holds the weight underneath the floor. Tip at this point is to fit the couplings BEFORE you attach the trucks. The only modification to the kit I am doing at this initial assembly stage is to swap out the supplied couplings for Kadee's. As per standard Athearn Blue Box design, these are held in place with metal clips which may need a bit of bending/fettling to get them to fit and stay on properly. The trucks simply fit over the protruding pegs in the underside of the chassis. The securing screws hold the floor, weight, frame and trucks together all rather neatly. The Completed Model: The body only needs to have the hand brake wheel fitted to the pre-drilled hole in one end (glue it thought, they do have a habit of falling off and becoming food for the carpet monster) and then all that is needed is to carefully clip the chassis into the underside of the body, there being some moulded locating ridges inside for this purpose. And there you have it, now for some improvements!
  18. Practically unusable during parts of today (Friday) with numerous errors, freezing and failing altogether. Laptop (Chrome on Windows 10) noticeably worse than Android mobile. Someone needs to give the server a bit of Brummie Screwdriver (a.k.a. percussive maintenance) because something is seriously wrong.
  19. I have been told that graffiti morons are actually impeccably well organised, even bringing their own ladders. I would still happily hang them from the nearest lamp post though....
  20. I am going to hazard a guess here that this one is just a typo... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124898766950
  21. I note on the YouTube page for the trailer they have had to turn the comments section off!!!
  22. The prosecution enters the following into evidence: This has been absolutely torn to shreds on social media. The nail is well and truly in the coffin.
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