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  1. Some of my kitbashes already look like they've been over a cliff! Talk about extreme weathering.....
  2. @CornishKnocker, any progress to report? It would be good to see more of this. Cheers, Rich.
  3. Hi Theo, Give Nigel Lawton's site a whirl: http://www.nigellawton009.com/DriveComponents.html Cheers, Rich.
  4. Sound like a perfect excuse for holidays too Great layout 9FEd, proves less is more. It puts me in mind of the sea wall at Dawlish - sea, sand, cliffs, tunnels and trains; what's not to like? Tempted to do a hybrid Dawluria or Ligurish now! Cheers, Rich.
  5. Thanks for taking the trouble to look Colin, much obliged (KCL too! ).
  6. Hi Colin, Coming along nicely! Where did you get the 25 way connection board shown earlier? Rich.
  7. PM the next time you're selling, I'll pay 60% of original price all day long!
  8. eBay and cheap aren't words I'd use in an N gauge context, especially when new versions of a type become available - look at the stupid money older class 37s go for, because brand new ones are £130. Cheers, Rich.
  9. See you couldn't resist the temptation of including the kitchen sink then, Steve Nice layout, simple but effective. Cheers, Rich.
  10. I take it that's in lockdown, not locked up! Great layout. I like the MK1 Capris. I had one in the mid-80s (wish I still did!). Cheers, Rich.
  11. Looks good mate. Any chance of a track plan? Cheers, Rich.
  12. Hi Pete, Smashing layout and good use of space without crowding the environment. I particularly like the angled scenic break girder bridge. Can you tell me where you got the lamp from? Pen stowage looks a good idea for use on my desk, which IS a crowded environment! Cheers, Rich.
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