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  1. Birtley Model Railway show has been confirmed as a go for the 7/8th August.
  2. What a great inspiration Gordon has been to so many. I would never have binned Code 100 and started building my own turnouts. He was always on hand for support and advice. I will certainly miss the updates on Eastwood Town. A fantastic layout in the making. A huge loss to our modelling family. My condolences to all of Gordon’s family and friends. He will be a huge miss.
  3. It has been a long time since our last update. There is still not much to report in terms of progress on Norwood’s restoration. We do however have a new website at www.durhamlocogroup.com. We also now have a EBay charity sellers page along with a PayPal giving fund account. Whilst we have not been able to progress at Shildon due to covid we are working hard to raise funds for the boiler. please pay our new pages a visit. Save us as a favourite seller on EBay. Very much appreciated
  4. The answer is no. There seems to be a lack of spares out there so I have a scrap L1, used once briefly. Not sure a brass replacement is out there?
  5. There were 10 camping coaches introduced in the NE/ Yorkshire region in July 1933. They were the standard compartment coaches and slightly modified internally to create bedrooms, living room and kitchen. I wish I could get hold of one for my garden. Would make a great little pub.
  6. A photo from the Whitby & Scarborough Railway Facebook page. I think someone might have suggested you would not have seen these in the NE. Here you have one. Albeit used as a camping coach. 1933 in Stainton Dale.
  7. Mark, I hope you will bring it to Spennymoor show in the future? Not sure if COVID will prevent a 2021 show but we will certainly be back on for 2022. cheers Paul
  8. My Hornby L1 has fallen victim. Wheels have jammed up on the front and rear bogies. Are they offering replacements?
  9. My Hornby L1 rear bogie wheels have jammed solid. Are Hornby offering replacements?
  10. DLPG

    Oxford N7

    Durham locomotive group have list N7 late crests on their charity Ebay page. If anyone is looking for one
  11. DLPG

    2021 hopes

    Might add there still seems to be a lot of interest in the S160. Would definitely buy one even though it would not fit my layout plans.
  12. DLPG

    2021 hopes

    A newly tooled D49 or a J21 would be my main wish list items. I have suggest in the past an A5 would suit a number of folk as these were much travelled.
  13. Spennymoor Show on October 30th and November 1st is now unfortunately cancelled. A real loss to our groups fundraising activities but in the interests of the safety of our exhibitors, trade support and the general public, it must be done. Planning will commence for 2021. Keep safe everyone!
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