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  1. Another modelling implication is no need for chairs, DIY track can be made with solder-to-pcb which is a nice option. Not dealing with hundreds of little chairs has it’s own benefits.
  2. Is it you that I need to contact to file a claim for a Gale on that island? :-)
  3. Yup, things would’ve been different. Maybe S scale would now be more popular, instead of O.
  4. A key difference would have been enough space inside models for electric motors and we would never have had the OO modelling scale distortions, perhaps there would have been only HO ?
  5. Just ordered a copy, thanks for the tip!
  6. Charlie, I never saw nothin’! The station closed when I was around 6mo old, and at that time I was living in Didcot. As a kid I went with my mates to play on the disused trackbed of a line that ran near our house but I’m just too young to have been part of steam. I was at High School / college age when my parents lived in Hanney, a lovely place. I remember getting milk and stuff from the shop in Grove. It’s nice to see some BG modelling. I’ve yet to get my hands dirty, it’s going to be a case of getting back to the hobby since giving it up as a lost cause when I was a just about teenager. And BG has caught my interest, somehow it seems to be the ‘gentlemans’ gauge, and the road less travelled.
  7. I am glad I came across this thread, it has opened my eyes to the possibilities enabled by this Stepcraft kit!
  8. Superb thread. As I saw this I realized that it was a station just down the road from East Hanney, where I lived at my parents house as a young man. The modelling in this thread is quite honestly intimidating, although I'd love to jump in and do something like this the level of care and effort seems beyond what I could do. I looked on the 'net at some old maps, and found that the station in question is smack dang on the corner of 4 intersecting sheets.
  9. Roads are simply better than rail for almost everything because of their reach. The public road system will change forever in the coming decades when it becomes mostly an automated system. The chaos we see today will be looked back on as the great era of personal freedom. Eventually cars will talk with each other electronically, talk with roadside furniture and traffic flows will be managed by AI computers as a necessity for improving flow, optimizing the usage (e.g. pushing freight to night hours), managing disruption (e.g. from repairs), minimizing costs and greatly reducing accidents. Think of it as British Road instead of British Rail. There will be road trains, coupled virtually by computer. You will enter your destination into your GPS and the road system will direct you there, managing all the traffic. In this future roads rule and Beeching can hardly be criticized for realizing that rail was not the solution for many of our future needs. Technologically, physical rail is superior for an ability to convey huge weights at low cost over large distances. Rail will prosper only when and where it plays to this specific advantage.
  10. Wonderful project! Could be a ‘lifetime’ layout. hope you will be offering bed & breakfast and an operating session when this is finished, you can put me on the guest list!!!
  11. Never heard of this railway before finding this thread today, simply fantastic!
  12. Looks great. I hope you are planning to make a proper snow plough for the coming winter season!
  13. Maybe it isn’t a luxury… It could be that we are hardwired to make and invent. We are a tool making species after all, always busy in our thoughts trying to advance our position in the world, understand our world and developing culture for social adhesion etc. Maybe we always have to be doing something. What we now call a hobby is a reflection that we would always be trying our hands at something, whether recording the past on the cave wall, carving likenesses or figurines whilst sitting around the hearth, telling stories, making maps, refining tools etc… we are compelled.
  14. My dad lives in Weston, after I showed him this photo he made a quick watercolour of it!
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