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  1. Likewise, nothing received here either. My World of Railways account still shows my subscription as print.
  2. I would suggest in the first instance giving Andy a chance to sort this. He may be able to correct all our subscriptions in one go.
  3. But surely the bigger question is..... would you swipe left or swipe right?
  4. Likewise. Just checked and my account also says print subscription. not that I mind either way, it just wasn’t what I was expecting. (although I have recently completed an exercise where I have gone through decades worth of magazines, retrieving the articles I wanted to keep and binning or giving away the rest).
  5. I’m a little confused. I thought Gold membership gave you a digital subscription to BRM but i’ve Just received a physical copy of the January mag through the post.
  6. Too good an offer to pass up :)
  7. Sorry to hear this. Always enjoyed bumping into the two of you at shows for a chat about all things western. Thinking of you and his family.
  8. I was actually more taken with the fish rather than the Robin.
  9. Yes compensated. But we rate them more than the Bedford sprung bogies we also use. Here is the link to the Brassmaster’s page for them: http://www.brassmasters.co.uk/bogie_CUs.htm
  10. I can thoroughly recommend the Brassmasters bogie compensation units as an alternative to the above. we have used both these and Bill Bedford on the coaching /EMU stock for Balcombe (P4) and have been very pleased with their performance and have settled on them for all future builds.
  11. I go on holiday for a couple of weeks and when I get back you have a whole new layout on the go Looks good so far. You’ll have to update your signature as St Breward is to be no more.
  12. I guess the important thing is to get a close match to the Bachmann MK1s they will be running with. Will be interested to see what you find as I have a similar job to do one day with the dining pair I will be making for my Cornish Riviera rake. Regarding transfers the lining is the same as for Crimson and Cream (single black and single straw/gold lining). Lots of people do this. I’ve used Fox, Tony Wright rates Replica and i’ve heard good things about CCTs version.
  13. Not necessarily un-credible. If Dave drew a salary of £50k a year it wouldn’t take long to burn through that crowd funding money, especially as income from his own products was sporadic at best.
  14. Maybe, but it will be obvious as any short will only occur when a loco crosses the V. I have wired them up into chocolate boxes so they are easy to swap out if one was to play up.
  15. Never had a problem with mine. Don’t they come with a lifetime guarantee? I always wire mine up using both switches for the frog so have an element of redundancy from the start.
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