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  1. For curtains I just paint some plain paper, cut it out and glue in place. Example of orange curtains below
  2. Mine arrived earlier this week. Looks excellent. As before, your attention to detail in packaging puts some full time producers to shame. Many thanks Ian.
  3. RB converted from Bachmann RU using Comet sides. It will form part of a boat train on John (RE6/6) and Rod’s (10800) Balcombe layout.
  4. Very kind of you sir to find all the pitfalls before I start work on mine
  5. They are ex LMS CCT. If they are plastic then they will be Parkside kits.
  6. Longworth lists D312 as exLNWR Whale BTK stock. He says all withdrawn by 09/58
  7. According to Hugh Longworth’s latest book several D131 lasted until ‘56/‘57 (at least two to ‘58 as all thirds) so I think the chances of some making it into crimson and cream would be relatively high. What diagram is the WCJS coach? I can see if there is any reference to withdrawal dates.
  8. I always thought the Merchant Venturer had a nice ring to it.
  9. GWR Brunswick green + chocolate & cream coaches (although I think LMS crimson lake looks very smart on coaches).
  10. Another +1 for GW Castles from me.
  11. Many thanks again Ian. It is much appreciated. I shall try both options.
  12. Hi Ian, Do you have a reference number for the Precision Lining Ochre? I’ve just been on their website and can’t find it mentioned. Thanks.
  13. Hi, Could I pick your collective brains please? I’ve decided to move on from transfers and have been practicing with my bow pen for lining coaches. What brand and colour paint do people recommend for the gold / black and gold/black/gold lining on BR coaches? I’ve tried both precision gold and straw lining. The gold looks too deep to me. The straw is a closer match to rtr lining, if perhaps a little pale. Any other recommendations? Thanks.
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