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  1. Please do get them up, they usually inspire me to get the models so I can model trains loosely based on formations that happened
  2. Does this mean they are not actually painted? Just a treatment like the edges of wheels normally receive
  3. I bet Ben and Mike can't wait till all the 92's are shipped out to custoemrs, the number of messages they will get will probably decrease by almost 3/4
  4. Great shop to visit, not just trains but airfix kits, plus for the better halves craft supplies. Easy to send them into the crafting section to get bits for them while you spend your money
  5. Ed-farms

    Class 88/93

    To be fair I never spotted the difference till they mentioned it, certainly wouldn't show on an N gauge model. Either way lets hope they find a 3rd livery, TPE 88 anyone?
  6. Ed-farms

    Class 88/93

    This was asked at the Dapol Open Day last year and the response was there is 2 liveries at present (the compass Logo has either Crewe or Carlisle at its centre) to be viable they need a 3rd livery so hopefully that turns up soon
  7. Bala Lake show that was due to go ahead at the endo f the month (revised from May) is cancelled now https://bala-lake-railway.co.uk/events/model-show/
  8. I seem to recall that in the late 60's Black 5's were painted plain black but the lining was still underneath the black paint and using a coin with a rough edge would remove the paint and bring the lining back , whichever coin was used - I cannot remember now - was the term given by enthusiasts to doing it
  9. I can see the FO's getting done maybe in the next release quarter - I hope so as a charter set would be great behind my Mallard
  10. One Welsh show is still at the moment going ahead - Bala Lake in September. Last email from them was they are planning to use experience in reopening the railway to put the show on, could this be the first show since cancellations started?
  11. Out of curiosity here, I am presuming the target figure for EOI is based on selling X units at a specific cost to at least cover the costs? On the chance it fails is there potenmtial to look at the price to see if all those interested would cover the cost increase to get the model produced
  12. For those who are not on his Facebook page, he posted on 14th July to apologise for "not being around or himself for the past few weeks or months", I won't go into full details but something happened in his personal life and he is "not dealing with it well" and he asks that "please be patient with him at the moment with orders and enquires he is truly doing all what his head will let him do"
  13. The 90 from Farish is an old tooling so not up to modern standards, IF Farish were to do more 90's it would undergo a complete retooling first. To be fair Farish did an A3, A4, 33, Western, HST and 57XX Pannier amongst others yet Dapol did them
  14. The 2 20's used on the tour have been out on route learning for the new Car flow contract https://www.directrailservices.com/news-articles/2020/01/13/new-year-new-ford-contract-for-direct-rail-services/ since the farewell tour so are not fully gone yet. The 3rd 20 is still at York as can be seen on this screenshot from railcam website
  15. Couple of picture s on Facebook today show Caroline working with 37421 - which is in Colas. So something else to work our Caroline's when they come
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