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  1. The 90 from Farish is an old tooling so not up to modern standards, IF Farish were to do more 90's it would undergo a complete retooling first. To be fair Farish did an A3, A4, 33, Western, HST and 57XX Pannier amongst others yet Dapol did them
  2. The 2 20's used on the tour have been out on route learning for the new Car flow contract https://www.directrailservices.com/news-articles/2020/01/13/new-year-new-ford-contract-for-direct-rail-services/ since the farewell tour so are not fully gone yet. The 3rd 20 is still at York as can be seen on this screenshot from railcam website
  3. Couple of picture s on Facebook today show Caroline working with 37421 - which is in Colas. So something else to work our Caroline's when they come
  4. I wonder if the lack of Anglia is due to no locos for it - they did an intercity and virgin DVT to go with the 86, they have already done the management train 67 and DVT In EWS and the 67 in DB on its own, the Chiltern Mk3 set will go with the 68's. But Anglia used 90's with the Mk3's and DVT's which is non existent in N gauge, perhaps Dapol could make the 90 to complete the set
  5. Not an exhibition as such but Dapol has confirmed the club open day on Saturday 26th Sept has been cancelled
  6. Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway is planning 4th August Saphos Trains have announced their return as the 15th July so slowly we are coming back
  7. Don't you mean several versions in 5, 7, 9 and 14 cars
  8. My expression of interest was submitted straight away and I went for both intercity and the GNER. My next planned layout should allow for all 3 to be used in different era's with a bit of modellers licence so hopefully I can get all 3. Might be pushing it to get all 3 with sound though
  9. To be fair the 89 is obviously a one off so people will struggle to buy more than one - unlike a 92 where I for example have 3 on order - so a 2nd run will be hard to justify so doing a "gauge of interest" will help determine if it is viable and how many of each to make. I am guessing it won't be an even 25% split across all 4. Based on this Revolution could announce the same with the 89 in N, didn't they do it for the APT-E as well? Given their business model is the end user funds models it would be a no risk venture to announce plans to make it If demand is right.
  10. Be nice if the same coach came out from them as if people claim this will match the Kernow RTC 31 it will go well with Farish's own RTC 31
  11. I just clicked your link and its down as £20 wit hthe new version £28 - 7 in stock. So the 2nd hand is £8 cheaper, not sure where you got £36 from
  12. It has already been cancelled, I was due to attend but they have emailed previously to say its off
  13. Durham Trains of Stanley is closed for the duration, hopefully all these shops that are closing will be able to reopen afterwards
  14. Yes I have heard the same, I heard last week Monday gone was the end yet I saw 418 this morning. Last I heard 418 comes down on Monday and he stock is going to Landore for warm storage but who knows what will happen? Even TFW don't seem to know
  15. Guess we don't fully know the affect on the delays yet, hard to tell when factories will reopen and what staff will be there
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