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  1. Thanks for posting these Nidge, sad day- only just caught up with RMWeb over the last few weeks, as fishing and related committee work has been all consuming - even in lockdown. I saw the tour at Bristol Parkway, on the Padd-Swansea leg. Some grainy, hair-in-the-gate, soundless footage of it there emerged a few years ago, posted below. I'm one of teenagers in the shadows somewhere. What is striking though to me is how much the Parkway to Patchway line has changed, housing estates etc now almost completely obscure the grandstand view we had as kids of westerns and Hymeks sweeping around that curve with Maybachs on full bore. Despite the quality of the footage it is of excellent historical interest and for me personally a priceless memory. neil
  2. The years 1974-77 were at the peak of our visits to York, a very popular Merrymaker destination in the 1970s from Bristol. A brief look at my spotting notes has York visits on both 5/3/77 and 2/4/77. DMUs noted included classes 101 and 124 (previously mentioned) but also Hammerton street allocated class 104 and 110, and a South Gosforth class 105 (Cravens ) unit. Edit : from my personal experience trans-pennine class 124s were very common at York 1974-1977, (sorry service they were on not noted). We saw them every time I visited there. Neil
  3. Well more enforced time on the layout during the lockdown, including a new extended siding for the ballast spoil tip. I think I can envisage a ballast working from the LMR with catfish wagons and Crewe based 24s or three! Still can't wait to get back to the fishing, I'm on the committee of a local Angling club, and have been very active in getting our main lakes dam repaired courtesy of a sport England grant.
  4. Hadn't thought of looking here, some nice late 1970s info on class 44 wandering from the wonderful Derby sulzers site. I don't think this has been mentioned in this thread. https://www.derbysulzers.com/class44.html 44001 November 1974 worked to STJ, still looking for an elusive photo of one there, but maybe more wanderings onto the WR will emerge. Always a favourite site of mine, I guess it's been updated since I first looked. Whoever is responsible for the Derby sulzers site warrants a medal.
  5. Picked mine up last week, first loco purchase of 2020 as spare £ very much now pointed in the direction of my fishing activities, plus new summer house and kitchen! Realistically very rare in the Bristol area, although around 1974 there was rumours of an unidentified Crewe based boxed 24/1 reaching Bristol on a Xmas parcels service. They may have been more frequent than this , but remember the 1975 cull very well, which put pay to all that. Just looked at my 1975 spotting notes, first visit to Crewe on 3/4/75, saw 24 134/142/143, so maybe renumber to one of these after checking for liveries at the time. Oh for a time machine, I saw 11 active LMR based 24s that day. Lovely model, but itching for a renumber and back date the 0O00 post 1976 headcodes. Must finish my other Bachmann 24/1 and 25/0 conversions based on brassmasters bits. Neil
  6. Thanks for the heads up Kevin, Just ordered.
  7. I've just noticed that on the first day cover image I posted earlier, the class 47 is two tone green with full yellow ends, but with an edited BR arrow applied! Not a combination ever seen as far as I know. Obviously an attempt to show the "modern" railway of 1972.
  8. Re first day cover, there's one on eBay now, where I purchased the same several years ago. The blurb does mention the first Parkway station, which maybe as discussed a PR stunt as it was not necessarily the first.
  9. The captain and myself have been in correspondence over these photos, they've appeared (or will appear) in one of Tim's books. These were taken in 1972 just after opening, note the BR flag at half mast, presumably coinciding with the death of the Duke of Windsor in May that year. I did believe there was much hype at the time about Bristol Parkway being the first of this type of station. I have a first day cover somewhere, must dig it out. The BR strategy of course was to compete with the recently opened M4. its my local station, very much changed from the early 1970s when I was there spotting, complete with wonderful hydraulics thundering through routinely. I recall meeting one of my friends dad there, who'd travelled back from London on the South Wales Pullman with reverse blue grey livery. Many happy memories of the old rudimentary station building, the station now is one of the 1970s railway success stories, along with the HSTs . It is now heavily used, and is complete with a multi storey car park that roughly occupies the site where all these lovely period cars are parked. Note the empty car parking on the site of the lifted Stoke Gifford yard. The scene is very different today, even the wonderful Brunellian brick overbridge in the distance has been demolished and replaced with a concrete eyesore as part of the GWML electrification scheme. I know I'm a bit of a dinosaur, but I really can't get used to all the OHLE that dominates the local rail sites I grew up with back in the day.
  10. One I simply could not resist. I'll have to suffer flak from the missus but it will take centrepiece sat alongside my diesel mpd. I don't think it was the same beast that languished most of the time outside Bristol Bath road, but for my purposes sufficient to jar those happy memories at the end of platform 11.
  11. Well and another whilst I'm at it. i was rather lucky to pick this one up. Described as a "1950s diesel" not obviously a hens teeth pic of a D6XX. The blemish in the neg is a shame but undoubtedly put some off. I was the only bidder and picked it up for £5.99. Anyone know where this is? Unfortunately loco not identified either.
  12. I'm still picking up the occasional hydraulic slide, but my modelling mojo has somewhat diminished due to my carp angling passion, which is all consuming. I'm now on the committee of a local angling club, and hopefully have been successful with a grant bid to carry out dam modifications to our largest lake. I'm writing the second stage proposal now. The almost failure of the Whaley bridge dam earlier this year has had a big impact on angling clubs who own a significant number of dammed lakes, anyhow I digress. One to be going on with, D7007 at Severn tunnel junction undated, but will be early 1970s, of course my copyright. One of three Hymeks to carry the blue small yellow panel livery with blue window surrounds (D7004 later modified to white and D7051 were the others). Another unidentified blue small yellow panel mek with white surrounds is behind. Those were the days. Neil
  13. Hi Stovepipe its certainly not D7041, it was BFYE. Here's one of my collection of D7041 taken at Cardiff it's not D7051 either as there are photos of it scrapped at Swindon with blue window surrounds. Could it be D7040/6/7 ? Swindon or a scrapyard spotter have rather unhelpfully removed the last two alloy numbers!
  14. I'm still gradually building my 10 foot wb clay liner rakes from Hornby 5 plank opens, Parkside BR dia 1/039 1/044 (PC02A) and Cambrian C107 D1375/D178 5 plank opens which featured in the prototype trains I'm modelling. This was the 6M53/6V53 (or slight variations on this code) st Blazey-Stoke on Trent. Roller bearings can be obtained to fit these wagons from Wizard models. As always, Paul Bartlett's site was used for reference to identify the wagons utilised in the 1970s. I'm not sure if we referred to it as "the clayliner" then, normally just "what was the Western on the China clays?" i sold my previous Kernow limited edition flat tarp OOV/OCVs as these wagons were not generally used on the above train in question. As others have mentioned the flat tarp is rather crude, being far too thick. Some 9' wb tipplers did make it into the clay liner rakes with flat tarps however, I've got a photo of one at Bristol Parkway where the train routinely waited in either the up or down passing loops. So the Kernow/Bachmann models have prototype provenance, but certainly the vast majority of most rakes were not 9' wheel base wagons, as previous posters mention. I'm still amazed that no one has made a RTR 1/039 or D1375 5 plank wagon. The system was awash with them right until the 1970s/early 1980s.
  15. Wow, only just caught up with this due to my fishing exploits over the last few weeks. I'll have to start saving, the Port Talbot - Llanwern trains were a huge memory from my mid 1970s spotting days. Having just returned from a foray to Radyr from Cardiff central and making our way through the subway to the normal spotting location, one of these trains passed through. It's the closest thing I've experienced to a major earthquake in my life. The class 37s used on these trains had specially strengthened couplings will need to look up which ones. Well done Accurascale, one on my wish list I thought would never materialise.
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