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  1. Progress on the Lima remotoring projects. 4x47 and 1x31 with a few more to do. Test fitted the butchered bogie frames to the locos yesterday, a few adjustments needed but all now fit as sweet as a glove. All have Lima tanks/battery boxes removed (except the 31) and Bachmann spares added. The spare Hornby body fits superbly onto the Lima chassis. All class 66 bogies (each loco will have two of them) are ready to be wired, wire has arrived and DCC sockets arrived too. All the bogies fit snugly into their new cradles Hopefully test running within a week or two. Some preliminary work on the bodies has taken place, carving off the cab front handrails ready for wire replacements, one has been renumbered 47 499. Orientation of the bodies with respect to the new tank assemblies yet to be worked out! Still a lot of detailing to be done.
  2. I’ve just seen it too Phil, terrible news. I had much correspondence with Russ, and have some of my photos in his new book. A huge contributor to all we know about the wonderful green/maroon/blue transition era, without Russ’s efforts much would remain unknown. RIP.
  3. Thanks Phil, and thanks for coming all the way to Bristol and the present. it was a complete surprise to me, my lovely wife had informed me that we were attending a fireworks display at our local rugby club with our grandsons. Somehow though, information regarding the cake decoration was inaccurate! It was thought my favourite loco was the class 47, and having spent much of the last month building replica D1001 name and numberplates, the clues were there.
  4. Lima Brush 2s and 4s. currently on the workbench are my long mothballed Lima fleet getting an upgrade. They are all to be re powered using twin Hornby class 66 power bogies, using essentially the techniques described on the outstanding Kier Hardy EM site : http://www.emgauge70s.co.uk/project_lima31mods.html the motor bogie cradles are exactly the same size for the 47s. The bogie side frames from the Lima models were cut off and aradited to the 66 bogie having lopped off the 66 side frames. Next the chassis frame was subjected to dremel surgery to cut a new aperture for the second motor bogie. Care was taken to centralise the hole required for the bogie pivot, and fitted exactly as per the Kier site. I also used semi-round rod (2.5mm) to allow the bogie to pivot both fore and aft. All looks good and gearing up for wiring. The incorrect Lima tanks for my era (1974 ish) were surgically removed and replaced with Bachmann spare parts (thanks to the excellent Bachmann spares department). Test runs to commence on the prototype as soon as the wiring is done. Sure the power bogies have traction tyres, but hopefully the only negative point. The max current draw from the paired bogies should be 850mA or so, hopefully a TTS decoder will cope with that. All will be LE/CF 47/4s operating Paddington South Wales trains, mingling with the occasional Western. I have plenty of Bachmann mk 1 class 47s, but rather a shortfall in blue serck fitted locos, this hopefully will redress the balance a bit. I know the Lima model doesn’t match the Bachmann model for looks, but with a bit of detailing with roof fans, windscreen surrounds, new wipers etc modelling will make up for that. A pretty cheap option to a 47 - although I notice that now Lima diesels are 4-5X more expensive than what I paid for them just 5-10 years ago, although some are my 1980s originals. The Lima 31 is a little different as it will be a Lima remotored chassis (as above) transplanted onto a Hornby 31 body. I had two spare Hornby bodies as a result of replacements of Mazak infested chassis which came as two brand new models. I’m a big fan of the Lima 31, but the Hornby model is predetailed and there are only so many hours in the day- the Hornby body fits perfectly. Neil
  5. Sunday 31 October 1976 just a solitary Western seen, D1058 on the 1B33 diverted through Bristol. The previous day though, the prototype HST set was seen twice, I presume on service trains to South Wales. It was the last time I’d seen this celebrity in service. Despite searching I can’t find a record of the last workings of 252 001. Neil
  6. Indeed it is Steve - full numbers are much easier than cutting individual numbers from water slide sheets and resultant alignment problems. A very satisfied customer. neil
  7. Hi Bob/Phil Here’s my D1065 horn cowl in progress a few years ago now. Not a perfect shot, and a bit of a compromise, using U channel plastic rod cut into two equal pieces and thinned down at the inboard end to get a taper. The real cowl was fitted with grilles, and from the limited photos I’ve seen the “m” shape extends the whole length of it. Some suggested it was merely a dent in the cowl - I really don’t think this is the case from photos, but have no idea why the mod was made. Back on topic, I can vouch for the Railtec 3D works plates, they are superb- I’m gradually working through my green 47s in the renumbering programme, next job the headcodes.
  8. Sunday 24th October 1976 From my 45 year old records, quite a sad day but I was not to realise it at the time. Four Westerns seen at Bristol Parkway in a morning. Two workings are known thanks to Mark Alden’s excellent records, and sadly two locos were the last time I saw them turning a wheel in anger. D1013 (service unknown); D1022 (service unknown); D1036 (8Z23) and D1065 (1B33 1026 Paddington-Paignton). Engineering diversions must have been in place for the Berks-Hants for D1065 to be seen, plus 50 007/010/034/035- unusual to see more than one 50 at Parkway in a day. 50 010/034 were recorded as the first sightings I’d made on the WR. Sadly, Western sightings were in single figures for me for the rest of 1976, and D1036 and D1065 were never seen working again. Neil
  9. Also lacking the floor level door handle mod. One of only a few not to receive this.
  10. Indeed Matt captures my sentiments exactly. I only became aware of hydraulics in 1974 when a school friend mentioned he’d been to Swindon to see the first few Western casualties and that the WR were fighting the mighty BR to keep the remaining fleet running as long as possible. Family holidays to Highbridge in the 1960s meant I certainly saw maroon Warships and Westerns, and perhaps class 22s and Hymeks on the sole surviving working section of the Somerset and Dorset - the Bason bridge milks. Numbers never collected back then, but I feel fortunate to have seen the final few Hymeks working and most of the Westerns. I was saving this info for the on this day in history thread, but approaching 44 years ago on Sunday 24 October 1976 I saw four in service in one day at Bristol Parkway. Not a rare occurrence in 1974/5, but after that date I was lucky to see the odd one. The locos concerned were D1013 (unknown service) D1022 (unknown service); D1036 (8Z23); D1065 (1B33) workings taken from Mark Alden’s excellent records. Sadly it was the last time I saw D1036 and D1065 working. Sundays in late 1976 saw many diverted services from the Berks and Hants due to ongoing HST works. Neil
  11. Well I had to check Phil -it’s the A end. Trev’s photo in his thread here is the best shot I’ve seen of the cowl. Despite some saying it was merely damaged, I’m convinced it was an official modification. i
  12. Oh I’ll be there Phil for sure, hopefully with some of my new stock and guest appearances.
  13. 5th October 1976. As the daylight hours shortened we continued to cycle to Bristol Parkway most evenings after school, mostly in the dark. There were several stopping points en route, including two that overlooked Stoke Gifford yard. This evening 45 years ago, we were met with an unfamiliar scene. The Bath road rerailing crew were active on site as 25 061 had come to grief on the catch point at the entrance of the passing loop of the down sidings. Complete with floodlights which lit the scene, we watched with interest from the nearby embankment the goings on. 25 061 was recorded as a cop, and was still parked up at Stoke Gifford the following day, I presume having sustained some damage. Apart from this event, the evening was much the same as other evenings late that year. Class 253 HSTs had just come into service on South Wales-Paddington trains with 253 005/008/009 sighted today. Still some Landore/Cardiff 47/4s supplemented this service as insufficient HSTs had been delivered at that time for a complete takeover. The timetables were labelled “125” to indicate which services were HSTs. Our favourite services, routinely producing foreign motive power was the 3B31 Worcester-Temple Meads parcels, and 3S15 Temple Meads-Glasgow, which today produced 25 260 and 25 263 respectively. Sadly the Westerns were by now thin on the ground, there were no evening sightings this week, only D1005 on Saturday 9th October (1B76). This most probably was a weekend diversion from the Berks/Hants line where HST upgrades were in progress. Sundays in this era produced in particular many diverted services bringing higher than average class 50 sightings and our beloved Westerns. Neil
  14. Looking good Phil. Can’t wait for your first show.
  15. I’ve just upgraded to RMweb gold - not yet checked if I have the badge. I don’t really object to ads, any user of Facebook or YouTube accept its part and parcel of the experience although YouTube you can upgrade to be ad free. Many iPhone apps are the same, free to users yet you have accept ads. Some of the conversations in the thread reminded me of when Mark Zuckerberg was cross examined in the US senate, one irate senator demanding why Facebook was free to users. ‘Senator, we run ads” was his response with a puzzled look on his face.
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