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  1. Dapol class 29s on Xmas offer at Hattons for £109, was waiting for the price drop so snapped one up, 6107. Another Hornby detailing project bites the dust. Should I pick up one of the lovely two tone green ones - tempted. https://www.hattons.co.uk/stocklist/1000396/1000635/dapol_diesel_locos/bargain_list.aspx
  2. I've heard from Graham at Cambrian. Another batch imminent apparently, I'm 3rd on the waiting list.
  3. Aha more Herrings but too late all sold out! Hopefully another run and I understand on speaking to Phil Bullock on our hydraulic adventures on the SVR with D1015 and 40 106 (thanks Phil) that a new tool was required and made. Anyhow some Herrings in service with classic WR traction 812 at Ivybridge in November 1971, 825 at Newton Abbot July 1972 and D1005 at Exeter Riverside, June 1976. g
  4. Great day Phil thanks for treating me! Was great to get amongst the prototypes and have a good chat and put the world to rights with a good friend. Lovely fish and chip supper chez Bullock. D1015 looked wonderful despite only apparently running on one Maybach. My favourite diesel electric type 4 was a suitable back up. I took similar photos to Phil, plus I took the opportunity to get some close ups of 40106 for my Lima 40 projects, unfortunately they won't attach from my iPad. neil
  5. Well for one I'd be delighted. I've just caught up with the Cavalex announcement, and I'd almost given up on buying second hand Hornby HAAs which are past their sell by date, and in short supply. MGR trains from South Wales thundering through Bristol Parkway on their way to Didcot another essential working for my layout. Pairs of 37s working fly ash to Highbridge for M5 construction too. One such South Wales train was always double headed by two class 47s, needed for the climb from the Severn Tunnel. At last years Bristol show, and a catch up with my old friend Phil Bullock, we were disc
  6. Take a look on the accurascale Facebook page if you have access.
  7. Class 37s made an occasional appearance. and back to DMUs, just before the 31s took over in late 1976, class 123s were certainly being used. http://www.cornwallrailwaysociety.org.uk/bristol-to-salisbury.html in early 1979 us Bristol spotters joined the bashing (haulage) craze, transitting between Temple Meads and Bath spa. We were pleasantly surprised to see 33s appearing on the route, indeed I recall a 33 taking us to Swindon for the works open day in May, a few months later they were firmly in charge of the route. Another question though, did the Portsmouth-Cardi
  8. Ordered 55001 sound fitted a week ago, looking forward to it arriving. My model railway budget is much tighter now having retired and most funds now diverted to fishing , but this was one I cannot miss. Very happy memories of the prototype during their BR blue years, from first sightings at York in September 1974, the big booming Napiers under the station roof at KX, coupled with the unmistakable V exhaust. But my favourite sighting was Meld thundering on a through train at Peterborough whilst we were waiting for a class 105 to take us to March, September 1977. Good grief was all that ove
  9. Nice to see EFE continuing the life of the Heljan tooling for the Hymek. It has really stood the test of time, great though it is, I echo the earlier posts that a slight tweaking of the the tooling would be appreciated by us hydraulic fans. Roof fan, no headboard clips, rail level door handles and full fat air horns are all something I'm doing to my Heljan fleet. I also appreciate that economics will dictate this is highly unlikely, and its imminent for release. It will be improbable that anyone will ever release a new tooling Hymek with these amendments so I'll soldier on. I hope though that
  10. Thanks for posting these Nidge, sad day- only just caught up with RMWeb over the last few weeks, as fishing and related committee work has been all consuming - even in lockdown. I saw the tour at Bristol Parkway, on the Padd-Swansea leg. Some grainy, hair-in-the-gate, soundless footage of it there emerged a few years ago, posted below. I'm one of teenagers in the shadows somewhere. What is striking though to me is how much the Parkway to Patchway line has changed, housing estates etc now almost completely obscure the grandstand view we had as kids of westerns and Hymeks sweeping around th
  11. The years 1974-77 were at the peak of our visits to York, a very popular Merrymaker destination in the 1970s from Bristol. A brief look at my spotting notes has York visits on both 5/3/77 and 2/4/77. DMUs noted included classes 101 and 124 (previously mentioned) but also Hammerton street allocated class 104 and 110, and a South Gosforth class 105 (Cravens ) unit. Edit : from my personal experience trans-pennine class 124s were very common at York 1974-1977, (sorry service they were on not noted). We saw them every time I visited there. Neil
  12. Well more enforced time on the layout during the lockdown, including a new extended siding for the ballast spoil tip. I think I can envisage a ballast working from the LMR with catfish wagons and Crewe based 24s or three! Still can't wait to get back to the fishing, I'm on the committee of a local Angling club, and have been very active in getting our main lakes dam repaired courtesy of a sport England grant.
  13. Hadn't thought of looking here, some nice late 1970s info on class 44 wandering from the wonderful Derby sulzers site. I don't think this has been mentioned in this thread. https://www.derbysulzers.com/class44.html 44001 November 1974 worked to STJ, still looking for an elusive photo of one there, but maybe more wanderings onto the WR will emerge. Always a favourite site of mine, I guess it's been updated since I first looked. Whoever is responsible for the Derby sulzers site warrants a medal.
  14. Picked mine up last week, first loco purchase of 2020 as spare £ very much now pointed in the direction of my fishing activities, plus new summer house and kitchen! Realistically very rare in the Bristol area, although around 1974 there was rumours of an unidentified Crewe based boxed 24/1 reaching Bristol on a Xmas parcels service. They may have been more frequent than this , but remember the 1975 cull very well, which put pay to all that. Just looked at my 1975 spotting notes, first visit to Crewe on 3/4/75, saw 24 134/142/143, so maybe renumber to one of these after checking for liveri
  15. Thanks for the heads up Kevin, Just ordered.
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