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  1. Hi Phil, I don't think I have any Westerns on MGRs, but they certainly worked them from South Wales, I remember seeing them. Look at this lovely Flickr shot (Jumper) Almost certainly from South Wales D1047 being assisted by a 37 at Swindon. I do remember one MGR service being routinely double headed, normally 2x47 or ocassionally peak plus 47. Class 37s were routinely used as bankers from the Severn tunnel, but I do especially remember this on the Danygraig-Stratford freightliner (4E70). These normally detached at Stoke Gifford, I'm guessing it was different operationally with
  2. I've spent more time than I should do on YouTube - fortunately I use it as a stress saver, watching mainly when I've had a difficult few hours under the baseboard wiring servos etc, which has taken up most of my modelling time this year. Another naughty angry servo had to be extracted this morning. I did initially not like Sam's trains, but it has grown on me. The lack of prototype knowledge is sometimes obvious, but that's coming from an old crusty who spent seven years chasing BR diesels in the 70s. There is very little critical appraisal of errors in models with respect to prot
  3. Terrific - I've just been looking at my woeful MGR fleet, needing significant detailing. They now won't be, and fortunately I'm just about to sign a new consultancy contract so some cash will be set aside for a HOP AB fleet (after the missus gets her extension ) Standard trains from South Wales in mid 1970s Bristol, plus the M5 fly ash trains to Highbridge. Looking forward to my coil As and MDOs already on pre-order so a few dedicated accurascale rakes coming up. Delighted that a relatively new manufacturer has spent a lot of time developing freight rolling stock, which has had a lean pat
  4. Russ you owe me a beer. 14:20 in the video here, a very clear GFYE D25 at Mangotsfield in 1969. I spat my tea out in excitement (that's it for me this week in the excitement stakes, blood pressure can't take it). You tube won't allow embedding of this video unfortunately. https://youtu.be/bPuGERb4I30
  5. Onwards and upwards Phil, sad to see v1 go, but v2 will be excellent of that I have no doubt. Yes those boards were heavy-ish, but it was quite easy to put together I recall. Having installed now 47 servos I have a lot of dos and donts, when you get to that task (I've spent many lockdown hours on them). The Switchpilot servo 3s are lovely once you've translated the German handbook, you'll especially love the auto switch off and the "bounce" feature which will look the business with your semaphores. Must have a catch up soon. Neil
  6. Good grief, only just found out about Geoff's passing as his obituary was in May's modeller. Geoff was one of those friends met on RMweb, I only met him once personally at an excellent train West show where Abbotswood was being exhibited. I will miss his incisive wit and deep knowledge of all things hydraulic. Condolences to his family and friends and Bentley MRC. We'll miss him here for sure too.
  7. Indeed I do, the day of the Western tribute railtour. I was stood on the opposite side of the tracks in Parkway station car park that day. 46 003 plus brake tender passed through an hour or so before the rail tour.
  8. A couple of my copyright photos of brake tenders in service. D1036 heading West in Sonning cutting in 1976 with a diagram 1/558 Stratford built brake tender. 46 003 at Bristol parkway propelling a brake tender in train of grampus on 26 February 1977. Not sure if that's a Gresley or Stanier bogied tender, I think the latter. I do recall them being used on the WR- I saw but did not take the above photo, a day of infamy on the WR. They were mainly used on Severn Tunnel-Acton/Temple Mills services ( many which had originated from Radyr), but also on coke trains to the ISC smel
  9. That advice was spot on. Changed the CVs on my Switchpilots by swapping the values for A and B positions of servos (CVs 38/39; 41/42; 44/45 and 47/48 on Switchpilot 2 servo decoders. By manually adjusting the servo positions on the decoder, then a simple switch of cv values was the simplest solution for those points not matching the ECoS display. Thanks Goingunderground
  10. Well that was a pleasant surprise. For some reason I'd overlooked Kernow as a supplier of my new 25. Found they had them in stock, and to my astonishment found that I had a £30 credit there waiting to be spent. A few shifty moves with the card and iPad and a new 25 is on its way. What a nice way to repay my recent purchases of D6XX with them amongst other rolling stock, and they will be getting more of my custom in the future.
  11. Missed the boat on those workings too unfortunately, packed in spotting in 1979 before they started afaik. Standard class 25 turns to Bristol in the 1970s were the Fisons fertilisers to Avonmouth, the 3B01 Worcester- Bristol parcels, 3V04 Manchester-Bristol parcels, and the 3S15 Bristol-Sighthill parcels. Plenty of local BR 25 workings too but these were all early body style, only Ebbw Junction having an allocation of the later body style. The 3S15, (wandering off piste again) was a regular class 40 working in the last years of the class, but I was working in the USA by then. 40s in Bristol in
  12. Well I may have missed the boat with the first batch. With the announcement of the SLW model, and subsequent order from me, the Heljan model went onto the "reserve" list. However thanks to posts from fellow Rmwebbers I'm suitably impressed with the appearance of the Heljan model to place an order. However most emporia that I use are now out of stock, so now on back order. Bristol had almost daily appearances from LMR 25s and pairs of the late body style working the Nottingham-Paigntons on a summer Saturday were very memorable, as were double headed 25s on rakes of VVVs spluttering up the
  13. Just ordered 25 324 with sound and supercap. Excellent service by phone, and painless so far, (no money taken from card yet, only when model is dispatched). Now what to do with my Bachmann type 2s?
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