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  1. Superb conversion of a 2H to 3H by Richard at Everard junction - top drawer modelling. Based around the sacrifice of a Bachmann 2-EPB to make the centre car. Richard’s air brushing tips are on their own worth watching this YouTube video for. Unfortunately I missed out on cheap 2-EPBs, but will keep an eye out, thank goodness though mine will be plain blue. Richard’s model is NSE livery, and his patience in getting those stripes looking right is exemplary. I’m keeping a watchful eye on the forthcoming Bachmann announcement, a main range 3H with possibly providing centre cars separately would be very popular with us that own 2Hs. neil
  2. Downendian

    Dapol Class 22

    Re boiler exhaust ports - see a nearly 10 year old post by our learned friend Flood
  3. This is true for patent law, but this is a copyright issue and is covered by the Berne convention of which only a handful of countries are not signatories.
  4. Callum, my account (top right) > orders, I can see previous orders plus the Caprotti pre order Neil
  5. I placed a preorder earlier after seeing the Bath Green park photo on rail photo prints. I had to reset my password and had to place in the basket around three times before I could checkout, but (I think) did so successfully and I had a confirmatory email from Hornby. Neil
  6. Indeed it was, photo by Hugh Ballantyne and it worked the midland lines around Bristol on a Temple Meads to Bournemouth west service into Bath Green park 25/7/59 - fits my criteria for a black 5 purchase. I’ve always been intrigued by the Caprotti black 5s.
  7. So it is - but cannot be seen from the 2022 “full range” list, where I would have expected it to feature.
  8. Interesting, I’ve just perused the Hornby website 2022 releases, and cannot find the “inspired by “ film ranges. A search for “Titfield” returns nothing. I may have missed them, but I checked the 2022 release list twice. Hmmm.
  9. I believe them to be one and the same, the public hall is the HQ of Beaminster town council, 8 Fleet Street. The best place to park in Beaminster is the Yarn Barton car park anyway behind the public (town) hall unless you get lucky and find a place in the square which is (or was) free. However, I’ve not been there post COVID, so parking may not be the issue it was.
  10. And the 21T hoppers - huge potential market there I would have thought with the HTV and rebuilds. Neil
  11. Google is your friend DT8 3EF right in the middle of a lovely little Dorset town.
  12. Hi I’ve checked and the formations were those I previously provided - including the ER 254 set. Neil
  13. I’ve moved away from my loco-centric past. Most recent purchases have been rolling stock, mainly Accurascale products. Hornby produced an excellent 21T hopper in 2015 but have failed to follow it up with vacuum braked (bauxite) HTVs, and the common 1970s rebodied version which were very widespread. I’m gearing up to rejigging my grey liveried 21 tonners, and complete some parkside rebodied HTVs, and for sure this will mean they will appear RTR. As Accurascale have the coil A chassis, correct for HTVs a good chance they will do them, but will Hornby fill this gap in the market before?
  14. Terrific thanks for the screenshots Commoner, will duly file away! it looks as though I have already provided the HST formations in that notebook as the dates suggest, I will however check through and see if any have been missed, like the 254/253 set was. Neil
  15. Hi Commoner, id only just realised that the original thread had gone whilst looking for my posts! A 1977 notebook has emerged which includes many HST formations which most probably I’ve posted before. However I don’t think I posted the ER 254 set loaned to the WR which I saw at Cardiff on 1/10/77 which you referred to earlier in this thread 43061-41059-41071-40505-42108-40029-42109-42110-43060 The notebook is from July-Nov 1977, and I most probably have posted the info before. Neil
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