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  1. Sturminster has journeyed 165km to the West to exhibit at the Toowoomba Model Train show. A good weekend away was had with very few mishaps. It has been 6 years between exhibitions and certainly showed a jobs that need to be updated/completed. Looking into the goods yard. Looking out from the good yard/dairy. Definitely not the Pines rushing through the station.
  2. Most impressive Barry. I will be interested to see how you do the lining. One day I too will have S&DJR 6 wheeled full brake, in N/2mm.
  3. Yes, the the ballast brakes are on 3D printed chassis, but I've used drop-in W irons from the 2mmFS For the mail van I'm using the 6 wheel MR brake van chassis, again from the 2mmFS
  4. As already indicated by @Sithlord75, we had my layout, Sturminster Newton, make a slight journey (37km) over the weekend to meet-up with its cousin, Grassington-Thresfield. This was in preparation for a longer journey, 139km, at the start of next month for the Toowoomba Model Train Show. The layout is now having a service and check-up by the senior foreman. This was also our monthly LAG meeting and time for a bit of show and tell. My first entry is a SDJR ballast train. It will comprise two 10T ballast brake van and six 8T plank open wagons. I'm still on deciding on the loco,
  5. An update to the other downunder 3D printworks. Presently I've 6 wagons nearing completion. On the left left-hand side are a LMS Prized Cattle Wagon (PCW) and a LMS Meat Van. These have been both been drawn to N gauge (1:148). The PCW (page 98, Tatlow, for those playing at home) is designed to plonk straight onto a Farish 11' cattle wagon chassis. It needs a dose of crimson, once I can find some. The meat van was drawn while I was away playing war games late last year, so unfortunately my reference chassis at the time was a Peco 9' WB . http://Sithlord75 will doubt have a pl
  6. A little bit of an update. Recently a member of this parish show us on the Zoom group his horse box train, and hinted that he would like to add some S&DJR horseboxes. Challenge accepted. This is the second draft/print of the short wheelbase, S&DJR 8'6" horse box. I had 2 reference photos, of No1 and No10, and there are differences between both. So once I've ironed out the problems with No1, I'll then move onto No10. It also the first time I've dived in the deep-end and added the torpedo vents as apart of the print Next I will then try the longer variant, wi
  7. G'day all, I'm after some advice on the post S&DJR livery for the 8/10T Road vans? Would anybody have any images of these van in LMS days, showing where the LMS was placed on the sides of the van. As these doors are of the cupboard type, would the lettering be placed on them?
  8. A work in progress which is slowly getting closer to to finishing. It comprises 2x SD&JR 10T Ballast Brake Vans and 6 x 8T 3 plank wagons. The brake van chassis uses drop-in W irons There was some lift on one corner on the printer, so adding a skirt that can be sanded-off should help prevent this.
  9. Second draft (ver 2B). This has seen some refinement to the verandah, adding a name board, a a stove in the interior and some thought towards a lever-frame and other furniture. I've also drawn the vestibule and steps as separate items, so that I can have easier access to paint. All three parts. Still need a window on the vestibule side wall and and also add balustrade on the end of the verandah. All assembled. Even with the phone camera, all the blemish's show out. The angle brackets under the verandah will need some thickening. Am quite happy with ho
  10. Yes there is a slight bow, but it is only the first print, still some more tweaking. Next print hopefully with have nameboard attached. Should also being doing the vestibule and steps.
  11. Back when i started this , there was no guarantee as to how often I would make updates. I think 5 1/2 years is a big enough gap. I could go on about the various house moves (over 3000km traveled), but I wont'! 2020 saw me introduced to 3D printing. While I don't actually own one, I have weekly access to one, if required, and I provide some resin. After some trial and effort with various CAd programs, I've managed to print some wagons, which I think are good enough to run. More about these latter. During a recent layout clean-up, I removed the Sturminster s
  12. Is there any progress on this project? I've started drawing the Sturminster signal box to print in 3D, to replace my scratch-built attempt from 10 yrs ago.
  13. Lesson learnt, and all subsequent building was conducted wearing appropriate armour fastened.
  14. Next in the progression of 3D printing was to to draw up a replacement chassis for the whitemetal Cowans 15T crane. The back story behind this is long, I started building this back in 2007 when I was deployed in Iraq. One ev evening during an insurgent rocket attack, I went diving, from the desk I was sitting at, for the floor while trying to fasten my helmet and body armour. In the process I knocked my modeling mat on the floor, sending bits everywhere. It sat in the UFO pile for a while, but now its time to get it finished.
  15. Always on the lookout for some variety, I thought I would try to draw a LMS D1819 Calf Van. Drawing was done using Fusion 360 and printed on an Anycubic resin printer. It has been tweaked several times to where it is is at now. For the chassis, I'm presently using a Farish 11' Cattle wagon chassis. Now I need to come up with some "Calf Van" decals.
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