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  1. Nice Signal Box

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    2. nebnoswal


      The very same

    3. nebnoswal


      The very same


    4. down the sdjr

      down the sdjr

      Great looking layout. So few photos about of the goods yard i suppose you had to use modellers licence as i did. Mines 00 gauge and a bit short and cramped due to lack of space because of a incline south out of the station. I have a few other DCR stations in my loft, Durweston, Shillingstone, working on Henstridge at the moment and future plans for Blandford.

      Overview of Stur.



  2. Have you thought about using Railtech decals?
  3. Great work. What did you use for the chimney?
  4. Made a start on a pair of LNWR special cattle vans
  5. Some updated pics of my Sturminster Newton layout Station yards Cattle pens Rear of station Butts Pond Total railway yards and dairy Local freight Layout frontage - 4m
  6. Can suggest an appropriate shade of grey to paint some S&DJR 5 plank wagons TIA
  7. Does anyone know the status of 2mm Locomotives at present. I made a purchase of eBay from Damien for a 2mm MR 0-4-4T. This was back in March, so the 60 day period has expired. My last contact was at the end of May. I don't want to muck-raking, but I'm presently out of pocket $200+ for a loco and I can't the person responsible to respond to any emails, directly from the 2mm loco website and eBay. Its is further compounded by the fact that I live down under. Any assistance or news would be helpful cheers Ben of Oz
  8. Bachman, through their collectors club are releasing a limited edition N gauge 4F, in S&DJR Prussian livery. How genuine is this?
  9. I've started a new blog www.nebsdownundermodeling.blogspot.com.au
  10. The past 12 months has seen new additions , especially in post Christmas period. Fairburn Jinty A4 A pair of duchesses S&DJR Jinty 4F
  11. The last couple of months has seen me trying to finish of some the many UFO's. On the list were some LMS 6 wheeled CCT's. These are brass etches made by Etched Pixels, which glue on to a 3D print body, which in turn fits onto a NGS 6 wheels chassis from the stove R. These were quite simple to build. I opted to solder the sides together and then glue the body. The body's come with or without rainstrip. While the printed strip is a bit thick, added brass wire and shaping was a tad difficult Roof and end painting occurred today, now they just need decals. That is another story, for another time.
  12. I'd start by apologising, it has been quite sometime since I add to/ updated this blog. Over the spanning time the modelling mojo has ebbed and flowed. I've been encouraged by Sithlord to get my act together and post some updates. Work on the Patriot has continued, ever so slowly. Applying the lining decals has been an experience Just as I was about to order some nameplates, the NGS shop closed, so now just awaiting the modelmaster section to be updated to order some plates. The lining in the tender needs some attention. Using microset/sol and mr softner have had average results. Even consulting Phil Badger (1/3 of Ixion), still couldn't improve them.
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