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  1. Always on the lookout for some variety, I thought I would try to draw a LMS D1819 Calf Van. Drawing was done using Fusion 360 and printed on an Anycubic resin printer. It has been tweaked several times to where it is is at now. For the chassis, I'm presently using a Farish 11' Cattle wagon chassis. Now I need to come up with some "Calf Van" decals.
  2. 3D printing is bubbling away downunder. Given a challenge from Jerry, I made an attempt at a S&DJR 6 wheeled brake van. Photos were limited, and accessing the drawing took some time. Its been through several incarnations as new information was received. Its currently sitting on a 2mm MR 6 wheel Brake chassis.
  3. It looks like the drawing, with ends, is available from the HMRS. https://hmrs.org.uk/drawings/goods-brake-and-mail-20-ton-6-wheel.html
  4. I found the drawing via a google search on the Mousa Models page, and used it for the basis of my drawing https://www.mousa.biz/fourmm/wagons/s&djr_wagons4.html
  5. The only info I have for this photo was that is was taken at the turn on the century, 1900
  6. I've been making an attempt at 3D printing the 6 Wheel Brake van, in 2mm/N gauge. I've only had access to 1 drawing and 1 photo, which are both side on views. Info or pics of the ends appear to be rare. I've used the 20T Mail/ Brake van end as a basis, but with internal bracing. Anyone have any info/pics or have built the 4mm kit? cheers Ben of Oz SDJR_6_Wheel_Brake_Side_aand_end_wall_v18.stl
  7. thanks to Sithlord, I've joined the ranks of the 3D printing. First wagon to be attempted (succesfully) is the S&DJR 10T covered goods. I initially started using Sketchup, while easy to use, I encountered a few issues so I moved onto Fusion 360, which seems to be goto program here.
  8. Nice Signal Box

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      The very same

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      The very same


    4. down the sdjr

      down the sdjr

      Great looking layout. So few photos about of the goods yard i suppose you had to use modellers licence as i did. Mines 00 gauge and a bit short and cramped due to lack of space because of a incline south out of the station. I have a few other DCR stations in my loft, Durweston, Shillingstone, working on Henstridge at the moment and future plans for Blandford.

      Overview of Stur.



  9. Have you thought about using Railtech decals?
  10. Great work. What did you use for the chimney?
  11. Made a start on a pair of LNWR special cattle vans
  12. Some updated pics of my Sturminster Newton layout Station yards Cattle pens Rear of station Butts Pond Total railway yards and dairy Local freight Layout frontage - 4m
  13. Can suggest an appropriate shade of grey to paint some S&DJR 5 plank wagons TIA
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