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  1. Model of Leysdown on the Sheppey Light Railway http://www.leysdown.org.uk and as featured in the April 2020 edition of Railway Modeller
  2. Is this confirmed? Both the visitor website page https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/information/the-london-festival-of-railway-modelling and the trade website page https://www.warners-shows.co.uk/indoor-shows/the-london-festival-of-railway-modelling at the time of writing are still promoting the new dates of 22/23 August.
  3. Hi Martyn, I don't believe that either layout has appeared in the model railway press per se. However both appear extensively in Iain Rice's book Creating Cameo Layouts with Longwood Edge being a collaborative effort between Iain and Don Leeper.
  4. An ultra quick breakdown, load and trip home for Leysdown and its three operators - now to unload in the sunshine. And then a well earned pint of Bishops Finger!
  5. As featured in April's Railway Modeller to coincide with the York Show - we present Leysdown, a portrayal of the Sheppey Light Railway terminus in P4. Hope to be at the show next year - work on-call depending! Happy Easter
  6. All SE&CR liveried versions sold out - only the early SR Brown livery ones can now be pre ordered on the Rail's website. https://railsofsheffield.com/groups/3034/se-cr-16-covered-goods-wagon
  7. From the website it looks like the SE&CR Light Grey versions with "normal" doors now sold out.
  8. The new dates are on the world-of-railways website: https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/information/the-london-festival-of-railway-modelling "Warners Shows have decided to cancel the London Festival of Railway Modelling, 21-22 March 2020. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding events to the hobby and this decision was not reached lightly, but the right one for the health and safety of all involved. Naturally, we are all very disappointed. We have secured a new date (22/23 August 2020) - more details will follow in May. Thank you to all the sponsors, exhibitors, layouts, societies and visitors for their continued support for the show during these exceptional circumstances. We will shortly be making contact with everyone who is involved in the show to organise transfers / refunds."
  9. Dear All, The 2020 Chiltern Model Railway Exhibition photographic retrospective has just been uploaded to the Association's website. https://cmra.org.uk/stevenage20.html Also uploaded are the preliminary details for next year's Stevenage show https://cmra.org.uk/exhibition.html
  10. Thought you might be interested in a picture of Jeff Day's model of Sandford & Banwell's station master's house which is on his 4mm/ft scale P4 layout based on the station.
  11. A couple of pictures of Sandford & Banwell in the College's theatre. From above - 18ft x 12ft. From three quarters - viewing on three-ish sides.
  12. The team were pleasantly surprised to be awarded The Founder's Cup at Southampton considering the other layouts that were there - we understand it was a close call with the excellent Calderwood. We were extremely well looked after - with tea and biscuits just down the corridor. The next outing is scheduled to be the Derby show in the Roundhouse on the 9th & 10th May - after that we don't have any other exhibitions confirmed. A couple of photographs of the layout at the weekend. From above - 18ft x 12ft From three quarters - viewing on three-ish sides
  13. I think we are going to be in the theatre space - look forward to meeting you.
  14. The team are looking forward to attending with Sandford & Banwell. Photo Tony Wright
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