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  1. Finally uploaded the 2019 Uckfield Model Railway Exhibition retrospective to the Club's website. http://www.uckfieldmrc.co.uk/exhib19nf.html Hope the pictures give a flavour of the show. Initial information about the 2020 event has also been uploaded.
  2. Not yet in WH Smith at London Bridge today - which is usually one of the first to have it on their shelves.
  3. De Graafstroom which as well as the most votes in the Public vote also picked up the Keith Nock Memorial Trophy as the favourite layout of members, exhibitors and the trade. The layout from the Netherlands measures some 12ft long with a scenic section 10ft wide into the wings (7ft opening) x 3ft 10in deep. It goes from this: To this for transportation: The baseboard on the right, which is sitting in the lid of the transportation box, is lifted up and goes on top of the board on the left, sitting on its four peg feet. The lid is then put on and the whole thing then lifted onto the roof rack on the car - total weight box and layout is 35kg. The box has proved to be very watertight given the weather on Friday! More pictures will soon be published in the exhibition retrospective.
  4. Every layout polled at least one first place on a voting form thereby being at least someone's favourite. Top three were: 1) De Graafstroom (P87n3.5) by Vincent de Bode, Peter van der Kooij and Claude Moinier 2) Blueball Summit (British N) by Andrew Bartlett 3) Fen End Pit (16mm scale) by David Barham
  5. For those arriving early the Uckfield Civic Centre's newly refurbished restaurant 'Luxfords' will be opening at 9am each day serving bacon filled and sausage filled rolls along with tea/coffee. The restaurant will be open on both days. http://www.civiccentreuckfield.com/restaurant/?q=luxfords-restaurant.html
  6. Hi Andy, Excellent nine page article in the latest MRJ. Looking forward to seeing the layout this weekend at Uckfield. http://www.uckfieldmrc.co.uk/exhibition.html
  7. Two of the layouts appearing at the show, Blueball Summit and Midland in Bristol, feature heavily in the latest edition of Model Railway Journal (MRJ 274) which has just been published. Also Bottom Works Sidings appears in the Cameo Gems feature and elsewhere. There may be a few copies of MRJ 274 on sale at the show for those who don't have it on subscription and can't wait to find it in a WH Smiths - that is if the exhibitors don't beat you to them!
  8. Two of the featured layouts, Blueball Summit and Midland in Bristol, will be making an appearance at this weekend's Uckfield Model Railway Exhibition. Also at the show will be Chris Matthew's Bottom Works Sidings which appears in the Cameo Gems feature and elsewhere. Website: http://www.uckfieldmrc.co.uk/exhibition.html RMweb thread: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/147532-35th-uckfield-model-railway-exhibition-19th20th-october-2019/ There may also be a few copies of MRJ 274 on sale at the show for those who don't have it on subscription and can't wait to find it in a WH Smiths
  9. Another layout appearing at Uckfield is October's Continental Modeller's Railway of the Month - De Graafstroom. Built by Vincent de Bode and two friends the layout will be making its first trip to the UK from Holland. Vincent is probably better known in the UK for his GER P4 layout Flintfield. Picture by Len de Vries The layout is built to P87 standards using 12.26mm gauge track to represent the prototypes 3ft 6in gauge. Featuring various animations including the sailing barge, swan, lifting bridge and of course the sound fitted trains this will be one to see.
  10. The Modbury Torr (TT) entry has alongside it a description relating to Faringdon (P4) which I don't believe is attending?
  11. Looking forward to seeing you at the show with Midland in Bristol.
  12. No - it is not just you. It seems as Andy says that the powers that be have reorganised the website. Link to the layouts is now: https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/information/the-national-festival-of-railway-modelling-layout
  13. Looking forward to seeing you and your colleagues - hope you enjoy the show.
  14. Updated initial post with additional layout - Daconby Town (3mm finescale) by Colin Wilson. That makes it 13 different scale gauge combinations featured.
  15. One of the layouts attending is Blueball Summit which is making its second exhibition outing. Andy has recently uploaded a short video of the layout onto YouTube.
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