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  1. Thanks Dave - CMRA website 2021 diary updated.
  2. Just noticed that according to the Bentley MRG website that Trainwest 2021 has now been officially cancelled. http://www.bmrg.org.uk/ We are now unfortunately starting to see events that were cancelled in 2020 being cancelled for 2021.
  3. Thanks - CMRA website exhibition diary updated.
  4. Sorry to hear that. Would you be willing to share the name of the venue so that I can update the 2021 Wakefield RMS Exhibition entry on the CMRA website diary? As an Association we are trying in these uncertain times to keep abreast of Associates' exhibitions whether they be cancelled or still scheduled to go ahead.
  5. Hi Geraint, Vincent and colleagues were kind enough to bring De Graafstroom to Uckfield last year - its only UK visit to date. I agree it is a superb piece of modelling winning both the Keith Nock Memorial Trophy and the public Best in Show Award. More pictures at http://www.uckfieldmrc.co.uk/exhib19/degraafstroom.html Excellent video of Obbekaer by the way - just had chance to view as wasn't around for the "virtual" Scaleforum.
  6. With the National Festival of Railway Modelling in Peterborough now officially cancelled as per the World of Railway's website it means that all the Chiltern Model Railway Association member exhibitions scheduled for the remainder of 2020 that the CMRA have previously been notified about, are cancelled. https://www.cmra.org.uk/diary.html And we are now starting to get quite a few cancelled for 2021. https://www.cmra.org.uk/diary21.html
  7. in WHSmith in Brighton city centre this morning.
  8. Also I believe that admission was free according to a friend who attended yesterday. Presumably trade stand rents (if any) offset any layout expenses (if any).
  9. Not completely correct re the locomotives as I believe there were four types. 1) Nos 1 & 2 in original form with long side tanks 2) Nos 3 to 8 in original form with short side tanks and well tank 3) Nos 1 & 2 in modified form with extended smokebox and long tanks 4) Nos 3 to 8 in modified form with extended smokebox with short side tanks and well tank As Nick Holliday says the modifications to the spark arresters, which resulted in the extended smokebox, were carried out on No 5 first, followed by No 8 but then, according to Bradley, were carried
  10. Before going down the crowdfunded route for a kit it might be worth contacting Dave at Roxey Mouldings to see if he still has some interest in the project. If going for ready-to-run that's a different matter!
  11. Yes there are but again for those interested in the articulated set those specified on Shapeways do not make any differentiation between the main window spacing to reflect the two batches of the donor railmotor coaches. If the differences had been taken into account there would be four coaches offered, 2 for set 513 and two for set 514, and not three.
  12. Yes quite correct - the S.E.& C.R. Railmotors were built in two batches and there were differences both in the locomotive and coach bodies. Nos 1 & 2 in 1905 and Nos 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 in 1906 The later locomotives differed from the original pair by having shorter side-tanks. The fully panelled carriage portions were dimensionally the same as the original two but differed in detail. On the second batch the bodyside windows were narrower, with a consequently larger panel between each; the third and sixth seating bays viewed from the inner end had pairs of
  13. Robin and family with Port Foxdale at the 2001 Uckfield Model Railway Exhibition. My and the Uckfield Club's condolences to Susan, Tim and Annie.
  14. List of exhibitions organised by Chiltern Model Railway Association (CMRA) members cancelled or otherwise : https://cmra.org.uk/diary.html
  15. Unfortunately the EM Gauge Society website seems to be experiencing problems at this moment in time having lost all it's formatting. However expoEM Autumn this September is definitely canceled - confirmed by a facebook post on the 22nd May https://www.facebook.com/emgauge/
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