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  1. Beyond them "somehow" being the precursor of the design... Brush clearly took that design and produced a related high speed variant. Absolutely ignoring nothing, just noting the related nature...
  2. Mind you isn't it a close variant of that under the 58, 60 and 92 though so wasn't too much of a stretch for Brush..?
  3. The Texan turbines were somewhat cheap ass "warm country" versions that weren't prepped for the exceptional conditions they endured.
  4. It's almost by definition carbon neutral because it is from a renewable carbon capturing source.
  5. Yup, another NIMBY group... Though to be fair the bottom of the article with the official statements does rather deflate their attention grabbing headline...
  6. I suspect they are going down the route they did with the MK3 DVT i.e. no front NEM socket.
  7. It would probably be way cheaper to convert a small pool of PCs to be able to produce conventional ETH.
  8. Whilst the point of proposing this unicorn infested project is entirely a sop to keeping Scotland in the Union, an independent Scotland would very likely be in the EU so less of a border with NI than is currently endured...
  9. It's approximately half as efficient unless you set up two production lines at Swindon
  10. The quick question is what other production run would you sacrifice to get that increase..?
  11. DP1's differences from the production Deltics go quite a bit deeper than the nose - she's shorter for one, and so are her bogies.
  12. Turnout, Medium Radius, Concrete, Left Hand – PECO (peco-uk.com)
  13. As I understand it Brush were more than happy to license it, for suitable remuneration which was beyond the budget of the 67...
  14. The main reason to replace the bogies on the 50 with those from a 37 is that they'd then be correct length rather than the H0 scale bogies that the 50 inherited from the Deltic, though the footsteps would be in the wrong place. A lot of people have done the mod (particularly back in the day before the Hornby 50 appearing) but I'd be fairly confident modifications would be needed to the chassis for the longer 37 bogie to go in at the motor end at least.
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