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  1. That's probably your biggest, most consistent untapped source right there. We've just had a brute of one deployed for testing up here in Orkney...
  2. The later 4SUBs were EE507 motored and what became the 455/9's got their traction motors from them.
  3. More to the point the 455's recycled traction motors from withdrawn 4SUBs...
  4. Given any operator of a railway in the UK pays track access charges I think that identifies the separate pot of money quite neatly...
  5. That would be an operating cost, not a construction cost - different pot of money.
  6. Nearer to 50+, they also seem to be slightly under scale when along side the Farish ones.
  7. Pretty much the only things that are wrong with the current tooling are all chassis related. It could do with new bogies first and foremost (NEM pockets plus being correct width), decoder socket and a lighting system and the rest is pretty much okay and could probably be warmed over a bit rather than a complete retool.
  8. Never say never when Chinese manufacturers are involved I guess. It would vey much be a case of finding a mutual overlap with other applications, current or potential. OLED is another technology that lends itself to this but requires power to keep a display (stay live capacitor?), but as I understand it is considerably more adaptable to this kind of application.
  9. Programmable headcodes should be doable these days using small LED/e-ink (like the Kindle etc) displays with a backlight. What you would need is a dedicated circuit board to control the 2-4 panels (they're fairly standard sizes across BR locos etc aren't they?) with an interface to a suitable DCC chip and a micro USB interface for manual programming and job's a goodun. I'd previous suggested it to Dave Who Shall Not Be Named, who liked the idea, so perhaps give it a body swerve
  10. As I understand it, the 1974 batch were all new build due to the unavailability of stock to convert for the trailer vehicles.
  11. To be completely fair, Dapol had never actually promised those modifications to the tooling.
  12. Per this exchange... There may be some issues there, notably in the Oxford MK3s (those of the dodgy underframes) being scaled at 1:76 rather than 1:76.2. It's almost a case of I'd say of producing new tooling from the Oxford CAD to the correct scale (and correcting the underframes (and any other "issues" at the same time), also presumably re-jigging the CAD to give commonality with the Sliding Door MK3s that Hornby recently produced). The cheaper fix would be "just" a retooled underframe and ignore the scale issues but you know Hornby will get roasted for that as well.
  13. How's about Mk2 Pullmans and a Class 81? Supported by 310/312 and while they're finessing the MK2 body profile the NIR Class 80 as well
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