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  1. It's fairly symptomatic of a lot of peeps hereabouts who insist on calling a spade an horticultural earth displacement tool at every opportunity.
  2. That only works if your train is 4 hours late mate... Also, if my job required me to make a 300mile round trip daily to London, I'd hope it wouldn't pay the "pittance" you were suggesting.
  3. What we know is that Bachmann have an exclusive licensing deal. There's not a lot more that really needs explained to the rest of us - and Hornby. You're making the assumption that big corporation must give stuff away for free because it won't make mega bucks because big corporation doesn't need the money. So why then enter into ANY licensing agreement? You'll say that's to protect the integrity of the brand, but then if anyone can license it for nothing, you'll get tests of the boundaries pretty damn rapidly. Then you have got costs involved in giving away your licenses....
  4. Quite frankly, if I were Bachmann and I had to purchase the rights to produce a model, I would make damn certain those rights were exclusive and so would anyone looking to secure the rights for something that is, quite frankly, not that important. If the rights were freely available to be bought then the return from them would be minimised to GBRf. The rights really only have value to them in an exclusivity arrangement.
  5. I'm wondering if this announcement might have been moved up because someone else was sniffing around the license only to discover Bachmann had beaten them to an exclusive deal...
  6. That'll be down to the browser you're using resolving the mime type correctly. Works fine in Edge/Chrome here as is.
  7. Arguably it does mean Fantastic as the phrase "Great Britain" was used as an upsell after the crowns of England and Scotland were unified under James VI of Scotland. Beforehand the island was merely "Britain", but now that "all of it" was under the one crown it was Great!
  8. Interoperability isn't the issue though - reinventing the wheel is a different matter... Because they wouldn't meet, you'd not have to prevent them working together as such (to prevent one or tuther getting dragged off juice etc)., so there was no real need to make them incompatible, and in theory BR could have simplified maintenance across all EMUs by using a greater number of common parts on the control side of things. That's when you use the emergency airpipes isn't it?
  9. And of course the fact that pretty much all of the AM series of EMUs had a common MU standard (which of course was different but similar to SR's one).
  10. Mind you wasn't that more as a result of trying to maintain common working practices rather than compatibility (note the DEMUs couldn't work with the EMUs) and the 455s and 456s were notable as an example of this being somewhat misapplied (Souther Region doing a "not invented here" with regards a new MU standard)?
  11. It isn't just a matter of software but hardware. The coupling is one thing, but the MU connector is only relatively standard within a single manufacturer in shape and arrangement with regards to what might be a common coupler. As a starting point you need the various manufacturers to conform to even the barest outlines of a standard between them. Good luck with that...
  12. Is the back of any of these three pre-scored or just plain? But it certainly would suggest that you need to cut them to requirement, which does give maximum flexibility.
  13. Almost certainly not, but you can offset your income tax as I understand it as well against various household costs that you accrue in connection with working from home.
  14. I'd be wary because all the signs are there for a revamp of the range after the groundwork was done for the short formation vehicles... With the loco hauled stock, they've covered a lot of them (with the most obvious error of the godawful profile of the underframe...) and they're left with the ones that don't share the same ends I think (the 3b's and the Sleepers). I'd say the "Hornby connection" is probably what is keeping them well away from the HST vehicles now (not necessarily before hand). If Accurscale were to go for the HST MK3's, they'd really have t
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