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  1. Though it's a really outside chance given those N gauge models are based off of the now Bachmann 00 versions so probably not the best starting point...
  2. You should be fine with any N gauge stock of the last thirty years pretty much, and there's not much older than that I'd give layout space to, though even then you're really just down to Lima stock being the issue with its godawful pizza cutters for wheels. Loco-wise, of that era everything that was good has modern counterparts that are way better in every regard. Beyond the Minitrix Class 47 I'm hard pressed to think of anything outside of Farish worth hanging on to. Apart from the grossly inaccurate Minitrix Warship that will haul ANYTHING you put on the back of it.
  3. Probably because there's a lot more mass hence inertia in a loco than the motor cars of the REP.
  4. Again, not quite. "Great Britain" only became formally a thing when James VI of Scotland assumed the English throne and the Great was added by him as an affectation and he declared himself "King of Great Britain" presumably to signify the whole island being under a single crown. From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Britain
  5. Or if you pay attention to the Blue radius lines on the diagram, it's quite clear it isn't R3 on it's outer leg at any point. As said elsewhere, it's an unholy combination of R643, R606 curves and R610 straights.
  6. I'd be very surprised if the tooling(s) which allow the current level of adaptability to produce so many variants of the sliding door MK3s wouldn't have the provision to cover the slam door ones in the future - that would just be prudent. As it stands, the sliding door variants don't cannibalise their existing MK3 market but fill a very current gap those MK3s didn't cover.
  7. I'd refer the honourable gentlemen to the MK4 TSOE
  8. This might be exactly what you're looking for, which is from Hornby's new MK1's - there's got to be a fighting chance it'll be a clip in replacement or close to it. https://www.petersspares.com/Hornby-x6949-mk1-coach-pickup-bogie-with-nem-socket.ir
  9. Actually, I don't think that's what he means. He just means the spacer between the two points. It would be a fiddly bit of kit though...
  10. Actually, not quite. The high level air pipes are gone but the MU socket and cable are still where they always were, it's just the storage socket for the jumper has been moved towards the centre. Oh and the new (AAR or is it still Bluestar?) jumper socket has been added. The other big external change is the drop head Delner coupler now fitted that the MK5's are in service.
  11. More relevantly the 92's are of the same design family.
  12. If you're no longer going to be working HST sets with them, then not exactly rocket science to sort that one out...
  13. However, given that HST power cars have previously been modified to work with TDM (those that worked with the 91's and 89 before all the MK4 sets were rolled out) it's a problem with a known solution.
  14. Except those current arrangements won't be the current arrangements post Brexit necessarily...
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