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  1. Actually, not quite. The high level air pipes are gone but the MU socket and cable are still where they always were, it's just the storage socket for the jumper has been moved towards the centre. Oh and the new (AAR or is it still Bluestar?) jumper socket has been added. The other big external change is the drop head Delner coupler now fitted that the MK5's are in service.
  2. More relevantly the 92's are of the same design family.
  3. If you're no longer going to be working HST sets with them, then not exactly rocket science to sort that one out...
  4. However, given that HST power cars have previously been modified to work with TDM (those that worked with the 91's and 89 before all the MK4 sets were rolled out) it's a problem with a known solution.
  5. Except those current arrangements won't be the current arrangements post Brexit necessarily...
  6. Given the scale creep that has occurred over the years in tabletop miniatures perhaps it's worth looking at the current licensed range? https://store.warlordgames.com/collections/doctor-who
  7. They were an anachronism even when they introduced in not having automatic physical and MW coupling (the class 312's were the previous anomaly...).
  8. Or, if you went down the uprated engine route, you could displace units from the Aberdeen and Inverness routes and maybe have something that might actually not embarrass itself towards the top of Scotland...
  9. That's an urban myth, with it's roots in the US... https://www.thoughtco.com/chevy-nova-that-wouldnt-go-3078090 and... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opel_Corsa#Nova
  10. To be completely honest, not a clue. Looking at the size of the thing, there probably could be space for a pair, provided you're not packing too much else down there (cue list of all things that would need to be displaced...) so easier is probably adding one to a driving car and all those knock-on's as you said.
  11. Perhaps one of the intermediates is double engined? There might be room if said intermediate didn't have retention tanks (so no toilets), and that would keep the driving trailers with their floor levels etc as they are at current. But the scheme you're proposing might be better, especially if it allows for traction motors to be fitted to that driving trailer as well which would obviously have benefits.
  12. However, any point on the surface of a sphere is flat
  13. Very much the definition of flat under a central force like gravity
  14. HMRC have been very clear that UK raised crowdfunding efforts (in broad definition) are liable for VAT as it is income for the crowd-funder.
  15. I'd severely doubt that an Airfix MK2D would go around R2 curves coupled on the headstocks with Kadees but it would with them mounted in a CCM.
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