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  1. Never say never when Chinese manufacturers are involved I guess. It would vey much be a case of finding a mutual overlap with other applications, current or potential. OLED is another technology that lends itself to this but requires power to keep a display (stay live capacitor?), but as I understand it is considerably more adaptable to this kind of application.
  2. Programmable headcodes should be doable these days using small LED/e-ink (like the Kindle etc) displays with a backlight. What you would need is a dedicated circuit board to control the 2-4 panels (they're fairly standard sizes across BR locos etc aren't they?) with an interface to a suitable DCC chip and a micro USB interface for manual programming and job's a goodun. I'd previous suggested it to Dave Who Shall Not Be Named, who liked the idea, so perhaps give it a body swerve
  3. As I understand it, the 1974 batch were all new build due to the unavailability of stock to convert for the trailer vehicles.
  4. To be completely fair, Dapol had never actually promised those modifications to the tooling.
  5. Per this exchange... There may be some issues there, notably in the Oxford MK3s (those of the dodgy underframes) being scaled at 1:76 rather than 1:76.2. It's almost a case of I'd say of producing new tooling from the Oxford CAD to the correct scale (and correcting the underframes (and any other "issues" at the same time), also presumably re-jigging the CAD to give commonality with the Sliding Door MK3s that Hornby recently produced). The cheaper fix would be "just" a retooled underframe and ignore the scale issues but you know Hornby will get roasted for that as well.
  6. How's about Mk2 Pullmans and a Class 81? Supported by 310/312 and while they're finessing the MK2 body profile the NIR Class 80 as well
  7. Roco manufacture Bachmann UK's set track for them, for reasons not entirely unrelated to Roco no longer manufacturing Hornby's set track since production of that was moved to China
  8. You're being somewhat disingenuous to the Minitrix UK line there which was one of the pioneers of UK N gauge through its various distributors (Peco, Hornby and Bachmann).
  9. Indeed as I understand it most containers are manufactured in China and a good many make just one trip to the west on the high seas with cargo before being sold on.
  10. Obviously no point putting NEM sockets on such a locomotive...
  11. Well I suppose I should have said it gave the clear impression of an attempt to do an end run around at the other HST MK3's at a later date even if that wasn't how it eventually went. Eeek! I knew the underframe issues were bad, but not that bad. In light of what you said, the risk vs Hornby is somewhat reduced, though it may be somewhat foolhardy to go in Day 1 with sliding door stock for any other manufacturer. It would definitely have to be a policy of pick your targets carefully and grow the range off of the initial (hopefully) successes.
  12. Hornby might now have the makings of a solution on that front now that they own Oxford outright (they'll need to tool new underframes to sort out "that" issue on the Oxford MK3s as well (though if they were canny, the sliding doors' ones might already be compatible or adaptable) as new roof vent variants for the HST vehicles) and of course put a close coupling mechanism on the power cars... If I were AS, I'd be looking at different opportunities with more managable risk.
  13. An HST opens so many cans of worms though. Putting to one side that Hornby are clearly looking at retooling their existing HST MK3s in the wake of the "Sliding Door" variants (and the risk of going head to head there), exactly what should AS tool up to start with? Go Classic as introduced? "Just" do the non-CDL versions to start with? "Just" do complete sets? Every time you answer the question a "but" appears...
  14. Erm, isn't that exactly what Nick's has though? However what it does mean is that Bachmann have now tooled up CW bogies for the CEP/BEPs... which means they can take a stab at Phase 2 units (7205 ‑ 7211 in particular without tooling up a new (MK3B) power bogie). Whilst it opens up the opportunities for the refurbished units as well, they need a lot of other new tooling as well.
  15. Hang about, that has Commonwealth bogies don't it..? Which presumably means the other non-motor bogies in the set are CW as well... Weren't the previous releases of the CEP the non-CW versions?
  16. Alternatively just leave the cabs in place as that costs nothing and you're not exactly losing "useful" space to them and you retain the flexibility to reform them anyway you like.
  17. My gen 1 Limby 73 poses no danger to rice puddings... Hornby rapidly added traction tyres to their ex-Lima models after the first releases.
  18. Saying the 2B/C is too close to the 2A is pretty much like saying the King Class is too close to the Castle Class.
  19. 2F rather than 2D... The 2B/C would fill the obvious void as they are markedly different from the 2A/Z we have already. 2D/E would not markedly different from the 2F. So a reasonable bet (however I'll always put in a vote for the MK2 Pullmans...). The big thing is of the missing MK2s, the B, C and Pullman ones are not present currently in N AND 00.
  20. Just a thought, but have you tried the chassis on DC after removing the 3 decoders?
  21. I think the Peco HAA wagon has that title neatly wrapped up. I think we first heard promises of that in the mid to late 80's and it finally appeared mid noughties.
  22. Apart from the ex-Tyneside 2EPB units
  23. It's a reasonably simple process. At that employee's exit interview you remind them of their contractual responsibilities and present them with an invoice for the full amount and there will probably be a very rapid conversation about how they can't afford to pay it back in one lump. That might result in a re-payment schedule. If they are truly valuable to their new employer, they may cover this as part of the recruitment costs. But if payment isn't forthcoming then you pursue through the courts, which could ultimately lead to an arrestment of earnings which their new employer would be legally obliged to make (and their are reasonable guidelines for this ). It's a pretty standard clause in most contracts (certainly in the IT sector). The only potential employees it will discourage are those who are going to be job hopping in any case.
  24. This is one area the Bachmann EZ-Mate NEM couplers score on - best knuckle coupler to use for the MK2a on trainset curves IME.
  25. I'm hard pressed to see any sensible options to reduce costs without compromising the high quality of production Rapido are renowned for.
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