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  1. Although I'm certain the creator of the three-rail layout is rightfully proud. . .Please make it stop!!!! Not you, F-Unit. Gotta admire a guy who's not shy about using bullhead rail and SG frogs on the same layout.
  2. Let me clarify -- Mr. Reichert was to whom I should have specifically addressed my first post. I thought his remarks were somewhat harsh -- "I'm not sure where the 'talent' comes in. ..." -- the most objectionable. Critiquing the critics? Sure, I'll plead guilty to that. And to take your logic to its conclusion, if they needn't show anything using the same models and materials, neither is it incumbent upon me. To propose such a thing in rebuttal to my comments is in itself facile. Were I to critique the video, I would want to point out areas of good modeling as well as areas that could stand improvements. Second, we have no disagreement with the statement "not needing to be good at something oneself to be able to see good in the work of others." What led you to believe we disagree? Who cannot visit your blog site and say, "There's some superb modeling; that's inspiring."?
  3. No, but I'm not the one critiquing the quality of modeling one way or the other, am I? I'm merely pointing out the inconsistency of those whose who find fault with another's work without having anything of substance to show how they have done it better. I believe those types are pretty commonly found traipsing through exhibitions, are they not? Perhaps you're among their ranks?
  4. To all the critics above, where's yours? Please, show the unwashed how it should be correctly done using exactly the same track and rolling stock. I'm certain we'll be waiting a very long time. ...:-)
  5. One of the advantages of a blog is that you completely control the content. There's no off-topic banter unless you OK its publication. You'd be surprised at how many comments in a forum topic have little to do with the subject at hand. Another advantage of a blog are links you add to your front page to other favorite model railway blogs. Easier for you to keep up with their endeavors and vice versa. Third, a blog affords you more creativity and leeway in regard to presentation. Just an alternative point of view.
  6. No options for the Great Lakes region, Lloyd. Several though on the west coast, including Portland, Oregon (say it like the natives -- Ora-gun). Great Lakes Shipping becomes Pacific Coast Shipping.
  7. Really interesting to see the ol' gal in action, the 44-tonner. Nucor is adjacent to Terminal 5, which is part of my workaday beat in the Seattle Terminal. If you Google Earth the location, Nucor is just southwest of Harbor Island. You can see one of the GEs in the satellite photo. That reminds me, I need to upgrade the software for the details protecting the West Seattle drawbridge!
  8. I see you have the right book at hand; just acquired that title myself two weeks ago. Lovely architecture, isn't it, Winty?
  9. See Blair Atholl Towards Drumocther for an example of a beautiful layout using this combination of Peco and SMP.
  10. Had I the practical means to get it shipped overseas, I would take up the offer. Just found this thread, Mike, and what a superb layout you have created. I hope someone can provide a good home.
  11. Mortonhampstead's shed is certainly another gauntlet thrown down in the direction of North Wales. Will Iain counterpunch with his latest gem?
  12. Excellent, finally made it into MR. I shall have to get a copy!
  13. Thank you all for the update. I had a link on my blog to his blog, but that had gone dormant.
  14. I've not seen anything about Simon Glidewell's P4 layout St. Mary Hoo in quite sometime. Anyone know how Simon is and his great layout too?
  15. Mr. Robinson probably is laying out the styrene for a 7mm model of said house even at this moment.
  16. There was concern expressed last year on an N scale forum about whether the Frog Juicer reacts quickly enough to reverse polarity and thereby prevent the rail pitting that can occur from a short circuit. The circuit is essentially a one-shot flip-flop, with MOSFETs doing the heavy lifting. Reaction time is about 300 microseconds. Even with the 5 amps needed to drive the Juicer, that's nowhere near enough time for a short circuit to be detected by a DCC command Station or for any damage to the rail.
  17. It's the argument of value versus cost -- and Frog Juicers are a good value. Finicky micro switches and the fiddly means to mount and actuate them, not a good value. Just my experience.
  18. Just one now, Dave; the other is one the way to me! Thanks again!
  19. Thanks to everyone! I'd thought perhaps I'd inadvertently stumped the band, as we say here.
  20. Thanks for the lead, Brian. Much appreciated.
  21. After searching the Internet for hours, I'm coming up empty in my quest for a track plan of Oakamoor Sands Sidings. Does anyone have a source to which they can point me? Thanks!
  22. One gent in California has a very nice S scale standard gauge layout that appeared in Great Model Railroads. There's another fellow here in Pugetopolis with a standard gauge S scale layout, and there is a fair amount of Sn3 modelers in these parts.
  23. Other have already said so, but I feel compelled to anyway -- this thread has been thoroughly inspiring, entertaining and educational. Thank you, Allan and Iain!
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