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    Hello The good news is that I have both MR-003 BR Early 68184 and MR-004 BR Late (Dept 57) up for grabs The bad news is that I live in Canada.. Happy to post if you can afford the freight.. Best regards Bill
  2. Hello - what would you like? Network Rail boxed Pair 97302/97304/ in original box with bits unattached Network Rail 97302 single with bits unattached DRS 37229 - Jonty Jarvis with bits unattatched Only ever test run Please let me know if you are interested.. (I do live in Canada so postage won't be that cheap..)
  3. Having recently returned from the point and shoot wilderness and acquired a DSLR - Canon EOS T7i / 800D.. It is obvious that 1 battery won't do.. And after much investigation have opted to get hold of a third party battery or two., Asperx LP-E17 They seem to only come in pairs with a charger in tow.. but its a USB charger rather than the AC charger that Canon supplies.. And according to someone on some far-flung YouTube video, last well and don't evoke Canons battery nanny.. Also, the charger will, apparently, charge up Canons original offering. Anyways.. I'll soon find out the veracity of any of this and report back, that is if anyone is still interested..
  4. Here is a mug shot of the lead Loco of the Halifax to Montreal express (ave speed in the region of 50 kph..).. on a rainy day..
  5. There was a reason for that horn..
  6. Sending a package small packet Air is about $22.00 Canadian which is about 14 pounds UK.. I would want 80 pounds for 68184 so about 94 pounds total.. If it needs to be tracked then its $56.00 or about 34 pounds UK.. For a total of 114 Pounds.. Let me know if this falls within your budget..
  7. Hello - I have 68184 available, mint and unused if you want it - along with number 57 in similar condition.. I do live in Canada
  8. It is seven years later.. And all things eventually turn up.. and yes its players again Promoting their products in Pullman cars.. You don't stick branding on your products unless you have (a) permission (b) Intend to make money through advertising. (c) want to associate your product with prestige.. With players you will travel in style, etc.. Senior Service also did a similar thing with BR for their revamped Pullman services.. (P.S. the seller never even noticed the Pullman logo or even realised that it related to rail travel in a bygone era!
  9. Taken on 7th May 2019 at Bedford Nova Scotia, crossing the Sackville river - (Perhaps it was going home .) GMTX 2257 - I believe its a GP 38-2 ? P.S. A few moments later just after it had crossed..
  10. Hello If instead you want the Hawksworth maroon R4410 or the 4405A Custard and cream, then these are available.. Regards Bill
  11. Hello faa77 - I do have three of the Bachmann # 38-351 BAA Steel Carrier Wagons - The yellow/grey/black ones with steel coil loads. All original in pristine condition. Please get in touch if interested - P.S. I live in Canada, so the cost of postage maybe an issue, but is not too expensive if surface mail works for you..
  12. Hello I have three if you are still interested? 4090, 4089, 4088, in Engineers Olive Green DB993634, DB993413 and DB993057. All clean and in good (Heljan Style) working order.. with bits to attach..
  13. Hello - I do have in nearly mint practically unused condition.. 44-117 Booking Office + Canopy in original box 44-116 Waiting Room In original Box 44-114 Gents - Unsoiled in original box 44-120 Water column in original box 44-118 Subway stairs in original box.. 44-114 Lamp huts in original packaging If you are still needing these.. Snag - I live in Nova Scotia - The postage may not amuse you
  14. Are you still looking? I have the Waiting Room 44-116 and The Booking Office + canopy 44-117 and Lamp Huts 44-114 and Water Column 44-120... all unused. Snag #1 I live in Nova Scotia so the postage might not amuse you..
  15. I agree Rule 1(b) actually "..all those items you would have done anything to get to run on your model "train-set" when you were nine..".. Can anyone plausibly justify this rail gun running through an Austrian station in the 1960's?
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