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  1. On the Kernow website it says the SPTE orange version will only proceed if there are enough orders, likewise the Silverlink 321, so it doesn't appear to be definite that these are going ahead yet. Fingers crossed they do as I'm sure a lot of people buying an orange 320 will also want an orange 314.
  2. My Canadian modelling has taken a back seat as I'm focusing on a British project. I no longer travel to North America for work, so lack of contact with the prototype and fewer opportunities to shop (as well as the cost of shipping if I buy anything online) have put me off a little. But I know that the models I've accumulated would be difficult to replace so I'm holding on to them for a future CN project.
  3. There was a thread about it on Railforums a while back, which might yield a few clues. https://www.railforums.co.uk/threads/finnish-broad-gauge-steam-in-britain.58984/
  4. 91108 speeds north at Frinkley Lane, Marston, north of Grantham on May 14.
  5. I wonder if Virgin is pursuing this in the belief that the Williams Review is going to prompt a major shake-up of the franchising system with greater competition on key inter-city routes. Perhaps they see a future where the Not Primarily Abstractive test is less of a hindrance to open-access inter-city operators.
  6. Not sure if it qualifies, but St Combs, terminus of the short branch from Fraserburgh was very basic by the standards of the early 60s. Following the introduction of DMUs the small station building was demolished and the loop was removed, leaving a single-track stub with only a basic platform shelter. An early example of what happened at many other locations, though not enough to save this line from closure. http://www.gnsra.org.uk/gnsra_gallery_stations_127.htm https://rcts.zenfolio.com/diesel/br/dmu-1xx/105/hA0F7F8BB https://rcts.zenfolio.com/diesel/br/dmu-1xx/105/hA0F80238
  7. I don't think the short-term outlook is particularly grim, although rececent franchising policy has sustained and arguably exacerbated the age-old boom-and-bust cycle in rolling stock procurement. The current big boom might be followed by a big bust that claims a plant or two. But for now there are a few positives. New Tube for London will potentially keep Siemens' Goole plant busy until the 2030s if TfL exercises all of its options. Bombardier, CAF and Hitachi are shortlisted for the Tyne & Wear Metro fleet replacement (alongside CRRC and Stadler. This is due to be awarded next year. As already mentioned, Southeastern Networker replacement will generate a fair amount of work for one plant and of course there's HS2. Looking further ahead, we could see Sprinter replacement in the next Great Western franchise, bi-modes for Cross Country and a follow-on HS2 order to expand the fleet for Phase 2. I would also expect Scotrail 318s, 320s and 334s to go before the end of the 2020s.
  8. The fuel trains from the Humber refineries to Kingsbury near Tamworth are probably your best bet for DBC 60s. My favoured locations are Barnetby, Attenborough Nature Reserve near Nottingham, Broad Rushes bridge at Castle Donington, Barrow-on-Trent, Stenton Jn and Elford loop near Tamworth (depending on the time of day). A 60 isn't guaranteed - 6M00 has a tendency to produce a shed in my experience - but with RHTT season approaching a few 60s are being reinstated, so this is a good time to capture tugs on these workings.
  9. Great to see Creedyford today, you always seem to maintain a continuous flow of trains at the front and a really good mix of rolling stock, which makes it a very entertaining layout to watch. My lads (2 and 4) were captivated by the level crossing and insisted we go back for a second look before we left. I look forward to seeing what you do next Bill, just hope you don't scrap it!
  10. I was fortunate enough to be on the first 802 passenger run from Penzance to Exeter on Friday. There were five people in the rear cab and still plenty of space - it's probably big enough to get the refreshments trolley all the way to the driver.
  11. More information and pics of the train on test here: https://m.railjournal.com/index.php/rolling-stock/transpennine-express-unveils-mk5a-coaches.html
  12. A bit more detail on the RFQ here: http://m.railjournal.com/index.php/north-america/via-rail-issues-rfq-for-quebec-windsor-fleet-renewal.html?channel=000 October 2021 specified for delivery of the first set, revenue service 2Q 2022.
  13. Some details on delivery of the 802s and entry into service here: http://m.railjournal.com/index.php/rolling-stock/hitachi-presents-first-italian-built-class-802-for-gwr.html?channel=000
  14. Great to see you coming over to the dark side Mick! I've been running an Atlas GP38-2 and a GP40 on my (DC) layout for six years and they are excellent models. Decent detailing out of the box, very well built and excellent runners. I also have an Athearn Genesis GP38-2, which is beautifully detailed and a good runner, although it doesn't feel quite as solid as the Atlas units. I think if you are just starting out an Atlas Geep will serve you well.
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