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  1. Did not expect to see green at Llanbourne
  2. If you want something different try these we saw in Canada
  3. Phil, I sent you an email regarding destinations but forgot to include stopping stations. I am setting up from Hertford East to Liverpool St but can only get as far as Northumberland Park Cheers Peter
  4. What a smashing 4 videos. My wife and I visited Embsay in 1998 as its just up the road from Nelson, where I was born, but were more interested in the steam trip than the actual locos but I do remember spending a bit at the shop there.
  5. Thanks for that . Do you know what was the colours of the reversing lever and handbrake column? Peter
  6. I am detailing the cab of the above (Hornby model R2740) and wondering if there are any photos of internal layout and colours. I am converting it to a NCB unit for my Marsden Colliery and accept that the cab colours may be not as per original. Colours for any preserved loco's will be acceptable, Thanks Peter
  7. Try this site https://www.freewebs.com/firebrigademodels/figures/fire/176/index.html Peter
  8. For some reason unknown to me the logo keeps mentioning photobucket which I have never used. I am trying to get back to the original logo which I had used for years Peter
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