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  1. My apologies if this has been asked but could not find it in 21 pages. What is the advantage of becoming a Gold member if you don't live in the UK and are already a subscriber to Digital BRM? Peter
  2. Art, Thanks for that and I am certainly interested in the SK and Guards Van. The only thing different that I am doing is to use a function decoder instead of the switch Peter
  3. Hi Andy, I am not sure if this is related to the update but when I finish reading the new topics and "mark site read" nothing happens but if I then go back to the main header and check new content again, its all been ticked of as read Peter
  4. You might have to rethink your lighting as open fires, lights from windows, etc would be a big no-no at night. Even during the day fires, etc would be a drawcard for German observers in planes or balloon to inform the German Artillery Cheers Peter
  5. I would like to remove the side bars completely as I find them distracting. On the old forum you could do this Peter
  6. I am not sure if this info will help that John sent me to overcome a problem Peter Cobalt Mods.pmd.pdf
  7. I have always found them very helpful but since they dropped Paypal, getting spares to Australia is a nightmare as they insist you have to ring them to give them card details over the phone Peter
  8. Hi Andy, I have a question regarding the Activity System (Old VNC). When I get the results of my search, at the bottom of the page is a message "Load more Activity". Is there somewhere in the search that lets you know how many pages of unread posts there are in your search? I am not wishing for the "old system" but an indicator would be useful Peter
  9. Rod, Try this site https://www.freewebs.com/firebrigademodels/index.html Peter
  10. The War diaries of the Ambulance Trains at The National Archives are worth viewing as are the Diaries of No 20 CCS This is what I extracted about my Grandfather W E Beckett 95834 Royal Engineers Movements from No 10 CCS Remy Siding via No 16 General Hospital Le Treport to Southampton Docks WO 95/4139/3 War Diary of No 31 Ambulance Train 9th October 1917 No 31 Ambulance Train arrived at Remy Siding at 7:15 am and loading of 471 cases was completed at 12:30pm and departed Remy Siding at 15:30 hrs. 10th October 1917 No 31 Ambulance Train arrived at Le Treport at 5:00am. He was admitted to No 16 General Hospital. WO 95/4138/8 War Diary of No 29 Ambulance Train 15th November 1917 Arrived at Le Treport at 2015 hrs and commenced loading a total of 414 patients. 16th November 1917 Train departed Le Treport at 00:12 hrs 16 November 1917 Train arrived at Le Havre at 0815 hrs and commenced offloading. WO 95/4031/3 War Diary of Base Commandant, Havre 16 November 1917 SS Warilda embarks to United Kingdom WO 95/4152/6 War Diary of SS Warilda 16 November 1917 2:15am Anchored off Havre 1:0pm Fastened at Quay 2:20pm Commenced embarkation of 584 cases 4:45pm Embarkation completed 7:30pm Sailed for Southampton 17 November 1917 2:15am Anchored off St Helens (I of W) due to fog 10:00pm Anchored in Southampton Waters 18 November 1917 1:00pm Fastened up at quay 1:15pm Commenced disembarking 584 cases 3:00pm Disembarkation completed
  11. Yes, I have been there a few times as I have been a Warden at Talbot House twice (long haul from Oz but worth it)
  12. Peter, Looking good. I fitted an Iphone speaker to the Class 25 chip and sound is terrific See you tomorrow arvo Peter
  13. My grandfather William Beckett was at No 10 CCS at Remy Siding from the 1st October 1917 until the 10th October 1917 when he was transported by Ambulance Train to Le Treport on the French coast hence my interest in your model. If I did No 10 CCs it would be very simple compared to yours Cheers Peter
  14. Peter, If he has a Loksound V4 then ESU do a Brit. I am not sure if its any good but its free so good for a trial Peter
  15. Jeff, There are a few of us going by train BTW Welcome home! Peter
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