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  1. Jeff, Trying again
  2. I live in Australia and the convenience of purchasing a sound file for my Loksound decoders via an email is fantastic. I don't have to send the decoder to UK and due to the fluctuations in currency it is cheaper to buy the decoders from the USA and send the decoder serial number to the supplier. I know the sound file is locked to a particular decoder but the greater benefit is that I can now store my sound files on my computer or in the cloud. I get mine from several suppliers in UK and all are able to supply variations to the original. Peter
  3. I ended up buying a set Hornby X6398 Class 92 Drive Unit (Motor Bogie) Wheel Set and changing the wheels as the Class 92 are smaller. The drive gear is the same as well as the shaft length and diameter so problem now solved
  4. Hi John, I agree about the lights intensity and most of my units are fitted with yellow LEDs instead of white with high value resistor to dim them. I fit lights mainly so that I can see what direction the loco is set at rather than illumination. I tracked down an old Craftmans kit (DK17) to carry out the conversion and it has the grilles covered with extension bits, etc Peter
  5. Its just past noon here and raining so being in bed seems a good idea
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