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  1. Without wishing to hijack Andy's thread, here are a couple more pictures of Catsfield (note correct spelling Andy! ). I really must get round to putting a thread up myself...
  2. Intersting. Any chance of a scan so I could see them?
  3. I will be another one watching with interest as I was born in Wallingford and my maternal grandfather was a signalman at Cholsey in the 1950s and 60s. I spent many hours up there with him when I was a young trainspotter. There is a video on Youtube (tried to find it but couldn't!) documenting the last train from Wallingford in 1957(?) which might be of interest. There was a Wild Swan book on the Wallingford branch which had historic photos and diagrams for Cholsey station. Out of print now probably but no doubt available through used book suppliers. Good luck with the project.
  4. Ian Kinsey says "Are you desperate for money?"
  5. I will be there with Ryburgh. Look forward to seeing old friends and new faces there.
  6. Thanks you all for your feedback. Judging by the comments here and from visitors at the show, everybody had a good day. As usual, I have to thank everybody involved - exhibitors, traders, helpers and visitors - because without any of you, it wouldn't be a success. I was a bit concerned early on as for the first time since I started organising shows (TVNAM in 2010), there was no queue outside the door at 10 o'clock! Given the foul weather, I suppose it's not surprising. Anyaway, the numbers did pick up later and looking at the figures, the show didn't make a loss and there might be few pennies lef tin the piggy bank to consider it again next year. Here are some photos grabbed when I had a chance to go round: Once again, many thanks to all and watch this space re next year...
  7. Looking good John. I shall look forward to seeing it in the flesh tomorrow.
  8. Will look forward to seeing you David (and Sue no doubt!).
  9. Only just over a week to go so I'm trying to shoe-horn everything in. I took some advice from my mentor last night, Colin Hill who organises things at Stafford every year, and we thnik we can just baout get it all in! I have had requests from a couple of local traders - Nick Smith and Toby Wood - who will be there with some interesting accessories and laser cut kits.
  10. Shame about the mis-creiting of Ryburgh to Stu Davies.
  11. I used Jack's Box St idea for one of my first small layouts. I built it with a German theme and it was one of the most enjoyable layouts I have built. He will be sadly missed.
  12. Good afternoon all, It's rapidly approaching. Another addition to the layouts: Florida Highland - HO: Jez New. See http://www.midlandshowcase.co.uk/florida.html.
  13. A couple of changes to the original listing: Amend: Victoria from Dave Tailby in stead of Friday Bridge. New: Winkford Green - OO, from Martin Hogg. Traders: Tutbury Models is an addition.
  14. The second Midland Small Layout Showcase will take place on Saturday 8th June. The address is: Armitage with Handsacre Village Hall, Shropshire Brook Rd, Armitage, Staffs, WS15 4UZ Times: 10 am - 4pm Free parking and refreshments. Level access. Admission: £6 (children under 16 free). The following layouts will be attending: Victoria - EM: Dave Tailby Mutton - OO; Rob Gunstone The Sidings - OO; Nick Gurney Queen St Yard - O; Gerard Maher Blue Heron - HO; Andy Gautrey Leberecht - HO; John Edge Crickdale Colliery - N; Adam Crick Salinas Valley - HO; John Baggaley Corwenna - OO: Phil Waterfield Coton-on-Dove - EM: Clive Baker Admaston - OO: Pete Griffiths Coopers Yard - OO: David Cooper Little Roome Farm & The Alexander Estate Railway - Micro Layouts: Rob Strachan Longfield - O: Cliff Homer Glacier - N: Geoff Latham Traders: Anoraks Anonymous John Sammans Hobbyrail Topp Trains An innovation for this year - Steve Grantham will be constructing a Boxfile layout at the show and it will be raffled at the end of the show. Thanks to those who supported the show last year and are prepared to come back again - must be doing something right! As usual, it will be a relaxed and enjoyable day and most likely, you will get the chance to have a go on some of the layouts. So please come along for a good day out. Website: www.midlandshowcase.co.uk
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