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  1. St. Pancras for me too. Without doubt my favourite piece of London architecture. I used it frequently in the late 1980s when it was pretty grim and its future uncertain. I used to think to myself "Why can't they do something with this?" I'm so glad they did.
  2. I particularly liked the background music and words of encouragement!
  3. This damage appears to occur when they are stored or transported. When supplied new, the locos were seated in the polystyrene inner by two removable metal L-shaped brackets screwed to the underside. Over time these become lost and even if packed out securely, the loco has a tendency to shift forward in the packaging, particularly if subjected to a sudden jolt.
  4. Another vote for the LMS 4F.
  5. Thanks @innocentman, that's really useful and the tender looks great. Would an etch be available for purchase please? Many thanks.
  6. It has the look of a Hornby X9108 motor as fitted to the Britannia, Clan, 8F, King and others; albeit the worm is fitted at the end with the electrical connectors. No longer available as spare. I think many were used to upgrade the motor in the Hornby P2.
  7. I do like the high-sided tender. Not something you see modelled very often.
  8. For looks, it has to be the Fowler "Austin" 7F, although the less said about its reliability the better. If it's reliability with a certain amount of Edwardian elegance, then it has to be the LNWR G2 and variants.
  9. Can you tell us a little more about the small Chinese motors please? How do they need to be adapted to take the gearboxes? How well do they perform? And, where do you get them from? Thanks.
  10. If I win anything, great - it's a bonus. If not, I'm happy to make a donation to the cause with something that has RMWeb's name on it.
  11. With the thread now so long, a reminder of how the raffle/donation process works is probably worthwhile.
  12. Two different type of smoke deflector I see - which one is correct for the Brit you're modelling?
  13. They are water filler pipes. They sit slightly raised from the surface of the roof, probably at the same height as the inlet for the tank filler. Overhead shots of coaches are understandably rare, but I have managed to find this one. It's most likely of a brake 1st as the pipes are filled from the guards end rather than passenger end on a brake 3rd. The pipes seem to be held in place by some form of C-shaped bracket with the pipe running through the back of the curve. Quite how you would reproduce in model form is difficult to say. Maybe a very small split pin? Incidentally, on Hornby's version of D1905, the pipes are held in place by a couple of pairs of very small handrail knobs.
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