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  1. Hi Hal, thanks for the heads up, but it would involve more than the sides and I am having to curtail ‘kit building and bashing’ due to eye problems, hence going for the RTR option. kind regards Mike
  2. I have four of these coaches and a very pleased with them. I ordered a Darstead RMB to run in the rake, expecting coupling issues as noted above, but there are height issues that cannot be dealt with so the RMB is being returned and I will have to wait and hope that Dapol bring out an RMB of their own in due course. regards Mike
  3. Mine arrived at the weekend and I have now numbered it - HMRS Pressfix weathering to follow shortly and a first for me, a driver, from the wonderful Modelu range although he has had drastic surgery on his legs to get him into a comfortable sitting position, hope the real BD didn't suffer in the same way. regards Mike
  4. Hi Brian, the photos are of the development model, when released it will be a complete kit with the details, Slater's wheels and a Slater's SG38 motor/gearbox. We wait with bated breath for the launch. regards Mike
  5. Hi Martin, I Hope that you and yours are well. There is another model coming out later this year for the 07, see here https://aldmodels.co.uk/shop/ols/products/ruston-hornsby-class-07 might be worth a look see around July. regards Mike
  6. Hi Brian, looks very interesting, will you be doing a build review? Stay safe and well Mike
  7. Hi Steve W, sorry, but due to some alarming family news yesterday morning, now thankfully resolved, I missed your post yesterday, but you seem to have been given the answer to your problem, best of luck with the solution. regards Mike
  8. Just for completeness, I did finish the S & T Inspection saloon and also the Q13 the S & T saloon is available if of any interest regards Mike
  9. here are some photos that I took on the SVR in May 2009 for comparison hope it helps. regards Mike
  10. Hi Chris, you are more than welcome. regards Mike
  11. Just been scanning some old slides and films on to digital and came across this set at Embsay taken in the early 90s. I hope that they are useful for the re-doers, mine will be D9526 regards Mike
  12. Hi Chris, many thanks for your reply, will have to think about the running lights, Stay safe and well regards Mike
  13. Hi Chris's, A winner for sure, well done. Will the headcode letters/numerals also be on the Railtec sheet? Will the running lights be wired up? Stay safe and well regards Mike
  14. Hi Phil, back in October 2018 I installed an ESU V4XL into a Heljan 47 for a fellow Club member and discussed the fan speed problem with SWDigital who had supplied the decoder. Their response was that on some Heljan diesels there is a 'pot' which can adjust the speed or if the 'pot' is not present, set CV31 = 16 CV32 = 0 CV294 = 0 - 31 (output speed) I adjusted the CVs and yes it does control the speed, but as stated elsewhere here, a certain amount of sound is still heard. I hope this is of interest. Stay safe all. regards Mike
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