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  1. Phil, Where in my original post do I imply that I was asking for freebies???????? for your information, in my email to them I asked them to advise me of the cost of the replacement parts! Yes, you are correct in your second sentence, but the point is that they totally refused to supply me with parts that I was prepared to pay for. It raises the question that if I were to buy one of their 'Wholesale' models from one of their 'outlets' would they refuse to supply me then? In fact the 14 was bought from Rails, who I understand are one of their 'outlets' regards Mike
  2. Hi Tony, many thanks for the heads up, order placed, great pity that Hattons could not have let me know! kind regards Mike
  3. I have been involved in railway modelling for a long time, the last forty solely in O Gauge. A few months ago my wife suggested that I build a small OO layout for my den. I drew up a plan for a 6’ 6” x 1’ 6” layout and ordered the baseboard kits and made my first trip to the new Hatton’s facility at Widnes for the track. While I got involved with the baseboards and track laying, I scanned various sites for suitable second hand locos - 1960’s to cover both steam and diesel and came across a new Class 22 and a second hand Class 14. I fitted DCC sound into the 22 and sent the 14 off to have sound fitted as I had heard that things were a bit tight under the bonnet! I received the 14 back last week and while it was working away on the rolling road, I looked at the accessories bag, still intact from new. The brake pull rod assembly was broken and on opening the bag, I noticed that two of the sand boxes were missing. I checked the paperwork supplied with the loco, which stated that spares were available from Hattons. Having checked the part numbers required, I sent an email to Hattons requesting the replacement/missing parts, which was responded to requesting ‘an order number’, which I could not understand so I telephoned Hattons only to be told that as I had not purchased the loco from them in the first instance they would not supply the parts requested. This is the shortest sighted piece of customer relations and service that I have come across. There is no mention of this short sighted approach in any paperwork, in fact you are told that the spares are there! There red will be many people out there that have bought second hand locos and stock in the same boat as myself, it is after all a thriving market, if every manufacturer took the same ridiculous stance as Hattons, this market could disappear overnight. Needless to say I shall be making no further trips to Widnes, cancelled my pre-orders that I had arranged and will be dealing with other, more amenable suppliers in the future. regards Mike
  4. perhaps it is the height/depth size of the engine room windows that is wrong on the model? regards Mike
  5. Hi Paul, I'm working on it, give me time! regards Mike
  6. Hi Pete, In this particular loco, the boiler is a resin casting and therefore the spaces left for putting speakers is somewhat limited. The fact that I could use a double sugar cube in within the chassis was a bonus. The sound volume is more than enough for my requirements. regards Mike
  7. Having completed 34014 Budleigh Salterton eight years ago as a 'showcase' but fully working model, I thought that it was time for it to earn its keep. So having done a few hours in DC on the Club layout last Thursday and a few wrinkles ironed out, I installed a Youchoos sound decoder with one of their double sugar cube speakers With the convenient deep chassis, I was able to fit both decoder and speaker 'piggy back' style between the centre drivers, making the whole installation rather neat. regards Mike
  8. Does this one qualify? https://www.flickr.com/photos/rpmarks/11359268023/in/photolist-iiMdCF-cMBp7Q-anz3zq-FhZ1x4-5nknUw-qjmCNx-at8vg7-atXR8G-9zg2d-93fjkG-bkS2uD-6wLSr6-ayhQ4u-6N4MyM-at8wss-TsKNJo-nxWmN4-Fu1kne-22KHSXv-dvSjfz-9GsYmj-fzLy5F-dWWEMc-bkS3uZ-bsA6ur-4mxKrw-5kojmN-oVf1LD-74Vgiz-fL4Sgj-bkS3Fz-TsKP9S-frjtv6-dFJauw-M2kFTG-fkoPoH-dPNyNs-fqd3x-8Z2tcG-qcGobF-phrEHq-57ty1y-pxYeRk-dFt45L-51xxz3-bkS2Tx-dKD1t7-WHDjgH-aDcefV-9RjMj9 regards Mike
  9. Hi Steve. dimensions as requested, hope that it what you were after, the coal chute dim is with the 'drawbridge' itself in the raised position. let me know if there is anything else.. regards Mike
  10. Hi Steve. I'll run the tape over it tomorrow and let you know. regards Mike
  11. Hi Andrew, will they be single or double deckers? Really enjoying the journey here, especially the ups and downs of the track layout. Keep it up please. regards Mike
  12. Received my sound fitted Class 15 from Hattons yesterday at noon, having ordered it at 14.00 the day before. Excellent service and a great loco, had two hours of running in at the Club last night, having put the number D8226 on during the afternoon. Really looking forward to the Class 22. Regards Mike
  13. Hi uk_pm, As there is a similar button on the inner end, perhaps it is a magnet for easier coupling, but with the screw coupling if you want it. regards Mike
  14. Hi Paul, PRMRP do them here http://www.prmrp.com/fittings--all-other-accessories.html Part GEN-004 you might have to drill them out for the LED. regards Mike
  15. ....a week is a long time in model making as well as in politics!! Much water has passed under the bridge since July and I have just about stayed calm, mainly sitting on the bank waiting for the mojo to float pass, and strangely, since that injection in the arm that is Telford, I have reeled it in and carried out the task in the last line of the previous post having put it off for far too long - mainly because I do not like using Bostik. The chassis and bogies were completed last week and the body ends screwed on, giving a good 'platform' for the sides to be added. The roof was then offered up to the box only to discover that my assumption that it was already cut to length was out by a mere 12mm and having put the vents and filler pots on, I thought that disaster was staring me in the face and major surgery might be needed, but thankfully, there was sufficient 'slack' at the small saloon end and the repair only required two vents to be removed, which as yet have not been replaced. seven into one will go - 1 seven into one will go - 2 the guards side with the two outer small windows formed from standard 4' windows revised end now with a fixed light in lieu of the droplight test run being propelled by 37193 on the inner circuit and no buffer lock. The fittings on the ends and roof will be the next task, then inside the body and making the furniture. I have decided to finish it in Blue/Grey and fit the Southern Region reporting panel at the bottom of the central fixed light with 'RT' at the leading end and unlit red panels at the trailing end. Transfers already in stock from John Peck at Precision Decals. regards Mike
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