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  1. Ressaldar
    Hi all,
    started this beast last week and thought you might be interested in the pick-up method that I have adopted. I decided to take advantage of the fact that with the bogie chassis block and the main chassis both being resin/plastic, I would pick up from one set of wheels on each bogie - I hate using plungers so shorted out six of the Slater's driving wheels. I then drilled a 0.7mm hole in the edge of each bearing flange on the shorted out side, although I have not used the centre bearing as teh wheelbase at 112mm is more than enough to span most point frogs. I then soldered a length of 0.7mm nickel silver wire into one flange and the bent it to come just below the top of the chassis block, introduced four more bends above the centre bearing so that the wire was in line with the slot in the bogie pivot bolt, soldered it in the slot, and repeated the process at the other bearing. The photos explain it better than the words.


    Having got the power to the bogie swivel plate it was easy to then slip a connector over the bolt and above the sprung washer and it is held down by the nylock nut and then connected to a chocolate block. Repeat for the other bogie and connect the motors in series and you're away. Or so I thought! Ran fine on the straight but needed the pony trucks to be installed before it would go round any curves without coming off. A good trial run session at the club on Wednesday and all was well.





    A rebate has had to be formed in the bogie side, which hopefully shows up on the pictures, to accomodate the wire .
    Proceeding with the detailing now - more pictures to come later.
  2. Ressaldar
    Hi all,
    trying to get my head around the new system, so here goes.
    Over the last few days, I've fitted the pipework and mechanical lubricator, which just leaves the motor to do, hopefully today.


  3. Ressaldar
    Hi all,
    I had just finished writing v1 of this final chapter and was about to add the photos when I had a windows error message come up and have had to start again.
    Well, the build is now complete - the cab canopy is on and the coalman has been, the fireman has dirtied his trousers (you would not think so but it is a trick of the flash - honest) and the Johnson's Klear has found another use - the water overspill in amongst the coal.

    33006 lefthand side

    33006 cab detail

    33006 righthand rear detail

    33006 righthand cab detail

    33006 righthand tender
    A great kit to build and all credit to Dave Sharp for producing such a masterpiece, hopefully, I'll be doing another one from his range in the new year.
    The loco will be running on the O Gauge Group's 'Layout in Progress' at the Merseyside MRS Exhibition at the Pacific Road Arts Centre, Birkenhead from tomorrow evening and all weekend - full details on
  4. Ressaldar
    Hi all,
    here are the weathered pictures but still awaiting the cab canopy (having various thoughts as to how to capture it) and the coalman has still to appear on the scene.

    33006 left side 3/4 front

    33006 left side 3/4 close up

    33006 left side cab close up

    33006 mechanical lubricator

    33006 tender close up

    33006 right hand side tender/cab detail

    33006 right hand side cab

    33006 right hand side 3/4 front
    Hopefully, will get the canopy issue sorted before to long and that the coal arrives before the fire is due to be laid.
  5. Ressaldar
    Hi all,
    having made several unsuccessful attempts to transfer the thread over from RMW3, I have decided to give the file link for those who are interested or are coming in as 'new readers starting here'
    Yesterday's progress was to short out the wheels and fit/wire-up the motor - all done successfully and will carry on with the remaining bodywork bits today and then give it a good run at the Club tonight and tomorrow and then strip it down ready for a final dunk in the Viakal and the paintshop.
    I'll post some 'building complete' photos prior to the paintshop as and when I get there.
  6. Ressaldar
    Hi all,
    progress has been even slower than expected, due mainly to having a major problem with the central heating but got some of the fiddly bits on and had a good test run on the Club layout. This threw up a couple of niggles, due mainly to the 'American'pick-up method in as much as the cab footplate support brackets were coming into contact with the 'boxes' on the front of the tender footplate and the footplate itself touching the tender brake standard below the fall plate on the sharpest curves (just below 6') the remedies being a piece of insulating tape on each of the 'boxes' and some judicious filing of the brake standard in the offending area . There was then an intermitant fault which turned out to be nothing more that a loose insulated tender wheel touching the frame so a quick tightening up of the screw solved that one.
    Hopefully, today will be a productive one and that there won't be too many bits left in the box by this evening!

    33006 on the 'main line at Chester Street

    33006 in the 'yard' at Chester Street
  7. Ressaldar
    Hi all,
    today's progress - hole at the front now filled in - as promised, and the rest of the boiler fittings now in place, just the 'pipework' to the lubricators to fit and then I can turn to the cab windows and internal fittings - other than the backhead, which will be done 'off model' and fitted after painting and with the windows in place. Then the pipework on the mechanical lubricator and the remaing buffer beam fittings - so could be finished tomorrow, although thinking about it, tomorrow is also 'flue jab' day so disruption just before lunch

    33006 nearly there - lefthand side

    33006 nearly there - righthand side

    33006 lefthand side - trying to see the motion

    33006 lefthand side - trying to see the motion 2

    33006 lefthand side close=up
    As far as seeing the motion is concerned, from 'normal' viewing angles, you can see very little once the boiler is in place and even having craned your neck, it is really only a glimpse - but we all know it's there don't we
  8. Ressaldar
    Hi all,
    now that we seem to be back 'on air' - a few quick photos before the weathering stage (after the smokebox number, shedplate and the cab canopy are fixed.)

    33006 - 1

    33006 - 2

    33006 - 3

    33006 - 4

    33006 - 5

    33006 - 6 (just to complete the set and check sizing)
  9. Ressaldar
    I posted a similar thread on RMweb3 showing the current 'state of play' and it is just as easy to start agin here on v4.

    So here we have a completed tender and a motorised chassis with cylinders fitted. the kit is from David Andrews and I really like David's kits - they fit together well, the instructions are good and so is the quality of the etches and castings, white metal and lost wax. The wheels are from JPL, ready turned and rim insulated on one side allowing me to use the 'American' principle (as on the Q1) the gearbox and motor are from Ron Chaplin. The photograph was taken at one of the North Wales & West Cheshire running sessions about twelve months ago!
    I will paint the chassis next as everything is now on that needs painting, complete the valvegear, then make a start on the body.
    Exciting times ahead
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