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  1. Hi Phil,


    I drill a hole through the tread of the wheel at approximately 45 degrees, coming out at about the point where the plastic starts, I then use a circular burr in the mini drill and starting in the edge of the brass centre and obviosly opposite the hole that you have just made, draw the burr towards the outside and repeat this operation until the grove that is formed is no more than 1mm deep, and clean off the residue. Measure the distance of the grove and add 5mm, then using a piece of 0.7mm wire, form a 45 degree bend at the point where the wire goes through the hole, then solder the wire at both ends, not dwelling too long otherwise you could melt the plastic. Then file down the centre ensuring that you have a flat mating surface for the bearing and then file down the protruding wire on the tread - job done. I'll post some photos over the weekend, the loco is in it's box ready to go down the club tonight for another test run.





  2. Hi Kev, 28ten & Dan,


    thanks for the comments, having had a few anxious moments when I first opened the box and saw the detail in the frets, I am really pleased that it turned out so well, due mainly to the thought that Dave put into the design in the first place. I shall be dropping Dave a line next week, once the dust has settled from this weekends exhibition and then possibly do an article for the G0G Gazette - (the November issue due out any time now, PO permitting)





  3. Hi 28ten,


    looking really good. The pipework is fiddly, but when finished always gives you that extra satisfaction as well as looking right. There may not be many photos available for you to refer too, so just follow your instinct and if anybody makes comment, ask them to provide the photgraphic evidence!


    Looking forward to the next episode.smile.gif





  4. Hi Dan & Horsetan,


    i have a David Andrews rebuilt West Country - 34014 Budleigh Salterton, which I started two years ago and have picked up and put down for no other reason than other things coming along. I posted a photo on the old website of the current state of play and repeat it here (the start of another thread) so that it will shame me into finishing it.


    Then it'sa JLTRT Whistler D232 Empress of Canada and a coouple of Agenoria Hawthorne Leslies - ex Plymouth, Devonport & South Western Railway.





  5. Hi Richard,


    glad it's acceptable. The crew are standard 'Tower Models' - the fireman has in fact propped his shovel against the cab side! Just the cab protection sheet to sort out and it's done. Grunge was applied yesterdayrolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif


    However, there is a more pressing job at the Club at the moment - the O Gauge group decided to put a 'work in progress' 16' x 2' layout into the exhibition for this weekend - Merseyside MRS at Pacific Road, Birkenhead (full details on www.mersysidemrs.co.uk ) and I have been given the electrician's screwdriver to use and need to get a 'simple' control panel sorted PDQohmy.gif


    Fingers crossed.



  6. Alcazar wrote "I'm surprised it ran at all: how can it be expected to steam properly with no smokebox door? I mean, come on............. rolleyes.gif"


    that's the air intake for the fan to keep the crew coollaugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif


    Just come in from the workshop and can tell you that the 'hole' is now well and truly blocked up, will post photos later.


    Craigwelsh wrote "Thats incredibly fast work on it you've managed, I am jealous of your dedication to a project. laugh.gif"


    one of the benefits of being retired and having a wife who encourages me with the hobby - what she really means is 'get out and keep out from under my feet'rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif





  7. Hi Peter,


    -Sorry to hear about the plumbers bill thats nearly another locobiggrin.gif It looks quiet on your workbench laugh.gif look forwards to seeing how you go with the West Country and 40 both interesting locos.

    I haven't got the loco yet so no hurry, you may have even done your second 37 by the time I get one so I will get in touch when it happens.wink.gif


    Cheers Peter,


    and that's without what was bought and ordered at Telfordohmy.gif





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