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  1. AFAICT the FS was released in Both BR green and LNER green at the same time in August 1968
  2. Well hopefully not the S&D or somewhere Dr Beeching has had his eye on, after all might make it tricky getting back to 1985 if the track has been lifted.
  3. Well I guess a bit NSWGR, has a a bit of C38 about it. Of course VR steam was much better looking.
  4. How about a half bricked in engine - sodor style
  5. Well this this is the third time and am too old for it now I agree, there is, but with property prices they way they are, who knows what one will get. Also being seen as too old, too far away, makes the job thing difficult to say the least. Guess building a layout is something that could of happened just for the lucky ones out there.
  6. Would you believe, all I wanted to do was build the layout of lifetime, my N scale PRR empire in my 15 by 30 foot shed, TT3 of shillingstone and a bit of 00 in the garden and now all as to be chopped up and burnt. PM me if anyone wants one of the biggest collections on TT3 and Triang.
  7. yeah well, when you find all you have it is boxes of models for layouts planned in your mind and nothing else left it is hard to do something. Now I look at it, no career now as was made redundant, no wife as she left and now house or anywhere else as that need to be sold and all the money will god to solicitors and no hope of getting anything back after working all this time with so little to show for it makes you a little low.
  8. Here is one of mine, I have always liked the 3F and was very happy to get this one, only because it has Mk2 couplings so is from 1958. It was a good ebay deal as also came with a dock shunter also with mk2s. Cant say I have come across others similar, everything here I have seen has mk3 couplers.
  9. Any of those blobs on powerlines easy to disguise with a HO cockatoo or a crow
  10. Shhh, it's from the Strategic Reserve
  11. I think this point was well covered in Yes Prime Minister Sir Humpreys response was, that is why all such negotiations are conducted by Civil Servants such as himself in advance of the meetings.
  12. Damn, my Pioneer CD player has just died, just dont make them like they should, this just like the Hornby mazak experience.Should see if the manufactuer will replace but need to find the reciept from 1988 first.

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Tim V

      Tim V

      Used to be able to get that sort of thing repaired - but those places have gone as well ...

    3. Sturminster_Newton


      As one what worked in theatrical hire. Medium quality CD players were on the company hire stock. Costed into £33/wks. IF it lasted for a year the unit was bought paid for and in profit. Some managed three or four years before needing minor repairs.


      It's usually components that fail, capacitors and joints dry out. The mechanical bits go on for ever it's drive bands and the electronic bits that die.


      Little known fact most electronic items are powered by smoke.

    4. neal


      My 1988 vintage technics is now in the attic, however I recommisioned my Yamaha tape deck last weekend. But I seem to have lost a box of cassettes!

  13. How can it be 28C at 10 oclock at night

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    2. Ian J.

      Ian J.

      Left the oven on with the door open?

    3. NGT6 1315

      NGT6 1315

      Not at all at this time of year?

    4. The Blue Streak

      The Blue Streak

      Because it's just cooled down from the 40c it was earlier !!

  14. Who knows, will have to go through it all, there at least 4 of those sets that we used for the layout and another half dozen boxes of single masts, but unfortunately only a few gantries. Noticed all the empty packets of joiners and bases too so we ended up using all mint boxed stuff but all seems back now. One of the good things was it all worked very well with no problems, layout was all super 4 and series 3.
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