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  1. Hi Andy. Great to see you back on form. I know that Dee won't let you do anything that you're not meant to, so we're safe there. Give me a call when you feel up to a chat,
  2. Only just logged in for the first time in 10 days. George, can you pass on my thoughts to Andy and I'll catch up with him as soon as he feels up to it.
  3. Andy Great that it's nothing too serious but I have to agree with Clive and Andi. If there is another episode of it don't wait for the GP and get an ambulance organised pronto. Look after yourself
  4. Thanks Clive. I may need to negotiate an escape plan / leave pass depending on the new lady in my life.
  5. Evening Andy. Late looking in after an interesting day. Looking forward to the changes/developments in 2018. I'll be up at Easter to assist if the new lady allows me (she wouldn't dare stop me).
  6. Hi Jeff. Looking forward to more of KL2 and moonshots over 2018
  7. Enjoy 2018 Clive. Hope to catch up with you again.
  8. Well, the Q1 was weathered by Andy P which now makes it look like the workhorse it was. Where it went from this To this The weekend in Derbyshire allowed me to find my modelling mojo which hadn't disappeared but was lost in working excessive hours for the last few months. The workbench is now busy with lots of kits to build. Today has been a break from rolling stock and locos. A Dapol church that may find its way on to HA Still a bit of work to do but at least things are getting back to normal.
  9. I can help you out with this one :jester:
  10. It makes a nice change to be able to answer a question rather than asking one.
  11. Hi Andy The information I have on milk tanks is that 1981 was the last year of operational use
  12. No worries mate. It's something for me to do at the weekend.
  13. I've eventually found the time (and space on the workbench) to take some photos of the Q1 that Andy P weathered for me. I have included ones with a 'clean' Q1 for comparison.
  14. Thanks Tony. I hope that you enjoyed the show and that the return journey wasn't too bad. I still have comparison photos to do for Andy which is on my list for tomorrow. The journey back was 7 hours but it could have been a lot worse.
  15. Hi Bob. I have to agree with Andy. A stunning little layout with loads of detail. I'm seriously impressed. Thanks for the assistance with the Q1. Hope to see more of your work soon.
  16. Tony. As Andy says, gret to finally put a face to the name. I hope you weren't too late getting home.
  17. Andy. Remind me in the morning to take some photos with the Q1 along side a clean one
  18. An excellent day with some interesting conversations and great company. Here's hoping that tomorrow isn't as bad as forecast.
  19. Congratulations Andy. Well deserved
  20. A few months since I managed to do anything on the workbench thanks to work, more work and real life issues. No photos today but I did manage to sound fit my first loco. A Q1 and some how I got the chip and the speaker to fit in the boiler. A tight fit but well worth it having the sound in the right place. Heading up to Swadlincote tomorrow to help with the Gresley and Wychnor Mince Pie weekend. Hopefully while I'm up there I can convince Andy P to assist me sound fitting one of the M7's. It may require some surgery to achieve this one. No work for the rest of the month, so there is a possibility of some modelling taking place again.
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