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    The Octopus-The Southern Pacific. Still lingering interest in Southern still some Great Western
    Mostly in the time period 1946-48 for England and 1947-54 for California, Nevada and Oregon.

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  1. Probably neither will make a profit now on new sales of their models of this prototype. I would call it destructive competition. And the North American market has been awash in Big Boy models since everyone tried to crash/cash on the restoration of one for the 2019 150th anniversary of the completion of the US transcontinental railroad. Unless you have an enormous HO model railroad replicating the UP between Laramie and Cheyenne, Wyoming these would be for collectors only.
  2. If you think this copycat nonsense is confined to the UK prototype market, note that after Trix/Marklin announced their new run of the HO UP 4--8-8-4 Big Boy, Hornby's Rivarossi brand announced a rerun of their version in the 2022 International Hornby announcements.
  3. Having checked with Rapido, the Titfield Thunderbolt sets will be available through North American distributors who already carry Rapido products. This means I could and did order one from my local hobby shop here in the San Francisco Bay Area. No postage/shipping or customs to worry about. I understand they will be supplied to distributors from Rapido's Ontario warehouse which would mean some are being shipped to Canada in addition to the UK. Note: for what little UK stuff I am buying these days I usually go through Kernow, Rails or Hattons. For my HO Southern Pacific modeling, I am focusing these days on small specialized resin and plastic kit makers in the US and Canada. The large US RTR makers are not making much steam era (ended for me in 1956) equipment other than Rapido.
  4. Anything more heard on the Oxford Cowans Sheldon crane project?
  5. North American exposure?...I understand the TT video is not available in North American format. Would love that to change. I have an old modified DVR player for European region videos but just found it no longer works.
  6. If that were a little C of E church it could be Eventide...
  7. No luck with original cab version this year from Hornby....at least from Hornby. After the Titfield tiff anything air-smoothed should be fair game for anyone.
  8. I would have thought better of Lyndon Davies...
  9. Let's see...8 AM GMT is 12 AM PST... I think I can wait until my morning coffee is brewed. There's not a chance in h... that Hornby UK or Rapido UK will an Southern Pacific M-6 Mogul in HO tomorrow morning. Slightly greater odds on a new Southern pacific....
  10. Shutting up Mr. Toad....
  11. Rapido announcing new sprung dynamically balanced chassis 4 mm malachite West Country with original 1945 cab....(pre BOB's your uncle)...pulls 20 coaches without rubber/plastic tired drivers... (...Oh that does have a double meaning.)
  12. How about breaking the Hornby monopoly on Southern light pacifics ... with one in 1945-47 condition and the original cab.
  13. A 1945 as built version (original cab) would be the only reason for me to acquire a new light pacific. Hornby or anyone? Would that Accurail would try and crash into the old Southern locomotive market.
  14. Now back to my Hornby wouldn't it be nice if they made list announcement list for 2022. Original cab style 1945-47 SR West Country of course in Malachite. 4 SUB in both all steel and "Sheba" versions...perhaps a starter as a 3 SUB with optional additional coach. I would need 2 or one of each for my dream diorama of Penge East in 1947. That will do nicely for my English collection.
  15. Sadly, living in California where we don't have basements or even large spare bedrooms, modeling is much more like UK style. Houses are built on concrete pads. We never needed the basements to store coal and need huge furnaces for winter heat or shelter from tornados and violent windstorms Accurate freight car kits in resin now run $75 each and require about $20 more in paint, decals and replacing items the mfg. got wrong. For smaller steam engines (2-8-0, 2-6-0) we are reduced to modifying Bachmann RTR into something that sort of looks like the prototype. Right now I have a small stud of about 5 steamers and 8 diesels accurate for my modeling time period of 1950-54 and modeled location. I spend more of my time working on my collection highly detailed plastic or resin cast freight cars. Maybe 40-50 freight cars detailed and tailored to the traffic patterns seen on a specific section on mainline in my chosen period. Remember California is almost 40 million people and roughly the size of the UK. Actually one the best recent models of California railroading in the 1950's is Brian Moore's HO scale Guadalupe on the SP Coast line in his large basement in Plymouth, England.
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