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    Mostly in the time period 1946-48 for England and 1947-54 for California, Nevada and Oregon.

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  1. And I keep hoping they finally get the 1946 Dodge pickup out the showroom door. Perfect for my Port Costa layout. Other Ford, Chevy, GMC1946-54 pickups and vans would also be most welcome.
  2. Hopefully the Rapido Titfield Thunderbolt product line will be available to pre-order on this new feature on the Rapido North American website. I guess I sort of view the Titfield products as collectable toys that are also an accurate scale models. Don't think it will quite fit in at an Southern Pacific Ops session even with a couple of SECR open wagons. By 2022 who knows what the international trade situation will be particularly for Chinese origin goods entering the US...even via Canada...
  3. WC No, It's a product with an incorrectly scaled superstructure/body casting pleading to be reduced to HO/3.5 mm scale to go with it's natural track gauge. This is the first I have heard of the traction tires (my spell check only wants to use 'tires.' Tiring isn't it.) Is the boiler and firebox no longer a metal casting?
  4. I am waiting for an MN in summer 1947 condition as I could/would have seen it with a diverted boat train going through Penge East. I was a 3 year old and my cousin who babysat me often would take me down the street (Mosslea Road) to the station watch the trains. I don't remember it of course other than a faint vision of a smoking big green machine at speed. I have a Channel Packet packed away until I can clear the bookcase in my train room for display.
  5. Adding that tree line just does a lot to "downsize" the town/village of Little Muddle and make it a more appropriate destination for the size of the branch line.
  6. Real pasties contain skirt beef not sheep and swede is called "turnip" in Cornwall and when included in Cornish pasties. What they do east of the Tamar in the name of "pasty" sometimes (and in Callington all the time ) beggars belief. What can I say. My family came from London, Surrey and Kent....
  7. Yes, I did miss the X31a as I had originally thought it was coming in July of this year. Old eyes. I have the X31a on order at my LHS. That and an X29 rounds out the needs for PRR box cars on my little Port Costa layout as overhead traffic in EB/WB traffic in Western Division Cal-P line SP freights. 


    By the way I appreciate your announcements for North American products. I would have to subscribe to too many scattered places to get that information.  Unfortunately 90% if of the RTR these days is too modern for me as I am stuck in the last Harrah days of steam 1950-54.

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    2. autocoach


      Actually I am more into kit building and bashing more than RTR which I only use to fill in for the RR's (usually mid-western and eastern) I don't specialize in. 


      I own and moderate the Plastic Freight Car Builders on groups.io.  The more useful  group is https://realstmfc.groups.io which covers all steam era freight cars. And for the extreme modelers there are the Hindsight 2020 Zoom presentations. 

    3. mdvle


      I'm a member of both groups, they are very good.  And have enjoyed the Hindsight clinics.

    4. truffy
  8. Oh well! I still have a considerable stash of unbuilt Cambrian kits should I need more for my UK collection to go with my Dapol Class D (Southern Black.) And I'm still waiting for that HO Pennsylvania X31a box car from Rapido that will cost about as much as these wagons with shipping and the depreciated US dollar. Not even on the Rapido (what a misnomer) North American production schedule.
  9. It's a few more miles than 76 miles for me...hmmm. Next April in England is a possibility... It's 36 miles to the nearest airport with a direct flight to Heathrow and will there be a "Great" British Railway carriage to take me to Taunton? Real pasty with chopped lamb and swede? One can only dream!
  10. June 15, 2021 is supposedly going to be liberation day for California. You may be "jabbed" but here I am considered fully "vaxxed" (not faxxed, waxxed or traxxed) and will supposed be given the freedom to roam within California. Always with an abundance of caution. Always pack a mask wherever you go and avoid biker bars. We are only about 50% fully vaxxed (12% additionally partially vaxxed) and the trenchant resistance to vaccination amongst certain political leaners and medically spooked populations is vexatious. Being over 75, I grabbed an early opportunity back in February to get both s
  11. I would just be glad to get rid of Pocketmags... I just realized I have an account at World of Railways...just not a plus account. Have had it for several years. Do like the https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/news....
  12. With the D coming very soon, I realized I am going to have to source a "chip"/decoder in the US. Next 18 decoders are advertised in the US but I am concerned about the dimensions for the decoder as I would want it to fit in the Dapol decoder tray. Also I am going to be looking for one that will support a keep alive.
  13. Andy How can I get rid of this topic from my unread content selection. I do not want it to show up in my unread content selection. There is no unfollow button unlike normal topics. The follow topic button at the bottom is not pushed to the right. Ken
  14. Little Muddle is a daily respite from the muddled world we live in....
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