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  1. I would strongly recommend not making a solid 12x4 layout. In area that's larger than a double bed. When you take into account you need 2' of access space around all sides, that's effectively a 16x8 layout. I would actually recommend you cut the board up like this and put the access space inside the layout. It is truly portable and only needs to be set up for operation, then can be packed away in a much smaller space. It will give much gentler curves, a greater run of "main" line and scope for realistic operation. As far as a track plan goes, follow the prototype. If you only want single track operation, you could look at secondary lines such as the West Somerset, Heart of Wales, Cambrian or Conwy Valley, or if you want semi-urban scenery you could look at the Marlow line. Cheers David
  2. This is precisely why Eurostar has around 75% of the London-Paris/Brussels business travel market. The time spent on the train can be useful work time. Not just a laptop but you can use your phone. Cheers David
  3. Fun fact, Buster Keaton was a railfan and S scale modeller. Cheers David
  4. Slightly tangential, it will be interesting to see what the 4 hour London - Edinburgh schedules do to domestic air travel. LNER got one in the current timetable by making just one stop (Newcastle) but from 2021 when the ECML upgrades are done there are plans for multiple journeys per day of under 4 hours with 2-3 stops. Cheers David
  5. That would be the case for hydrostatic lubricators. There were plenty with mechanical lubricators. Cheers David
  6. I'm having doubts about the "record" claim too. I have a recollection that rail just pipped air between London and Glasgow (and Edinburgh for that matter) in 2010 when Eyjafjallajökull shut down the airspace several times. Cheers David
  7. The proportion of people travelling between London and Glasgow by rail rather than air has reached a record level, according to Virgin Trains. The figures released by Virgin Trains show the rise was driven by a 6% year-on-year increase in the number of passengers travelling between London and Glasgow by train, reaching 718,000. This is up from around 244,000 a decade ago. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-50368894
  8. I know somebody who went to East Germany several times in the 80s specifically to photograph steam. Most of the DR staff didn't care for politics and were happy to show off their beasts. He was shown around several loco depots and other facilities. On one occasion he was in a signal box when the signalman pointed out a rather shabby car parked on the nearby road and explained it was the the local Stasi but he shouldn't worry about it. Apparently the local secret plod would automatically assume that a stranger driving a car with Berlin plates and openly carrying a West German or Japanese camera was from headquarters and were just trying to show they were doing their job! Cheers David
  9. Not forgetting the shortest HST to carry passengers: http://www.luxsoft.demon.co.uk/village/hst.html Cheers David
  10. Hornby International still makes the RENFE class 277 which it acquired from Electrotren. However at ~€260 the Australian option might be a lot cheaper! Unless you can find an older Electrotren branded one second hand. EDIT: It might be possible to do two different version. An early (1950s) version with the original two Metrovick pantographs and a 1980s version with twin marker lights and a single Faiveley or Brecknell Willis pantograph. As a matter of interest in the early days they often ran with both pantographs up in winter. Gippsland gets very cold and the front one was up (and isolated) simply to knock the ice off the wire. Would be interesting to see what a "domestic" version could have done on the Woodhead route. The L class could balance 1100t at 32mph up or down a 1 in 50. They had the most powerful dynamic brake in the world at the time. Cheers David
  11. The Triang Transcontinental was based on the Victorian Railways B class, basically a cut down EMD F7.
  12. EE also built broadly similar electric locomotives for the Sao Paulo Railway, RENFE and Indian Railways. Cheers David
  13. Get photos while you can. The Carlingford line north of Parramatta Road has been gazetted for closure from 5 January 2020 to become part of the Parramatta light rail network. Cheers David
  14. Just had an interesting idea. What about an 800/802 as a new Royal Train? Something like the Japanese E655. Cheers David
  15. You are Ian Futers and I claim my £5.
  16. Don't forget the stone traffic which Minehead seems to need every 4 or so years. Cheers David
  17. Concur with this. I personally prefer to use 19mm for box frames or L girders with a tinner base, but that's just a personal preference. Either will work with a solid plywood or extruded polystyrene base. As a thought, for a small layout sitting on top of shelves it's worth looking at one of the modular construction methods like FREMO and adapting the dimensions to the space available. Cheers David
  18. MDF doesn't warp as such but even moisture resistant MDF can swell over time. My personal opinion is it's a false economy in the long run. How do the prices compare where you are? I'm obviously a long way away but I checked my nearest supplier and the price of MR-MDF and CD grade structural plywood were actually about the same, and AA grade marine ply was only about 12% more. The difference in price for a 2400 x 1200 mm sheet was roughly the price of a cup of coffee. I personally tend to use BB grade exterior ply which is priced in between the two, although I generally use 19mm to make a box frame and 6mm for the top. Cheers David
  19. 125 Group keeps track of these, although for LNER it's a constantly moving target and there can be substitutions at short notice. https://www.125group.org.uk/hst-diagrams-fleet-lists/ Cheers David
  20. Or a proper 70s buffet experience with British Rail sandwiches.
  21. 313134 is in FGN livery but has an NSE logo on the northern end cab. Cheers David
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