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  1. Thanks! I saw something similar at an exhibition a few years ago, so I don't claim the idea. I should have said that this new version was done for me by RazorLAB...
  2. Well, the gang of labourers haven't turned up to date... but in the meantime a whole cityscape has been built outside the layout... I got this professionally lasercut in black card to the same design as my original paper print. The paper print was showing signs of wear and the card strengthening was extremely complicated to cut out cleanly. In the intervening months I have also spent much armchair modelling time thinking about the track layout, with the result that I am back on the pure yard them in which shunting is the name of the game and run around loops and the like aren't required.
  3. 3 Episodes in and I'm enjoying it very much - not only that but the viewing figures quoted appear to be backed up by increasing interest outside modelling circles. The number of colleagues who have come up to me at work to talk about the show has been outstanding and I noted that the Guardian TV Guide last Saturday picked up the show as a highlight and wasn't condescending in the write-up. Modellers are forever complaining that the the hobby is dying out and a successful show of this nature cannot do any harm, particularly as the efforts being portrayed will strike a very close chord with pare
  4. Agreed. While the pre-built items were clearly of good quality, they cannot have seriously believed they were within the rules and did their brand a disservice. My wife (no modelling fan) rated them badly as soon as they started to claim they couldn't be beaten and I'm pleased that Kathy came out so strongly in favour of holding to the rules.
  5. This isn't the point.... the Bake Off contestants are all competent bakers - the competition element is precisely because they have a time limit imposed. Even if you compare the top ranking chefs appearing on The Great British Menu then the time limit becomes the differentiating factor. This is not a programme attempting to show how good modelling can be, it is a competition about what can be achieved in 24 hours.
  6. Progress so far... The backboard is a single sheet for the full 8 foot length. The tolerances in my fitting of the end boards of the baseboard kits meant that bolting them together tightly caused the centre to ride up a little. With them slackened enough for the boards to sit flat, using the full length backboard adds stability and strength. This whole unit can easily be lifted and spun around at present. The backboard bolts on with a number of bolts and wing nuts and will not have scenery attached directly to it so it can easily be removed to make the layout portable. Having pain
  7. I thought long and hard about this because I had plans for the white space to the right of the sidings. But in the end, especially given the length of the lower spur, I had to agree that some method of getting a loco out from behind it's load was going to be necessary to make operations more interesting. Since I don't have the space to do something fancy, I simply extended the two lower sidings and connected them, as below. ​It's not just armchair modelling either - now that Christmas is over I have a few days free for practical work! Happily the Grainge and Hodder baseboard kit arriv
  8. So here we are, closing in on the end of 2017! it wouldn't be true to say that Back Yard has been abandoned exactly, but progress since my last post has been achingly slow. Of course, I don't claim the record for slowness, lack of achievement or any such thing - we all know that railway modelling has a high failure rate! What I have mostly been doing since the last post is firming up my back story in my head, collecting a few more locos, thinning out the collection just a little to marry up to the back story and getting more freebie wagons from the Bachmann Collectors Club. And I have defi
  9. They are superb, especially for 4mm - the level of detail is just fantastic! You said it was a 1980s office though and while I'm not a railwayman, I was surprised to see computers on the desks. You'd certainly be forgiven for using model computers in place of green screen VDUs but I am a bit surprised that an office such as this would be computerised at all...
  10. Dave, Bit late replying to this but a couple of years ago, there was a stand at Workington Model Show from a model shop in Botany Bay that specialised in American kit buildings (certainly Walthers but a fairly broad choice). I rarely go to Botany Bay myself but Googling does turn up a reference to Hoyles Model Railways The Shunters Yard, which I guess is them, if they're still there... Roger
  11. ...is Model Rail getting namechecked in the Indy on Sunday in an article about Tatler! http://www.independent.co.uk/news/media/press/inside-tatler-a-new-programme-will-lift-the-lid-on-life-at-the-glossy-magazine-9863487.html
  12. Another vote here - not least because my own effort at a hard standing is currently stuck at 'shiny'!
  13. The ABC certificates are easily available via Google - RMs latest was published in Feb 2014 and the numbers seem very stable. They tell you nothing about the economics though - the two top 'selling' mags in the UK appear to be Tesco and Asda's in house advertorial publications but that wouldn't be a market I'd be launching into!
  14. Presumably an argument could be made that Peco have a touch of altruism about them (I'm sure they sell it to their accountants as 'cross-promotion'). Mind you, for all I know the Pritchard Patent Company is a behemoth dressed in Great Aunts clothing and not deserving of any slack being cut... Taking my tongue out of my cheek (and as a regular reader of RM and MR, which I find to be a complimentary package), this has been an interesting thread and I have decided to have a quick look at the new BRM as a result of the debate. It used to contain too many articles about prototype coal trains
  15. Your ADSL router! Phew! Just for a moment I thought you were using a router for all those windows
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