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  1. Yes it looks good but I wondered if there was room for it to move up on a transition of grade into the footplate? It’s fine if the layout is flat or has very gradual grades but I was interested in if it restricted the haulage on a typical transition because it limited the up and down movement. If it is able to rise up it might be worth pursuing over the folded paper flap idea I had. I don’t have an issue with such compromises for a reason. On my Harz layout I removed the traction tyres because it was all flat and accepted the compromised ultimate power, it was good enough for my purposes, because there were more important pickup issues as designed on the Tillig 2-10-2’s.
  2. How does it cope with gradient transitions under load? Won’t it lift the inner wheels off the track slightly going onto a rising gradient?
  3. Update 1st Dec Unfortunately James Train Parts will not be attending the show to answer your questions on 3D printing due to a positive Covid test requiring him to self isolate. You can contact him directly by email [email protected] with any printing needs that you were going to discuss at the show”. Thank you.
  4. Rob, the juddery running could be the back emf causing it if the motor and drive has a tight spot. It can go away when run in but there are a couple of options, change the BEMF sensitivity or the easiest is to turn it off, (it’s usually on by default). I’ve had this with a couple of mechanisms and found reducing the BEMF level stops the decoder sending pulses of extra power when it decides it’s going too slow. A slightly sloppy gear train can also be the cause of the confusion in the decoders little mind as it loads and unloads while shunting. The only secret to fiddling with cv’s is to write down what you started with so you can go straight back. P48 in the manual. Using the powercab in ‘program track’ mode which is no.4 on the prog list, Select 2=cv and it asks you the cv number, then it reads and displays the value, (make a note), and then you can change it with the keypad. ESU decoder if you read cv49 you should get a value of 19, if so try changing it to 18 and see if the juddering goes away? Zimo decoder, read cv 58 and try reducing the value to 0 and see if that helps. It sounds intimidating but it’s actually quite easy and I have no clue with computers or electronics.
  5. My DLG arrived very fast as I ordered on the announcement day but the renewal is still in the queue as they were setting up a new printer for the cards or something they said in an email.
  6. Those are Peco coaches in the post you quoted I think it looks great with them and closer size wise than the bug boxes even though they are prototypical!
  7. Hirson Bellevue by Howard Coulson (photos courtesy Mick Thornton)
  8. I’ve fitted a Zimo decoder down the side of a Minitrains motor, hidden with a driver. and the smaller mx616 inside an N gauge shunters cab I don’t think the England will be as tight as either
  9. DCC sound is a challenge, but plain DCC should be fairly easy with the Zimo mx616 or the even smaller mx615 coming, (8.2x5.7x2mm 0.5A continuous / 1A peak), it could be stuck to the cab roof out of the way.
  10. Yes two people in that shot but it’s not necessarily standard practice. Sometimes it’s quicker to double up the crew and use one loco and other times two locos work separately is faster either for shunt release or top n tail. One man crews have been common in industry for years, even in steam days, to save money. The loco is equipped to give options and on a nice day it’s probably nicer to be stood on the steps with the remote enjoying the fresh air but in winter staying in the cab as much as possible is preferable That is certainly true of crews in the US using remote control locos
  11. For buffering up if it’s a one man crew shunter/driver and he can’t see well to judge distance at the long end? If you bang on hard you tend to bounce back, or the wagons do.
  12. Think of it like a normal lift, you have to walk into those first Or the Anderton boat lift.
  13. Message from the Open Day team; In light of the recent increase of Covid Risk it is requested that all visitors and exhibitors at the show wear a facemask or appropriate face visor (when medically exempted from wearing a facemask). It is intended to reduce the risk of transmitting Covid to an absolute minimum and your assistance in keeping the show as risk free as possible will be appreciated by all. Please also note that some of the doors in the hall will be open for ventilation so please wear warm clothing.
  14. I was there first thing Pete while you were swamped with people waiting to chat. I did ask you quickly between those waiting before I took the pics, which you kindly said yes to thanks. As I’d had a long chat at Warley when you took Worlds End and I had to get elsewhere I missed the opportunity this time as you had to pop for lunch before they closed. Fortunately I knew I could ask any questions on here later. I have thoroughly enjoyed going through the pictures several times and I’m looking forward to the articles that will surely follow in the mags. It was the highlight of a good show.
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