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  1. Most of which is trying to overcome the effects of the previous application! Dreadful stuff for models but brilliant for what it was designed for.
  2. In some ways it makes them even more like the real thing
  3. You certainly can fit in inclines that go up and down in the space. Here’s a photo of what was our childhood 8x4 layout that my Dad has kept and converted to Hornby Dublo. The track plan is virtually identical except he hadn’t got an alternative for the old Hornby auto unloading wagon coal drop. A good selection of sidings is good for storing stock plus you can make them industries to suit wagons you have or other toys the kids have. So you could have a car factory, a military depot etc. I built a layout for a friends lad and I included a race track as the top of the tunnel so he coul
  4. Did the early stuff really run as well as modern day stuff at slow speeds? I remember playing with my Dads Hornby Dublo as a kid and it was great rattling round but it did tend to be hard to run slowly for shunting. I know I thought my Hornby locos of the late 70’s were better at that although I loved the rattle of the tinplate. Dad still has his Dublo and it’s set up on our old 8x4 first layout he just replaced our track with Dublo and it’s still going but many times he used to remagnetise the motors and fix various bits n bobs of mechanisms. We replaced all the magnets about ten years ago an
  5. all ready for the mallets although I think they’re going to come with a fat tax bill attached as they are late! Ta, they’d been sat on the bookcase for ages looking for a purpose!
  6. Basically complete it’s all set up and ready to play which will include adding detail.
  7. I think that’s the most promising bit, they are discussing details not the whole thing
  8. 2 minutes in there’s a shot of the panoramic wagon
  9. Ok whatever you want to you they’re different to me they are the same thing from personal experience in the industry years ago and friends involved in it more recently. I didn’t blame anyone I just pointed out that it helps them make a decision. Going back to this thread as Rails have said they are still discussing it, it’s worth getting your Eoi in for the 89 to help them decide if and if so which are viable
  10. No you’re making huge jumps of assumption again, you only need express an interest or or order if you want to. As I originally said All you are doing is providing them with data, in the way they choose, to make their decision. If you choose not to provide an interest Eoi or per order that’s up to you. Rails have asked for it outright, Hattons did it by accepting pre orders but both were looking for the same data at the end of the day. It’s always been done in various ways in the trade by shops pre orders but with more niche products and the internet an exclusive product ca
  11. Anyway if we take the Hattons suspension as a mild warning it’s worth putting in an expression of interest as it may help Rails decide with the 89 on the go / no go and the specifications
  12. I didn’t I just pointed out a lot hadn’t as the thread demonstrates. “See how many in that thread are now saying they want one but didn’t put in an Eoi ! ” At no point did I poke fun or derision at those now asking for the pre orders to be reopened! I was pointing out a no deposit pre order and expression of interest are almost exactly the same. People made an assumption that they would produce it anyway. It’s not the first item to be cancelled because of insufficient orders, the bigger manufacturers have done it too. Pre orders from us and shops have always driven the decision
  13. No it was based on orders which in their case are almost exactly the same as an Eoi as you don’t pay a deposit with Hattons and can cancel at anytime They effectively used it like an Eoi. Their words on the crane “Due to lower sales than projected, we have made the difficult decision to suspend the OO gauge Plasser” That looks like it didn’t meet, in your words, a minimum amount of pre orders?
  14. But the point is Rails are making the decision and they have a hell of a lot more experience, than the majority commenting on it, in this business. Despite what we think if they don’t think it will then it won’t happen. I’ve put in my Eoi to show support, I’m not artificially inflating it by voting for multiple ones either, because they asked and it’s my polite response to their question. Hattons have cancelled the crane because of lack of orders so it’s not just Rails using this system so at least two major shops believe it works. See how many in that thread are now saying they want on
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