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  1. You could consider a feature like a stone or chalk cutting as a short optional board that can be swapped depending on the theme. Say a 18” long board leading into a bridge or tunnel scene divider. Just to add a definite geographic theme. Alternatively a stone wall that swaps out and is attached with magnets could also be of a signature material that sets location.
  2. More trains from Junction to Pen Mill with the SWR services don’t help with pathways. Probably clashes with those are the main issue in the timings. There were also a quite few problems with steam losing time on Upwey and Parkstone banks that have a big knock on to other services. To be honest it was some over optimistic loadings for steam that didn’t help there with extra coaches tagged on plus a dead diesel in tow. You can only bank with special permission even when the diesel is already tagged on the back and then it shouldn’t be at full linespeed with that stock.
  3. PaulRhB


    Yep traverser certainly works for capacity It was more just in case it’s useful in future for the 3 way.
  4. My Lulworth Castle is primarily British 1960's steam but also does Modern era at shows by changing the vehicles and nameboards with magnets holding the signs on the front of the box. the signs are backed with steel from a drinks can. At home it also jumps back to light railway days as the Stoke, EastHill & Creech Railway, 1930's SR, Metropolitan Rly with an alternative station building too and finally 1980's large logo West Highland! Various pics throughout this thread,
  5. Yes the return trip is Weymouth, Southampton, Romsey, Dean, Andover and Basingstoke via Laverstock Loop just East of Salisbury. I see it on the panel but it doesn't actually pass the box! So near yet so far
  6. PaulRhB

    Little Muddle

    Or because she's really a Q ship
  7. PaulRhB


    Jim, Bemo should negotiate 330mm radius and the Tillig 3 way point is 353mm radius. The only issue with the modern stock I found was the brake pipes on the modern Haik vans as they are too close if coupled back to back, a bit of judicious bending to the side clears that problem though
  8. Find a reason for a colourful party banner or telegraph wires across the road that could hide it?
  9. PaulRhB


    Can’t you fit in the curved points to stretch the sidings? A traverser is good for space but if you may want to have two trains arriving or departing together which is fairly common on the modern system. You may need tracks offset at either end to serve two different traverser tracks or a point splitting to twin roads at one end so you can have the offset or a continuous loop
  10. In about a week at that rate of progress! What are you doing with the old ones just out of interest, keeping to play at home or recycling?
  11. Well good luck, my Dad had a ‘reboot’ a couple of years back and has been much better as a result, seems a lot of other things were being caused by it
  12. Hope the illness is under control now and looking forward to seeing what you do with this one
  13. Lurid was what I thought, dazzle camouflage! I suspect it is a little vibrant compared to the actual colours as they yellow is a really strong mustard. With a little weathering though it should make a nice feature, everyone needs a tunnel to hide it in
  14. Close but Flake is a much older 20’s mine, this one was only opened in 1960
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