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  1. Apart from a door knob and some enamel signs it’s pretty much done. I had to have hinged doors as the store part is too narrow for the sliding one of the real shed.
  2. Kernow’s newsletter just dropped in and says the LNWR & SR coaches due in the next week.
  3. Just popped them in between the frame supports.
  4. I’ve added three sets of figures to my open wagons. Due to the raised floor I’ve trimmed a bit off the bottom of legs. Noch seated 36533, 36535 & standing photographers 36571
  5. Knap Down mine is going to need some explosives, I’ve just renumbered and lettered these. One for each era, (I know the numbers may overlap but they were the easiest to do with a cocktail stick).
  6. Scenecraft station on the left and my attempt to match it on the right! Gutters, canopy and details still to do. and from the other side
  7. I wasn’t but I’m sure I could hide a switch to do it if I remember Failing that a bit of clear polythene under the wheels would work.
  8. Thanks it’s just a base coat of light grey and then a liberal dry brush of a mid brown followed by light dry brushing with a darker brown and grey. They are all diy store emulsion test pots. primed with cordoba used as the main base dry brush coat sophisticated mixing palette
  9. Started on the painting to try and get close to the station colours. Just using emulsion tester pots in a couple of greys and browns
  10. it would but it’s the reality of tooling up a working model for a relatively niche market and there are other toy Thomas electric trains at more pocket money prices. The likes of Bachmann are producing in much lower volumes than the millions by Tomy or Ertl so the unit costs are inevitably higher. But the Peckett doesn’t have a multinational Toy company taking a large license fee out of their costs I’m afraid the two pretty much cost the same when all the costs are added up. If you bought a Thomas set, a couple of locos and say ten wagons it’s comparable to a Con
  11. I hollowed out more of the shed interior using a pencil hotwire, with a 4” wire, it’s not as precise as the main wire as it gets so hot it melts a bigger area around it so I open out a hole and then clean it up with a scalpel. It does get into dead end bits though that the wire can’t cut. I use this one that’s about £25 on Amazon Then I drew / engraved in the stonework with the nib of my propelling pencil to get the smaller stonework of the real shed finer than a normal pencil would.
  12. “Slow adrenaline sport” I know what you mean about wanting a turntable Tim but you may have to settle for a slightly smaller one like I did
  13. I’ve carved out the basic shell of the goods shed and made the roof panels. Time to start drawing stones.
  14. A bit of rethinking has gone on and as I want to build a Barnstaple ish terminus what I originally called Gratton Lane is going to be upgraded to become Combe Martin. Basically I’ll graft a piece on the side to allow the Scenecraft station to fit on and the siding module will be turned into the goods sidings and mine. It will still work as a through module if required as the loading platform on the through line will be removable. The basic shell of Lynmouth goods shed was also cut from foam.
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