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  1. You’ll need to look out for some of these now (p24) https://online.fliphtml5.com/xbqr/hbpn/#p=26
  2. Watched the Titfield Thunderbolt again recently and it started me thinking of a little 7/8ths project. Didn’t really like disc wheels on a roller . . so here’s before & after, a few details left to do with reg plates ordered. wheels off the traction engine and flywheel off the steam lorry. Chimney cap and hose off the t’internet.
  3. This is the Southern Region Signalbox you know? Can’t have GWR sauce at work , there’s professional standards to uphold on the Down side The GWR kept their secret sauces on the Up side! Welcome to the dark side!
  4. ah the Trombone, part instrument, part offensive weapon ( ask the woodwind section ) Happy days in various bands and orchestras I agree though I watched the clip and thought so when are you going to do the good bit and play?!? To get back on track, a proper Signalman’s breakfast this morning rustled up by the MOM No sheep were harmed in the production, but several pigs.
  5. Little Langford on the Wylye Valley approaching Salisbury, Matt Hurst SalisburyASC Group Flickr At Salisbury
  6. It’s all been announced before except the recently announced locolift and they know the market for that from the previous version I’m waiting on the med bullhead points too but possibly the focus on the best sellers is due to the financial hit they’ve taken during the initial lockdown of no production, adapting the factory and PPE supplies for the staff and resulting limited production since? Remember the visitor centre and gardens etc have been shut as the factory production spread to all other areas for social distancing reasons so they are still losing their normal revenue streams f
  7. My fathers shed was always a problem with track buckling until we insulated the walls and roof and skinned it with ply. Then there was no more track buckling and although it’s totally unheated five minutes gets the heat to comfortable levels. The only thing to watch in an unheated shed is ballasting as it can stay wet a long time, days in fact, and we once got mould! After that was treated we only ballasted in warm weather so it dried overnight ok. If you have windows you definitely need blinds to keep the sun out when you’re not in there and security. Apart from that a shed is great and
  8. 21C123’s photo illustrates it well.
  9. I think it wants to be like this? (I’ve only drawn a few of the verticals in)
  10. Sorry I meant the grille on the plate on your renderings it fills the whole plate, the bit highlighted below seems to be wider than the top flat area. Just something that grabbed my attention, (knowing nothing about anything on these apart from there was a Canadian version) The loco photos seem to differ from the drawing too on this. There also doesn’t seem to be a flat surround where I’ve put the red lines, the grille appears to be right to the edge?
  11. The grille on the short nose appears to be offset to one corner rather than filling the whole panel in the photo above?
  12. Yep, to Salisbury dragging a 67, turned via Laverstock and the 67 brought it into the station and Thunderer led back to Eastleigh
  13. I doubt it’ll make any difference to that. If people want to be absolutely accurate then they will still learn the skills, these will just allow others to dabble in it for a bit of fun. It’s not detrimental and it might lead to more rtr locos therefore making it easier to jump in and actually model it. Personally I’m ok building stuff but hate lining and painting, I can do it I just find it incredibly tedious so it’s not fun and takes me ages, layouts and operation are my thing that’s all. I’ve always had a soft spot for LNWR locos so I’ve bought a few H ones and might get a few of these too j
  14. It’s a pretty specialist loco though and big so it will be interesting to see how popular it is.
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