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  1. The Capricorn’s are the first fundamental change in the way the RhB operates passenger services since the railcar sets and push pull driving trailers came in eliminating run rounds on some lines. The management now seem to have decided the still large reliance on shunting staff needs to be reduced. It does mean they are losing some flexibility in adding a wagon or coach on but I assume the cost balance overall justifies it for them.
  2. Purely the historical acquisition and the way they operate the RhB in separate lines has meant there’s not been the financial incentive to spend the vast amount converting it. The Allegra’s being dual voltage is the first sign that once it comes up for major renewal it probably will be converted. The Arosa line only got converted once a major renewal was needed of the stock and infrastructure. There was a scheme to move the line into Chur underground but the money wasn’t there so just the power upgrade went ahead with a temporary change to loco haulage until the Allegra’s came into service.
  3. Yes not unusual to do that but surprisingly no passengers seen. You’d expect them all to be out the windows for air!
  4. I guess a positioning move for a tour as the krok usually follows with the tank in hot weather and there’s no one at the windows.
  5. With local layouts and small ones yes but rarely worthwhile with a large layout unless you can set up the night before. Mention of how such ideas limit the scope of layouts you can invite has already been made. I think Gresley Beat and Copenhagen Fields take several hours to set up and break down, my full Harz layout needs 2hrs setup. It’s a lot of work to put it up run it and knock down a 20ft plus layout all in one day. I won’t take my full Harz layout to a one day show except very locally where I can set up Friday and get home in half an hour or with Friday night accommodation as it is too much on top of a long drive. It’s supposed to be fun to exhibit
  6. I’ve rather enjoyed three virtual shows plus monthly zoom meetings for our NG group but would I continue with those over a physical show or meet at a friends house that would require 30-100mile drive? No way! They fill a bit of the gap until the risk is lower but they have nowhere near the atmosphere or the way the real version helps me relax. I get my buzz from physical models and chat so it’s worth the effort.
  7. I’ve used this suggested by one of the chaps on here who works for them, just search Montana spray paints for various stockists.
  8. That’s exactly the point I was making At the end of the day as long as you perceive the value in an item it doesn’t matter what it cost you. As ably demonstrated by your post modelling can be cheap in whatever scale if you supply creativity and labour as part of the hobby. I’ve got six small 16mm locos & trams that all cost under £70 in parts but a rtr version of a similar size varies between £200-£500 from Regner to Roundhouse I still see the value in my LGB 2-10-2 that cost £1000 ten years or more ago though
  9. Modelling time at commercial rates? Very nice and true value would easily match the rtr stuff from Accucraft and I suspect you would be able to charge more because they are custom handmade The essence is it’s a hobby so we write off the time as fun. Wheeler dealers always makes me smile because their ‘profit’ ignores all Ed / Ant’s time because the premise is if you did it yourself as a hobby.
  10. Ok so apart from electronics and motor how much less design work is there in a piece of stock than a loco? A simple wagon has less parts so is faster to assemble but a coach or wagon with a lot of detail probably takes ⅔ the time so rapidly approaches the same assembly cost. As mentioned to then charge £100 for it wouldn’t sell well so things like the observation saloon and polybulk are priced at what the market will pay but don’t have the same margin. Then we see the locos profit margin pushed to compensate You have to look across the whole range to make money, that’s why the specialists in the US who only do wagons charge a bigger margin as they have no other revenue stream. Back in the 90’s I worked for an etched kit manufacturer and there were regular questions why coaches cost nearly the same as loco kits so we gave a basic breakdown. Common to both kits, Eg class 25 & Mk1 Research & development Pre-rolled etched body. Etched body detail. Underframe castings. Bogie etches, castings & 4 axles. Bearings. Unique to loco Motor & gears Cab detail Unique to coach plastic seating strips Etched interior dividers, tables. So the actual difference was about £20 in materials! The same is still true in kits now and is very similar in rtr. Therefore you put the margin on certain items because you know how the human brain works! It happens across all products and look at the extremes in printers and inks where they reverse it and sell you the complicated bit cheap because they can make the profit on the but you need to run it! That doesn’t cause much moaning does it? And when you do moan cheap inks wrecked my printer you’re surprised it’s excluded from the warranty As pointed out above you need to compare truly comparable items but also look at what they do in the range. Start sets are often loss leaders with virtually no margin to hook you in. Those who use them to scratchbuild on get cheap model railways but that’s got to take the other reasons and their time into account
  11. It won’t eradicate it that’s what the experts have said from the start. So this will be true again. It’s about getting control of a new virus that needs the time and we can do our bit by not rushing to mingle without restriction at a show. The reports in March said 12-18 moths was realistic to see if there’s a possible vaccine and then as it’s global it might take months to produce enough for those that want it. We are only 5 months into that research and already some vaccines are under trial. If you write off shows for this year then there’s hope that those original estimates may be met. Again early days Phil, the fear has worked to keep the majority sensibly taking some precautions. There might well be a slow rise out of that fear but as you said before the human being is not particularly good at immediate risk decisions but they are good at sweeping the past fear away. Much like we largely assumed it wouldn’t come here but stay in Asia again! Remember Sars and Swine flu hit Asia hard but they bounced back, the same will happen here once there are treatments. It’s a century since Europe was hit by something like this, flu’s are still with us and do kill, and it killed far more because they didn’t have vaccine hopes just herd immunity.
  12. Are you modelling the Seamstresses Guild?
  13. Yes you can get decent deals on eBay if the item is in the global shipping and from some shops. I got my New Orleans streetcars direct and some On30 stuff cheaper than importing via a shop here. That said the G scale GP was cheaper here so you need to look around every time.
  14. I voted, the only thing is an 009 version would probably see more layout owners buy one than a proper 12mm version! I’d rather have the 12mm one
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