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  1. I have just had a Digital IP replaced by DCC Concepts after it decided to stop in the wrong position - in reverse when my NCE procab was showing normal. I removed the unit and tried to reprogram all to no avail. I think a diode ceased to work preventing the motor from operating in the reverse direction. DCC Concepts have not explained what was wrong with it only that when tested it was 'dead'. The replacement has just arrived. Robin
  2. David, I appreciate your concern but the Midland did not have 'ridge tiles' on the hipped roof angles. The above photo is of the prototype Engine Shed Sidings. Robin
  3. Dave, Neither did I - I'd have called them down pipe brackets! As you say we live and learn. Robin
  4. Engine Shed Sidings signal box is now finished and has taken it's place on the layout. The box is constructed from a Churchward Models etched brass kit I picked up from Ebay, and contains a detailed interior from Springside items with armchair and signalmen from Modelu. The final items, shown in the photos, are the two downpipes which are attached using Modelu cast iron holderbats. Only the two nameboards to make. I visited the Ambis stand on Sunday and purchased a pack of etched LMS letters for the signal box nameboard. A bit of a fiddle to make but I'm pleased with the result. Individual letters were cut off the fret, cleaned up and given a coat of Halfords white primer and the board with red. When dry the letters were attached to the board using PVA.
  5. 30541 has come a long way since I took this photo of it at the back of Bristol barrow Road shed in 1965.
  6. This may be of interest regarding the Tewkesbury Brewery premises. https://www.gsia.org.uk/reprints/1980/gi198007.pdf Robin
  7. Hi John, That was good of her but I'm sure they all enjoyed your talk. Did they ask for a running session? Robin
  8. It has been a while since I did any work on the roundhouse roof so I recently added the smoke hood support wires, 4 to each hood, to the 22 that are inside the shed. The roof is entirely scratchbuilt from brass section and nickel silver wire. The smoke hoods are of two types - 3 older wooden types which are ex Midland/LMS in origin which I scratchbuilt from plasticard and brass angle, and 19 'asbestos/concrete' units which are cast in resin by my Friend Morgan from a 3D printed master. Morgan also produced the etched supports on the lower edge of the units. I have used Markits WD handrail knobs - 4 per unit - as hood anchor points for the nickel silver wire supports. Once finished I sprayed the complete roof with Halfords grey primer.
  9. St Philip's Marsh GW steam shed was a two turntable roundhouse on the south side of the Bristol Relief Line and was closed in 1964. The site became the site of Bristol Fruit Market. The HST depot is on the north side towards towards North Somerset junction. Marsh Junction DMU building is on the opposite shed of the line to the HST depot. The GW shed is shown on this map top left corner along with Bath Road GW steam shed and Temple Meads station. https://maps.nls.uk/view/102342929
  10. Nice job on the Pannier. Look forward to seeing it painted - no pressure though:-) Robin
  11. Hi Tricky, I'm not sure I can answer your question but the end elevation of the Borough Mill has what looks like moveable pipework up the side of the building with a box section at the top end. Is this a vacuum unloading arrangement for taking grain off the barges? Robin
  12. Some photos taken of Healings Mill today. The first two photos show the single track rail bridge.
  13. Hi, I am originally from Bristol and am currently building a P4 layout of Bristol Barrow Road with a blog on this website. I have some other photos of the Tewkesbury branch of my own but not of the quay branch. Are you aware of the following? There is also a colour photo of Healing's Mill showing the quayside in Neil Parkhouse's book Vol3 Gloucester and Midland Lines Part 1: North p112. There are a number of photos on Britain from Above but I expect you may have seen these. https://britainfromabove.org.uk/image/EPW023935
  14. As a resident of Tewkesbury I reiterate Killybegs comment. I have some plans of the track pm me if you are interested. The above photo was taken after the track was removed beyond the shed and after the track arrangement was modified slightly.
  15. The weathering is not bad either is it Dave:-) Robin
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