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  1. Dave, Thanks for your kind comments. It will not be good to have another meeting when you can bring your Scot for a run. Robin
  2. It has been a while since I posted anything on the forum. I have just received a John Brighton built DJH Crab 42778 from David Clarke which is fitted with sound and the attached video is a trial run on a section of the down main line past Barrow Road shed. Before anyone comments I have noticed that the front bogie is off the rails! Since my last post my lockdown modelling has come on leaps and bounds. The viaduct is now almost finished and has been clad with coarse stone courtesy of Mr Wills and with assistance from an article by Karl Crowther in MRJ 247. Having completed the viaduct var
  3. I am seeking some advice on the correct wiring of Pentrollers. I have been donated a Panel mounted Pentroller and a Handheld Rover Unit. The Panel Unit is contained in a plastic box. Inside this box there is a small square circuit board fixed to it's base. The box has 2 white cables which enter the box at the rear. These 2 cabled have been cut off on the outside, Each cable has 4 wires, one red, one black, one blue and one yellow. The 4 wires from one cable are soldered to the small circuit board. The 4 wires from the other have the red and black screwed to a terminal block on this small
  4. Thank you John the Jubilee sounds fabulous. I have a digitrains Zimo decoder a sugar cube speaker to fit in one of my Jubilees so it's interesting to hear how they sound. Robin
  5. Interesting John. Is the large speaker in the tender the original Bachmann speaker? Robin.
  6. Hi, What sound system have you adopted for your Jubilees? Robin
  7. Paul, Just noticed this thread. A diorama definitely not! It needs to a full circuit layout so you can run full length trains past the yard Robin
  8. Hi Lez, Here is a photo of an official drawing showing track alterations at the shed and removal of the rail to the quay which you may find of interest. Good luck with your project I which, as a resident of Tewkesbury, I will follow with interest. Robin
  9. A few more photos. I'm not sure of the exact date of these but they after after the last set. Pride of Whatley is new in these photos.
  10. Steve, please pass on my thanks to John for that information, I really must get down to the job of ballasting Barrow Road but I'm enjoying making some scenic units at the moment - that's may excuse for the lack of ballast on my layout. Robin
  11. Steve, what ballast and method of glueing does John use? Robin
  12. A few more from the 9th June 1987. A series of photos of 56034 " Castell Ogwr - Ogmore Castle" first with 18 empty PTAs at 2.50pm followed by a train of loaded PGAs leaving at 3.13pm.
  13. Guy, Looking at my note on the back of one of the photos it is indeed a 'Hire Loco'. Robin
  14. John, I contacted a friend who gave this information:- I hope it helps you, Regards, Robin. "If this is indeed to what you refer, they are sand hoppers for refilling locomotive sand boxes. They were heated to keep the sand dry. Sand would be delivered to depots in 'Loco Sand' wagons such as the pitch-roof example seen to the left. Usually these were purpose-built and not converted from redundant salt wagons as many people assume. Your friend would therefore need one of two of these wagons for his model."
  15. It's gone a bit quiet on this thread so I'll add a few more photos taken on the 9th June 1987. Here are a few more taken at Murder Coombe - I love that name:-) taken at 2.15pm Buffer detail. Taken at 2.20pm Unidentified shunter arrives at 2.30pm - Oiling points? Departs at 2.40pm
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