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  1. As one of the people involved with setting up Avonside Works I have to agree with Tim. I had a HH jig and thought soldering on the flat was preferable to the vertical. This was one of the main features when designing the Avonside Chassis 2 Jig. Robin
  2. Paul, I checked the comprehensive data that Patrick sent me and have identified 46220 Coronation visiting Bristol on Thursday 7th Feb 1963 with the 1V86 0.45 ex Manchester which arrived at Bristol TM at 6.30am. As mentioned I believe it was serviced at the Marsh but I've not found evidence of the return diagram. I'd be interested if you find anything
  3. A possibility. A Duchess did pay a visit to Bristol, I think on a special, but went to St Philips Marsh shed for servicing. I need to check my records.
  4. Earlier this year I came into possession of a Proscale Princess which was originally built by Alan Sibley. The model,46200 Princess Royal, was DC with a Portescap motor and I have converted it to DCC for use on Barrow Road - not strictly prototypical but I like the model. Alan obviously was sparing in his use of solder to assemble the kit as I had to re-attach a lot of small parts which fell off when I breathed on them!!! Hope you like the video 46200 Princess Royal
  5. Further work on the buildings continues with the 'new' sand dryer building, which from aerial photos in my my possession was built in the late 1940s . I found a stock of old Formcraft bricks which I decided to use to build the front with it's pillars and use slaters english bond sheet for the remainder. On reflection this was probably not my best idea as it took rather longer to build than anticipated. My first attempt at adding 'sand' by using talc did not convince so I raided that grand daughters covered sand pit - with permission - a borrowed a cup full. Next building project is to clad the arches of Barrow Road with Wills coarse stone........
  6. David, I used to like loco kit construction - I must have done 40/50 over the years - but with the vast improvement in RTR models in the past 15 years I have chosen to convert to P4 and add detail, life's too short. Providing track is laid well P4 converted models will run well without the need to introduce compensation as do 2 axle wagons. If you want a large layout with a lot of stock it's the way to go. That said I really like your kit built locos and your latest Black 5 is in a class of it's own. Keep up the good work. Robi
  7. I have now completed my second Patriot conversion to P4. This loco belongs to a friend who asked me to do the conversion for him. The decoder arrived this morning, now fitted for it's first run on DCC. Here is the youtube video link. 45504 Royal Signals passing Bristol Barrow Road Shed 4 Jubilees and 2 Patriots outside the roundhouse.
  8. Jay, Here are some photos I took for an MRJ article on Sheep Pasture Top. I have used the same operating arrangement as Geraint for the scotch blocks on the top of the incline. The vertical pulley wheels were 'borrowed from my sons Lego. Incline Fiddle Yard with wagon on down line. Operation of the incline is by rotation of the black pulley wheel using fingers or 'digital' operation. Top of incline showing vertical pulley wheels [ Lego]. The Up scotch block is visible on the right Geraint's design for operating scotch blocks. Cranked brass tube sits in the slots with the other end attached to the scotch through the baseboard. Pulley wheels at the top of the incline.
  9. David, thank you for your kind comments. I am in the process of upgrading the Bachmann ash plant as the lifting mechanism supplied is plastic and rather fragile. Brass replacement pending. The other ladders are overscale ie 1foot 6in gap between steps.
  10. Nice photos Tim and good to see Paul H is living up to his reputation for appearing everywhere:-) Robin
  11. I remember it well Geraint - bird poo on the layout covering sheets first thing in the morning. Friden boards looking good. Robin
  12. Dave, I was wondering what they were and I'm sure you are correct with the fire-iron rest. With the support brackets missing or broken it doesn't appear it got much use. This is supported by other photos in my possession. Robin
  13. Dave, Broke a few bits whilst drilling the holes on the nickel silver strip. Robin
  14. The next building on my list is the brick built shed next to the ash plant which I believe housed the plant control equipment. The model is made from plasticard with overlays of Slaters english bond brickwork. The ladder rom the ground to the roof of the building together with the longer one to the platform on the ash plant are scratchbuilt using 1mm x 0.3mm nickel silver strip whilst the steps are 0.45mm wire. The mortar course is a wash of black acrylic which is then sand back to leave the a nice finish for the bricks. Photo Copyright Robin Whittle Robin
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