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  1. The prog will be called "De Grote Kleine Treinen Competitie" according to these Dutch sources (the first a what's on guide): https://www.gids.tv/artikel/11027/omroep-max-zoekt-beste-modeltreinbouwer-in-de-grote-kleine-treinen-competitie https://www.maxvandaag.nl/sessies/paginas/oproep/max-zoekt-de-beste-modeltreinbouwer-van-nederland/
  2. Or even the fancy new Sheffield-Lincoln trains - I hear they've even got eight wheels per coach.
  3. Sounds a bit Blue Peter "sticky-backed plastic and a pair of Val's old knickers", but if it works, don't knock it!
  4. Is there still a toll bridge over the Trent somewhere over that way? Something likefourpence ha’penny each way?
  5. Fluorescent strip lights can give a greenish colour cast. At least in film days I had a purplish filter for fluorescent lighting. However, a modern phone camera might have auto white balance, or else white balance is adjustable in software.
  6. Excellent. Needs writing up as an academic paper in a learned journal.
  7. "Tram-train learning hub" launched. See https://www.networkrailmediacentre.co.uk/news/network-rail-and-partners-launch-tram-train-pilot-learning-hub First person to say "lessons will be learned" wins...
  8. Hmm, cats - there's always an ulterior motive, usually food.
  9. Sorry, I should have been clearer. Rewriting it: "If the right-click menu doesn't have an option to search google for the image, just follow the link I gave earlier - works on any browser"
  10. If the right-click isn’t available, just follow the link I gave earlier - works on any browser.
  11. Meaning search for an image on Google by uploading an image that you already have. 1. Go to https://images.google.com/ 2. Click the camera icon in the search box 3. Upload your photo and see what Google finds that it thinks is similar. You get some surprising results sometimes.
  12. There’s Vanwides in there, which lasted longer than the late 60s. Is it possible that the vans arrived long after the branch closed? I saw quite a few van bodies “exported” on the back of lorries from Hoo Junction around the early 80s (I think the frames were scrapped on site, but the wooden bodies were worth more as ready-made sheds).
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