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  1. Crystal Palace earlier today, courtesy of my sister!
  2. Glad you got the language thing sorted. While I speak a bit of German, unfortunately I don't speak DCC! Good luck/viel Glück/101101101101101101111000110100100100011001010010* *Don't waste any time translating this mock-binary - it's just a random series of keypresses
  3. Helli might be Helligkeit/brightness. Sorry but I need to go right now. I’ll come back in a couple of hours and read that manual if you’ve not solved it in the meantime.
  4. Einstellungen = settings, so try that and look for Sprache = language ?
  5. The leaves are turning a nice colour on a dull day at Rotherham Masboro today:
  6. This thread from 2011 on District Dave says that the two 1938 cars pictured above at Chatham are the same ones that later went to Alderney. Since scrapped and replaced by 1959 stock: https://districtdavesforum.co.uk/thread/17407/chatham-historic-dockyard
  7. You've heard of bi-mode electric+diesel, well here's tri-mode steam+electric+diesel, at a Chatham Dockyard open day in 1985: Edit: in fact on the occasion of the Tall Ships Race visit to Chatham.
  8. Tilbury luggage van photo over here if it helps, showing Mk1 type windows at least on one side:
  9. Bolton-on-Dearne? Pity I was stuck in front of a screen when that came through S Yorks.
  10. Think I've posted this on the forum before, but it's the only one I have of Chelmsford. I changed trains there once on the way back from Ipswich/Colchester for some reason. A 47 whizzes through in 1985. Nice signal post, and a good one for the car spotters:
  11. Browsing a few photos, I came across a couple where I was so pleased with my equipment improvisation, I took a picture. I give you... 1) Tripod made from a lunchbox, with camera levelled up using coins under a corner, to video approaching steam train. North of Moorthorpe: 2) The mini-tripod looked a bit precarious on the fence at the Landwasser Viaduct viewpoint, with a long drop if it went, so I made a safety line with the spare bootlaces from my rucksack: So are there any more tips and tricks out there? Lens hoods from pringles containers?
  12. Good find. For searchability in future, railscot says it was called the KP Adventure Express, a term which brings up very few results on google, other than a badly scanned Financial Times article on archive.org, mentioning the creative mind behind the idea, one Gary Withers at Imagination Group (still going today as a creative company), at https://archive.org/stream/FinancialTimes1986UKEnglish/Mar 06 1986%2C Financial Times%2C %2329872%2C UK (en)_djvu.txt Edit: I guess "toed:" is an OCR scanning error for "took"
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