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  1. Well, in fact I saw a steam loco moving a coach around on the track cam earlier today! And visitors wandering round the shed area. So maybe all's not lost.
  2. Just found there's a couple of live webcams Wolsztyńska Parowozownia (widok na torowisko) Wolsztyn engine shed (view of track) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2427ONdpGA and Wolsztyńska Parowozownia (widok na obrotnicę) Wolsztyn engine shed (view of turntable) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGaq_4J2H4Y
  3. Number? Do they have numbers then? I always thought they had names like Percy, Peter or Penelope the Pacer. Or is that just the ones with a face on the front? More seriously, how does the driver manage to see the signal at the N end of Moorthorpe platforms with a cloud like that? Perhaps the exit signal from the loop was already green, or would that only clear if the platform-end signal is also clear, as the distance between the two isn't that far?
  4. From Moorthorpe at the end of 2019, a tale of photographers' woe... As the loco takes on water, the crowds gather, picking the best spot for a photo: The points change, there's a whistle, and a cloud of steam: Some people realise their photo is in doubt, and start to run down the platform, glancing back anxiously: But the excess steam lasts the entire length of the platform: Atmospheric, at least.
  5. What we need is a decoder to show which numbers belong to which diesel loco classes. Or an old Ian Allan spotters' book.
  6. Tried my best CSI: South Yorkshire Photoshop enhancement techniques on the cast iron sign in no.12, but nothing really. Line of small text, line of bigger text, centred probably, lots of lines of small text. If it's taken from the front of a DMU, is that a weird shadow being cast on the track, or something inside the cab?
  7. Isn't it just a BR-type CCT parcels van? (photo J9064) Edit: although by 1987, it was probably in departmental use or internal user.
  8. Oh, interesting choice of location. Have you visited the tunnels, which are (normally) open as a tourist attraction? Below, my 1985 shot of the roof of the 'Pleasurama' amusement arcade, as the site had then become: And from 2015, the entrance to the tunnels, plus a shot inside:
  9. Slightly more info on https://www.web24.news/u/2020/07/eleven-injured-in-collision-between-two-trains-in-valais.html and a German account with more pictures here https://www.blick.ch/news/schweiz/mehrere-passagiere-verletzt-zwei-zuege-der-matterhorn-gotthard-bahn-kollidiert-id15968438.html with speculation by a passenger on what went wrong
  10. And that basic pattern of van was also used by many European railways, with variations.
  11. I'm glad I bought those Dulux shares at privatisation!
  12. Thanks people - I meant what's the purpose of the door, rather than why is it offset. I hadn't noticed anyone using them on the couple of occasions I'd visited, and they don't look to be designed for everyday passenger use.
  13. What’s the purpose of the narrow offset front door on the old and new WAB trains? There aren’t any major tunnels on their network (as if it was for an emergency exit).
  14. You water the spider plant via the web, obviously.
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