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  1. Yes, I've also noticed a lot more 6-car formations on the Cleethorpes/Manchester services since the December timetable came in, and yes, 2x185 units.
  2. I've been back in third rail land, this time to Higham, where a Javelin passes through in particularly dull conditions: Interesting view from the down platform through the twin Higham (1529 yards*) and Strood (2332 yards*) tunnels - green, green, yellow, red, and an up train over 2 miles away, just entering Strood tunnel: *according to the Kent Rail website
  3. Famous Belgians website at https://www.famousbelgians.net/
  4. Going back a few hours to Johnny Cash, it was Ring of Fire I had in mind... Anyway, I can read the Cyrillic script (nice one Cyril) but I can't understand it - does that help? ... ... ... I managed to retype the Russian, but as I'm not very good with italics/handwriting fonts, I got: Italic: С лорьким привкусом воспоминаний я продолжаю ждамь Straight: С лорьким привкусом воспоминаний я продолжаю ждамь Which Google Translate suggested should actually be: Italic: С горьким привкусом воспоминаний я продолжаю ждать Straight: С горьким привкусом воспоминаний я продолжаю ждать That version looks right in italics, so Google suggests a translation of: With a bitter aftertaste of memories, I keep waiting Sounds plausible I reckon. Edit: fits with the lyrics given here: https://www.jpopasia.com/piko/lyrics/298708/yoshiwara-lament/aishuu-rain-cafeteria-sekihan/
  5. Wow, I can just hear the raspy farty noises in the last page of posts. Are you tempted to add clouds of acrid blue smoke? There must be a way of Photoshopping that in.
  6. Difficult? Some titles were impossible. Tiny white text over a really busy moving background, meaning not enough contrast, not big enough, and not on screen long enough either. If you'd been sitting with your nose to one of those giant TVs that cover the entire wall, you might have had a chance. Not a bad prog otherwise - referring to my international timetable, the North Island train (Auckland-Wellington) takes all day, the boat to the South Island a good few hours, the next train south (Picton-Christchurch) takes half a day, and it's the following morning for the train through the mountains. And did some of the coaches resemble the Glacier Express/Bernina Express coaches?
  7. Official notification with background and maps etc here: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/newhaven-marine-rail-station-closure/newhaven-marine-station-closure
  8. Sounds horrendous. What time of day was that? Sunday evening I guess? I was on an 800 from KX the previous Saturday afternoon, when platforms 0-4 were being worked on. Same arrangment of one an hour LNER to Edinburgh, with others from the north terminating at Peterborough. Mine (1330) had the seat reservations working, and there were spare seats on departure. I had a planned diversion via Cambridge as well: the only time I noticed the diesels under the floor was when they shut down with a rumble and a judder once back under the wires in Peterborough.
  9. The DRS Class 20 Farewell at Brightside today, 12 mins late at 1625: Not too bad for so late in the day in January, ISO 800, f1.8, and taking a chance at 1/320 sec. 3 mins after the 1622 sunset!
  10. Looking on the bright side, some Pacer photos in the dwindling light at the disused Brightside station between Sheffield and Meadowhall, while waiting for a railtour. Beware of the buddleia: Shelter and lamp posts in faded SYPTE (?) blue: Two for the price of one. Forgemasters on the left, Sheffield city centre in the distance, the Peak District rising in the far distance: The refurbished 144012. While accessibility is one of the reasons for the demise of the Pacers, Brightside has accessibility problems of its own: Another pair of 144s in the distance at Meadowhall, and a real life bus on the bridge:
  11. Temporary on a geological timescale? Mind you, there's one over the Don in Rotherham (Bailey's birthplace), which has apparently been there since 1947: https://www.picturesofengland.com/England/South_Yorkshire/Rotherham/pictures/1117213 https://life-publications.com/rotherham-life/community-news/2019/04/16/the-bailey-bridge-eastwood-rotherham/ and refurbished in 1990 or 1992 according to different sources:
  12. For only 1 day, be prepared for variable weather. The Brocken summit is notorious for being shrouded in cloud. One day I was there last September, I could see the top of the mast at the summit from the bottom of Wernigerode, but by the time I got to the summit, I could only see the bottom of the mast! Moral: if you can extend the stay, you'll have a better chance of a good weather day.
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